Dear kdramagod, it’s me abby. Just like the Belle Epoque girls, I too have a lot of regrets and dreams when I was in my 20’s.


Coming from a disappointing drama stalking from summer dramas that turned stale halfway their runs, picking up Age of Youth was merely decided by the number of episodes it will sprint. Thank heavens that I got more than I expected from it.

“Age of Youth” is a retrospective youth drama about women in their 20’s. The five ladies promenaded their love inhibitions, self-esteem issues, school worries, what happens after school disappointments and all the rest of typical predicaments, 20’s women usually worry about.

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Tailored to show the common faces of women, this honest drama has a melancholic resonance as it progressed to strengthening the bond of the 5 women living together in a dormitory who all have baggages from their past that haunt them in their present lives.


Yoon Jin Myung has been working a lot of part-time jobs to sustain her school expenses and forcedly shouldering his brain dead brother’s medical bill. Dating is a luxury for her as she hurdles herself to whatever unfortunate event relating to money that life usually throws at her. Kang Yi Na wanted to have an easy life. Her near death experience made her settle to an uncomplicated life. She lied to her dorm mates about how she has been supporting her high maintenance self through taking on sponsors who gives her money in exchange of casual dating and sex. Although pretty and having a gregarious personality, Song Ji Won is unsuccessful with her romantic life as men usually don’t see her as a woman. She dreams of what simple things a woman wants, but sadly she hasn’t fulfilled her love yearnings yet.

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Jung Ye Eun defined love in the literal manner. She gave all that she has even if her lover is a complete bastard. She overlooked the bad treatment her boyfriend did to her all because she can’t imagine herself without him. Yoo Eun Jae is a freshman in the university and has yet to experience her first romance. Unsure about how to act and express how she feels, her kind-hearted reliable first boyfriend is willing to help her every step of the way.

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These sassy girls and their friendship made me spiral down to the recesses of my memory 10 years ago onwards… Those are the years when I also had part time jobs to support my studies and had broken up with a long time boyfriend. After permanently joining the society’s work force I lived like a normal 20-ish woman but not the bar hopping, wine/beer drinking kind of life because of the remnants of the values I had from the religion I was raised. I was more of a bookworm-couchpotato kind of girl. Ouch, yes I spent most of my 20’s like that trying to piece myself up after a painful broken heart.

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So this drama really hit home in me. The friendship, the life uncertainties, the magical feeling of being in love, and the regret on the wrong choices echoed clearly on the situations narrated by the characters in commanding vibrancy that made me smile on how everyone of us has different stories, pain and bliss from when we are younger, and when you fast forward to the present, you will be proud of yourself in surviving those life and love complications.



Midway through the drama, I don’t know why some swish of meta physical element was used to delve on the character development though as I am already sold with the realistic approach on how the dorm sisters take on their personal and love issues. But as the story crawled to the closing episodes, it neatly explained the need for that cabinet ghost presence. It was a representation of the ladies’ personal battles from their past that they bravely reconciled in the present.

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How the story put together the strong connection of characters through their growing respect, love and friendship to one another was sketched beautifully in a way that I thought of those moments that led me to my very own circle of lady friends. It was drawn in logical detail solidified by the attachment of situations that made use of the girls’ sincere understanding of each other’s vulnerabilities.


Jin Myung, Yi Na, Ji Won, Na Eun and Eun Jae are fictional reminders that we will get to have different kinds of friendship in our life, most of it will be dependent on time. So it is very important to keep friends who shared you a lot of memories because as time changes, you can never go back to it, but if you cherished the memories, it will always put a smile on your face no matter how much time passed by.



Take time to see the girls of “Belle Epoque” and see for yourself how you will also be nudged to reminisce your 20-ish self.

GENRE: Drama, Friendship, Youth, Romance

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