A few kdramas ended their run this week so new kdramas just recently commenced.  I want to pick the new weekend family dramas but I might collapse for real doing it so I will do a test drive first and see if I will continue.



Five Children (Finale Week) – The 54-episode family drama concluded with Yeon Do and Sang Min’s wedding and Mi Jung’s successful operation that soothed Sang Tae’s worrying heart.  Mi Jung and Sang Tae have finally broken down the walls of their new children.  Ho Tae got an amazing drama offer and halted on his dream movie plan as his wife and new born baby spark warm feeling to their family.  Jin Joo and Tae Min reconciled as she takes on fulfilling her personal dream alongside his encouragement.  It was a nice and sweet happy ending for everyone befitting on the hardwork they convened for the success of their drama story.


Doctors (Finale Week) – And all those bidding of time for Hye Jung, we reached an optimistic closure where the main villain was punished by life threatening illness where the surgeons he did wrong took the deciding scalpel if he will live or die.  I’m just glad that this drama is done because there’s nothing spectacular to watch for me.  It was overrated and never nailed a reflecting story.


Uncontrollably Fond (Episode 15&16) – If Doctors was stoicly going through surgeries in its duration, UF was just running to mess up your emotions with its hopeless characters who are all masochist and lunatic.  Noh Eul at least has made a feeble attempt to understand what put her and Joon Young in their pained situation after learning his dying condition but Joon Young aigoo can we just kill him next week and be over it.  This is a drama where I would take an “it was only a dream” wrap up because I need something to ease the angst I got from all the craziness of the story.  I hope I will survive the last two weeks of this really uncontrollably annoying love story.


Love in the Moonlight/Moonlight Drawn by the Clouds (Ep 1&2) – The upbeat kick off hopefully will trail to a Sungkyunkwan Scandal sageuk vibe as it is what I need at the moment.  The love guru who cross-dresses as a man was sold to eunuch training grounds and made a binding connection to the Royal Prince.  I am expecting love petal shower… a lot of it. 

unnamed (1)

Jealousy Incarnate Ep 1&2 – I want to look forward to this drama but due to the recent disappointments I got from UF and Doctors, I’m going to keep a neutral mind.  Nevertheless, I like the characters so far, even the blithe love line of the three high schoolers.  But I feel like it was of the same premise as Gong Hyo Jin’s old drama Greatest Love, so I hope it will bring a different trajectory.  Staged in a broadcast station, the snappy writing and fast paced storyline are evident so far.  I look forward to weather girl Pyo Na Ri in launching herself to push to her dream of becoming an announcer and if that ludacris breast cancer plot for the lead guy will really happen.


The Flower in Prison Ep 30 & 31 –  For maintaining the sanity and consistent grit of the story, I really applaud this period drama.  Ok Nyeo learned some bits of pieces from her mother’s past and vowed to avenge her death.  Now I’m worried about her love story to Tae Won having established that he is the son of the man who killed her mother.  Let’s make Jung Nan Jung suffer for at least 4 more episodes please?  I hope the King will push to disregarding his filial responsibility and act as a true King of the country this time around.


Cinderella and Four Knights Ep 5&6 – Our Hawonrella completed missions to make the Kang cousins act as family-related as possible.  It was no easy feat but Ha Won’s keen determination is slowly creating spaces to connect the estranged cousins. 

unnamed (4)

Age of Youth (Finale) – This vivacious drama wrapped up neatly as Bell Epoque girls won over their personal battles and moved on with seizing the future they chose to put their paths on.  It was a refreshing run less the implied supernatural framing of real fears the girls got from their past experiences and present worries.  If you haven’t started it yet, it is the best time to binge on it with your girlfriends on a weekend.




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