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The most sincere actions always lead people to a connection binded by trust and shared kind intentions.  Hawonrella burned the cold exteriors of Sky House princes and formed a bond that made them want to protect her like a princess.  As their young hearts fluttered to scattered directions, it would be amusing to wait and see which hearts will meet halfway.
Full of faith that she moved the Kang cousins’ glacial front, Ha Won patiently waited for a miracle to happen as Yoon Sung stayed by her side.  The mothers arrived and exchanged civil greetings and implied bickerings before they headed to the temple hall.
Hyun Min woke up from a nightmare memory when he was young and was left by his mother in the Sky House to protect his heir position.
Ajumma entered the room and was surprised to see him.  She mumbled how sorry she felt for Ha Won for helping out in the memorial service preparations when the children involved don’t even care a bit.
Drowning in the emotion of the song he just composed for his father, Seo Woo turned to a late minute realization and left the recording studio to meet the person he misses so badly.  The waiting time is almost up but Ha Won was still holding on to a glimmer of hope that the cousins will come.  Thank you to her earnest wish, Seo Woo’s van approached the temple field and he greeted her brightly.  A few seconds after, Hyun Min sheepishly stepped out of his car and meet the smiling face of Ha Won.
Scoring 2 out of the 3 brothers, Ha Won resigned her optimism that Ji Woon would still come as soon as the signal for the ceremony was alarmed.  She apologized to Chairman Kang for failing her mission and left the temple for the Kang family to carry on with the service.
 Yoon Sung pacified her disappointment by appreciating her effort on bringing in the two young masters citing it will be a miraculous feat to convince Ji Woon to even come there given that he never he had a father.
The Kangs paid their respects to their dead family members.  A monk spoke with Yoon Sung on how happy the fathers might have been today.  Yoon Sung agreed but felt sad that Ji Woon’s father was not visited.  The monk disagreed revealing how his son even left a rose for him.  
The family sat for a quick tea as the mothers greeted the new wife of the Chairman.  Hyun Min’s mother freely boasted on her son’s expected taking over of the company, but the Chairman shut the women up with their sons’ positioning issues in declaring he would not give in to incompetent heirs and would rather scour the planet for lost grandchildren that he might still have.
Chairman sat in the car as his wife held his hand.  When Yoon Sung entered the car, the mistress lightly removed her hand.  Are these two lovers?  eeew  Or does she have one-sided love for him?  The mistress uttered how it would have been nice if Ji Woon came as Yoon Sung reported to Chairman how Ji Woon gave his respect earlier as reported by the monk.
Ji Woon bugged from Ha Won’s pep talk visited his mother the night before the memorial service and saw the rose left by Ha Won to her mom.  After some serious reflection, he arrived early in the temple and placed Ha Won’s rose on his father’s picture.  
Not knowing that she was victorious with her mission, Ha won packed up her things leaving a small note of her departure from the Sky House.
Consistent to the annoying step mom and sister fairytale book depiction, Ha Won’s step family visited Sky House in disguised meek sheep clothing.  Ajumma welcomed them not knowing their fake intentions and advised them to settle comfortably.  Yoo Na proceeded to her target room and experienced Hyun Min’s room crazily.  She then noticed Ha Won’s uniform which infuriated her bird brain self and destroyed the uniform out of her lunatic Hyun Min obsession rage.  Yoon Sung caught up with the evil mother and sister just as Yoo Na stepped out of Hyun Min’s room.  Step-mom made an excuse of Ha Won’s graduation but knowing their true colors, Yoon Sung shoved them away as they are not considered a valued guest in the mansion.
Jealous of Ha Won’s fortune, Yoo Na took her fury to the world wide web and posted lies defaming Ha Won in the school bulletin.
Unaware of her looming bullying moment, Ha Won visited her bestfriend Ja Young and bargained for a night sleep in her place, but she refused her pleading since their house was already cramped.  Enter Hye Ji who Ja Young forcedly requested to give Ha Won a favor and Ha Won’s sleeping problem was solved.
Ha Won praised Hye Ji’s pretty house and noticed an old picture of three children. Hye Ji confirmed that it was her and Hyun Min and her dead brother.  Ha Won remarked how bright Hyun Min looked like when he was young and Hye Ji agreed how he doesn’t seem to appear what he really is even now.  Hye Ji asked why she left Sky House so Ha Won took the opportunity to clear the misunderstanding that she was not in a relationship with Hyun Min and was just on a part-time job agreement with him.  She added that she stayed in Sky House as per Chairman’s commissioned work to her as well.  Hye Ji’s gloomy world brightened up again as Ha Won even cheered how she and Hyun Min looked good together.
Ha Won thanked Hye Ji for her kindness as she was mostly worried sleeping in front of the school to wait for the graduation rites.  She replied how she was not sure if her family will attend the ceremony but remained positive on finally earning her High School diploma.  Ha Won hugged Hye Ji when she whispered that she will visit her tomorrow.  Hallelujah!  This is the first frame I finally acknowledge this girl having a function in the cast.  I thought all along she will be a display or something.
Yoon Sung knocked at Ha Won’s room not knowing that she already left the house and thought she was already resting for tomorrow’s event.  He called Ji Woon’s attention when he passed by muttering how thanks to Ha Won’s encouragement he visited his father.  He urged him to console Ha Won who thought he didn’t come and notified him of her school graduation tomorrow.
While Ji Woon debated on why he has to go to Ha Won’s graduation, the latter pushed her courage to remind her father about her graduation the next day.
Hyun Min woke up early morning and went to Ha Won’s room.  He learned of her graduation that day and remembered her school uniform which he hostaged.  He discovered the Yoo Na destroyed uniform so he hurriedly find a store  for a replacement.
At school Ha Won was secluded by her snob classmates as they were busy with last minute preparations for the event.  Ja Young arrived and they headed to the auditorium as Hyun Min bought Ha Won’s new uniform and was trying to contact her.
Ajumma belatedly found Ha Won’s goodbye Sky House note and alerted Yoon Sung about it who reported it to the Chairman deducting how Ha Won might have thought she has to leave Sky House after failing the mission.  Chairman Kang ordered to bring her back to the Sky House as Yoon Sung replied that she was most likely in the school because of her graduation ceremony.  Ha Won was losing hope that her father will still arrive as her evil step mom entered the hall and threw harsh words at her for not wearing the proper school uniform.  She told stepmom that she already left Skyhouse and she got a reply of daring not to come back to their house.
Unaware of the buzz Yoo Na stirred of her staying in Sky House to lure the elusive Kang cousins, Ha Won followed a schoolmate when she was told that someone was looking for her.  
While posting on his SNS, Seo Woo learned about Ha Won’s impending bullying attack and left the salon where he was being dolled up.  Ji Woon found himself in front of Ha Won’s school and when he got swarmed by flower vendors he motioned to leave but overheard how Ha Won was cornered by the school meanies and will be taught a lesson so he stormed inside to look for Ha Won.
While Seo Woo and Ji Woon were racing through time after knowing Ha Won’s situation, our resident chill prince Hyun Min arrived in the school with a food truck and invited his supposed girlfriend’s schoolmates to enjoy his treat.  He rushed to look for Ha Won when he was informed that someone took her from the auditorium earlier.
The school bullies surrounded Ha Won and spat harsh words of her hanging out with Kang cousins and being the Chairman’s concubine.  Kang cousins were scouring the school looking for Ha Won as the bullies cut Ha Won’s uniform slowly scaring her and not minding her pleadings.  Ji Woon finally located where Ha Won was kept and easily knocked down the male students guarding.  
He covered Ha Won’s naked shoulder with his jacket and guided her out of the audio visual room, but was halted when the mean girls came back with more reinforcement.
Thanks to Hyun Min’s money-can-solve-everything idealism, he threw in his car key to avoid brawling and stopped the ruckus from happening.
Seo Woo arrived in the school and thought of a different approach in rescuing Ha Won.  He asked the students to bring the mean girls but the young girls complained there were none.  He settled to asking if anyone knows Ha Won and luckily Ja Young was in the crowd and led him to finding her.  
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Hyun Min threw Ji Woon’s jacket back at him and replaced it with the jacket from the new uniform he bought.  Ji Woon moved to leave as Hyun Min firmly put Ha Won in place when Ha Won tried to approach Ji Woon.  
Ha Won changed to her new school uniform and paraded it to the waiting Hyun Min.  He walked towards her unaware that he accidentally turned on the live camera feed in the AV room making their conversation broadcast in the school publicly.
Seo Woo and the high school girls bumped with Ji Woon and the latter denied his presence was of because Ha Won’s graduation… yeah he was just bored and the wind flew him there magically.  Hye Ji also stepped in the scene just as the students pointed out Hyun Min and Ha Won on the screen.
Ha Won told Hyun Min that she will not go back to Sky House as she doesn’t deserve being there.  Hyun Min moved closer and whispered that he has a confession to make making all the school girls squeal at the real time campus drama they were witnessing.
Hyun Min:  “After meeting you, all other women seemed boring to me.  And you keep crossing my mind.  I don’t like it when you are with other guys especially when you hang out with Kang Ji Woon.  I have great looks and brilliant mind and the first in line as the successor of our company.”
Hyun Min was moved in his own love declaration as the spectators were busy processing thoughts on the rare spectacle Hyun Min pulled, but Ha Won shook him back to logical world by telling him to stop with his nonsense.  dear hyunmin sweetie, girls sometimes doesn’t need flowery words, but just the assurance that you are there when they need you.
Ji Woon who yet again read how Hye Ji will be impacted on the scene his cousin was playing silently headed back to the AV room and switched off the unedited love spectacle just as Ha Won prepared to walk away and Hyun Min stopped her mumbling he was not done with his confession.  
Hyun Min stated that they haven’t started yet and Ha Won interrupted him by telling that their fake relationship should end.  Ji Woon stopped on his track as he uncovered the truth about Hyun Min and Ha won’s fake engagement.
 Hyun Min agreed to her request, gazed at her intently and mentioned that they will stop the sham engagement, but they will start dating for real.
Cinderella and Four Knights Ep 5
Cinderella and Four Knights Ep 4
Cinderella and Four Knights Ep 3
Cinderella and Four Knights Ep 2
Cinderella and Four Knights Ep 1
Whoa for our second male lead!  I like how this drama paces itself.  The runs on the exposure of the characters were even and that’s why so far we have equal footing for the male leads on the love triangle conflict.  
Ji Woon is expected to be taken aback if his intentions to get closer to Ha Won is still due to his Hye-Ji-Black-Knight-Confusion or because he has really fallen in love with Ha Won.
I am not sure if Seo Woo will enter the love complications, hopefully not anymore as it is harder to keep up with a love polygon.  It still beats me why Hye Ji thrived in the Hyun Min love spell when there has not been any remote insinuation that he likes her then.  It was more of Hyun Min using her to spite Ji Woon which I also can’t get because they just met a year ago.  Were they dating prior to Ji Woon’s arrival?  I hope we get a better picture of this Hye-Ji-and-Hyun-Min rigamarole.
There’s some kind of mystery hinted between the Chairman’s new wife and Yoon Sung.  I hope Yoon Sung is not a secret villain.  I want some more cutesies, almost kisses and hopefully real kiss next week.  dear Cinderella and your Knights indulge my teenage school girl heart.
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