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Little by little Ha Won is creeping to the young masters’ system as she got to understand their strained relationships with their deceased fathers.  Off she went to accomplish another “Bring Together Kang Cousins” mission, and it is up to her warm intentions if she can melt the cousins’ cold hearts.
Seo Woo blurted a “happy birthday” greeting just as the fireworks crawled in the night sky.  Hyun Min took the opportunity and casually mentioned that they were doing a hidden camera prank for her birthday celebration, but Ji Woon remained to his i’m-serious-to-what-i-just-said taunting.  
Ha Won successfully sat down Kang brothers for dinner and acknowledged Yoon Sung’s food and Seo Woo’s decorations.  Hyun Min boasted about the cream set gift he gave her from remembering her keeping freebies of a cosmetic company when her things were drowned in the water.  She muttered how she doesn’t need the cosmetics, when Hyun Min was all happy with his brilliant idea as she only wanted her school uniform in preparation to her graduation rites next month.  
Hyun Min made it be noticed how Ji Woon didn’t prepare a gift, but cheerful Ha Won took that chance and stretched a selfie stick to take a selca and commemorate her successful mission.
2016-08-27 21.59.55
 Just then Ha Won surprised them all by revealing it was not her birthday as Seo Woo learned his mistake.  Ji Woon stood up upon knowing it was not a valid celebration as the rest dug in to the food binge in front of them.
We cut to another boring frame of Hye Ji pondering about Ji Woon’s reminder to her that he will always stay by her side to protect her from future pains Hyun Min might give her.  Just when would this girl matter in the storyline?  
Alone in her room, Ha Won contemplated on Ji Woon’s earlier act and right on cue their eyes met from across their rooms.    
Meanwhile Seo Woo was all business looking for Ha Won’s birthday month through her diary and successfully found the page pointing to her real birthday.
Chairman Kang met up with Ha Won for her progress report and was extremely happy about her grandsons’ group picture even when it was out of focus.  He thanked Ha Won for her effort on the first family picture he ever got out of his heirs.  
He gave Ha Won a bonus money which she used for her mother’s resting place expenses.  Ha Won thanked Yoon Sung for helping her out in his own way as she knew the money she got was enough for the money she needed to pay the columbarium.  She refused his offer to drive her to her mom’s resting place opting to just take the bus.
Chairman Kang wistfully talked to his dead sons’ picture and shared how their sons have finally sat in to eat together.  Technically they didn’t get to the eating part grandpa.
Ha Won finally rested her mom’s urn back to her spot.  She talked to her mom about how life has been good with her lately as she met a kind rich old man who gave her a nice job.  She also shared how the cousins have prepared a celebration for her when they thought it was her birthday and how it felt great to feel that people are looking after her.  She left the place cheerfully after placing a stemmed white rose on Ji Woon’s mother’s spot.
The next day Sky House was busy preparing the food for the Chairman’s sons’ death anniversary.  Ajumma explained to Ha Won how the young masters never go to the ceremony to pay respect to their fathers given that Kang cousins were not close to them while they were growing up.  She blabbed about how she felt sorry for the Chairman who had to bear the pain of losing all his children and hope that the young masters would have been more considerate about it.
The young masters were all physically present  but nonchalantly disinterested to Yoon Sung’s meeting for their fathers’ memorial service.  
Hyun Min was assured that the temple monks would do a great job to the observance to which Seo Woo agreed.  Ji Woon also declined Yoon Sung’s request stating how he can go to his father’s memorial service when he just learned about him a year ago.
Yoon Sung sat down with Ha Won as she chatted about how steel-hearted the Kang cousins were to their family, but Yoon Sung appeased her in saying that the boys have their own reasons why they chose not to attend the event and soon enough she will learn about it while she lives in the Sky House.
Ha Won met with Chairman Kang and volunteered a new task for her.  She would try to make the Kang cousins attend their fathers’ memorial service.  The Chairman agreed and off Ha Won to stretch her resiliency to her new mission.
Ha Won stuck in her face on the pool water to check if Ji Woon was really swimming naked and surprised him with her presence.  He threatened her that he will come out, but she remained firm adding how she wanted to swim with him since he said he liked her.
Ha Won:  “Would you be able to say you like me if you are in front of Hye Ji?”
Ji Woon:  “Why would I do that?”
Ha Won:  “You, Hyun Min and Hye Ji have already a complicated love triangle, why would you drag me along in your problem?  Is having a complicated relationship a hobby of yours?”
And that’s exactly the same thoughts I have in this drama.  This unnecessary Hye Ji love delusion and Ji Woon feeding that ludacris are my headaches in this drama so far.  Ji Woon affirmed Ha Won’s conclusion so she notched her game up and alerted him that it will be her turn to swim naked.  Ji Woon gave in and left the pool only to get his sweet revenge cornering Ha Won in the shower room to ask about what she wanted to speak with him.
He leaned closer to her and wiped the water that got in her eye as Ha Won was caught in a trance.  His gaze disarmed all her senses as he whispered that he meant it when he said he will steal her away and that she should looked forward to it.  After the quick euphoric enchantment, Ha Won went back to earth and complained on how handsome Ji Woon was making her heart fluttered incessantly.
Seo Woo revealed to Ha Won how his grandmother was Chairman’s mistress and how his father was only acknowledged after he died hence he didn’t have a strong connection to the family as he has lived in hiding.  Ha Won left him with his music-making and went to seek Hyun Min who was talking to his mother over the phone.
We get another Hyun Min cute ego moment as he got busy putting meaning to Ha Won’s desire to talk to him.  He helped her decipher the invisible electric connection he was convinced they had only to be shut down by her calm response that her heartbeat seemed fine. She put her hand on his chest and blurted how his heart was in an erratic beat. lol  
Ha Won asked him if he can come to the service but he refused it as there’s someone he does not want to see there.
Fighting the slump after her failed attempts, Ha Won encouraged herself to push for it as hindrances are normal in her mission.  Ji Woon showed up and she took the opportunity to ask him to attend the memorial service, but he gave her a cold “I don’t have a father response.”
Ha Won pushed a second try and went to Seo Woo’s room but he was not inside.  She noticed the new song he was making and saw a picture of him and his father in his things. Slightly pissed at her touching his things, Ha Won voiced out how he must have wanted to sing that song for his father and how he should pay respect and remember him through attending his death anniversary service.
Hyun Min’s mother arrived in Sky House and dragged Ha Won to her shopping spree.  
Yoon Sung presented the family portrait requested by the Chairman as he beamed at the sight of the picture.  I am bothered at the knowing looks given by the Chairman’s wife to Yoon Sung.  Don’t tell me he is another long lost grandson or he is related to Chairman’s wife or they are plotting an evil plan in the future.
Hyun Min omma and Ha Won went to eat dinner after the shopping escapade.  Hyun Min omma went to business of educating Ha Won that marriage in the family was impossible and placed in some cash on the table to pay her for the service she gave to her, but Ha Won replied how she was not expecting payment as she was doing it because she is her friend’s mother.  Hyun Min interrupted their dinner and dragged Ha Won out without greeting his mother.
Ha Won reasoned out how she didn’t mean any harm and was just wanting to help her friend’s mom.  Upset Hyun Min blabbed about how she crossed the line that time about things she should have not done.  Ha Won countered that she thought they were already friends but he shouted on how she doesn’t know anything about him.  Ha Won sighed and apologized for her intrusion and making herself believe that she has already established a significant connection to him.
While Ji Woon recollected on the recent events he had on the love quadrangle he just entered, Hye Ji was still lost in her obsession to Hyun Min.  Chairman Kang dined with his wife and sadly mentioned how he can’t help but feel sad remembering his children and how his grandchildren’s actions can’t be blamed as they grew up without their fathers’ love.
2016-08-27 21.27.12
Ji Woon spotted Ha Won doing some late night exercises because of indigestion.  They stepped outside as he prepared to prick her thumb with a needle.  He narrated how he used to do acupuncture with his mother everytime she had problems digesting.  Ha Won appreciated his kind gesture mumbling how nobody has shown genuine care to her since her mom died.  He mentioned his father but she poured her sentiment that her father won’t do it for her since he is not her biological father although she still wants to believe he is.
Ji Woon:  “You know there are people like me who never met their father.”
Ha Won:  “Yes you are right.  But if,  just if in case my dad is really not my dad, I would like to meet my biological father even for just one time.”
Their father related reverie was halted by Ha Won’s smelly burp that annoyed Ji Woon and Ha Won’s grumbling tummy.  They chowed their signature cheesy ramyun cup at a nearby convenience store while Hyun Min was debating on the harsh words he told Ha Won.  Ha Won casually chirped how she thinks Ji Woon was also curious about his father after all he was the man his mother loved, but he stopped her thoughts and contemplated on it in silence.
Seo Woo’s mother arrived in Sky House and was happily hugging and kissing her handsome son.  When his mom learned about his engagement tomorrow, she was sad knowing he won’t be going to the temple for the memorial service, but kind Seo Woo calmed her by saying he keeps his father in his heart everytime.
Ji Woon pulled over to fix Ha Won’s bouncing dozing head and chuckled when he heard her talking to her sleep.  He lingered on the amusing scene but turned to a pensive mood when she murmured how she missed her father.
 He reached to wipe the tear in her eyes but she moved her head subconsciously facing him.  He sweetly peered at her sleeping face as a faint smile curved in his lips.
Ha Won did not want to believe Ji Woon when he said she snored and was talking im her sleep.  She insisted on what she was talking about and held on Ji Woon’s arms which hit some strange emotion in him and a realization of how he has been unaware of showing her genuine care recently.  
His memory flashed back on how he caressed her pricked thumb carefully and how he wanted to wipe away the tears in her eyes while she was sleeping.  Ji Woon snapped back to reality and hurried to leave her presence as she chased him to remind him of going to the event tomorrow.
Hyun Min witnessed the two all chummy and friendly.  He approached Ha Won but she pretended not to care.  He reminded her about the dating rules in Sky House and she retaliated on minding his own business as they don’t have any kind of human relationship to begin with.  
She urged him to define a clear line between them.  Just as she motioned to leave, she told him that it must be his mother whom he does not want to see in the service tomorrow so she won’t be pushing him anymore, but he should be aware on how much his father might be feeling lonely.
Ji Woon sought comfort in his hide out as he stared at his mother’s picture while reminiscing that painful day he wished he had a father while he sobbed at his mother’s funeral.
2016-08-27 21.07.23
On the eve before their father’s death anniversary, Hyun Min, Ji Woon and Seo Woo ruminated on their daddy issues hinting a may or may not be attendance the next day.
In the morning, Ha Won stood in front of the temple hopeful that the Kang cousins will show up.  Chairman Kang and his wife arrived and we see Ha Won apologizing to the Chairman for failing
her mission.
Cinderella and Four Knights Ep 4
Cinderella and Four Knights Ep 3
Cinderella and Four Knights Ep 2
Cinderella and Four Knights Ep 1
Hmmm I have to wait for episode 6 with that still Episode 5 ending as I can’t help but cheer our bubbly and optimistic heroine.
Although hinted that Hye Ji propelled Ji Woon’s plan to get closer to Ha Won, this episode will be the lead man’s turning point as Ha Won knocked in his heart
with the purest intentions of their shared sentiments.  I think they will go to that future conflict of the second lead girl finally realizing Ji Woon’s worth when he and Ha Won will be in a mutual feeling state alongside Hyun Min’s full blown one sided love to Ha Won.
Now that the boys are comfy with Ha Won in their lives, I suspect a lot of cutesies and protect-Hawonrella-moments along the way.  I can’t wait to when the Kang cousins battled their cards out to win Ha Won’s heart.  
Episode 5 was steady in establishing the lines Ha Won linked to the Kang cousins which will become handy in the future episodes.  I would bet 5 galleons that the boys will pay their respect secretly to their dads.

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