my brilliant life

Away from their usual roles, the loud character of Song Hye Gyo and easy-go-lucky persona of Kang Dong Won oppa made me really like this heartwarming movie about a couple who married young and was given a child who was diagnosed with Progeria, a rare genetic disease that speed up the aging process.


The vibrant couple confronted the sad reality that the child who changed their fate is bound to leave them permanently.  It talks about the importance of family and the magical bond that every parents and their children have.  Engaging, no complications just pure narration of how love binds a family without reasons. Although sad, the drama is not scattered and most of the time evoking.  I like that there were a lot of perky notes to cushion the sad premise and how it was narrated from the child’s perspective.  



P.S  Credits to hancinema for the images


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