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It was an exhaustingly superb zombie apocalypse thriller movie. Train to Busan lived up to its South Korean box office hype as it propelled a simple zombies-chasing-people-on-board-a-train premise, to a gripping thrill and excitement from start to finish.  While the protagonists were fighting to survive, the movie experience were putting me and my friends on a rollercoaster ride of uphill emotions and omg screams.
For the purpose of this recap I will name the cast Seok Woo, Su An, Sung Kyung tough guy, grandma, bum, baseball player, high school girl, and CEO villain.
Juggling his career, failed marriage and being a father to his daughter, Seok Woo set off to Busan to grant his daughter’s birthday wish of visiting her mother.  On their way to the train station, there were hints of disturbances happening across the cities as emergency vehicles were busy with their alarms.
As soon as they boarded a train, Seok Woo dozed off as his daughter, Su An, wandered in the train carts. Unbeknownst to the passengers a zombie virus broke in the country and a woman affected by it was hiding in one of the train’s comfort room.  The transforming woman-zombie was approached by one of the staff and was attack by the zombie and converted her to another zombie instantaneously. They walk in the train cart of a high school baseball team and infected everyone with the virus.
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Tough guy was waiting for his pregnant wife, Sung Kyung who was using the comfort room. The bus showed the recent status of the zombie outbreak and before they can process what’s happening the zombies were surging to their direction sporadically launching to attack them.
Su An made it to the safe cart with tough guy and Sung Kyung and four high schoolers from the ravished baseball team cart. They covered the glass door with newspaper to stop the zombies in their futile attempt to enter their cart.
The train driver signalled the approaching stop to Daejeon.  Seok Woo called his military friend and was advised to go to another gate and not join the main square where the rest of the survivors were heading.  But the city was already in chaos and the soldiers turned to zombies as well.  The annoying villain pushed for an escape route as Seok Woo, tough guy, baseball players fought the zombies.
Su An, Sung Kyoung, High Schooler and the rest of the survivors made it back to where the train stop was, while the men was holding off the glass door.  The violent zombies won over and chased down the men.  Seok Woo, Tough guy and baseball player made it through the departing train and was separated with Su An and company by three carts who were hiding in a comfort room.
The men fought their way to get to the comfort room and used the tunnels’ darkness along the trail to rescue the women and the bum.
The villain on the safe cart insisted on not allowing Seok Woo and company to join their cart thinking that they were contaminated.  They brawled with a door tug-of-war and lost tough guy to the zombies as he sacrificed himself to bail time for them to overpower the selfish safe cart people.  Seok Woo and company opened the door and barely escaped the impending attack while grandma also sacrificed herself in the process.
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Seok Woo punched the villain who caused tough guy and grandma to lose their lives.  The villain used fear and coaxed the safe cart people to agree in dumping Seok Woo and company out of the cart.  
Seok Woo and company went to the safe cart door gap after the safe cart people urged them to leave their cart.  Seok Woo tried to call his wife but was not getting any response from her.  He receive a phone call from his secretary that Busan is a safe city to land and also learned that the funds from their business supplied the biotech company that started the outbreak. Feeling sorry for what happened Seok Woo cried his heart out to the agonizing news.
On the safe cart, grandma’s sister stared at her sister-turned-zombie muttering how she has always sacrifice herself for other people.  Annoyed at the selfishness of the vile people with her in the safe cart, she walked towards the door and the villain was not able to stop her from opening it and swarming them with the hungry zombies.  Serves you right!
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The train stopped and the driver found a functioning mini-train.  Seok Woo, Su An and Sung Kyung faced another problem as a burning train surged and trampled on their train trapping them in the process with the zombies gawking at them from the opposing train window.  The window broke and the zombies erupted again, but the bum made use of himself to protect Su An and Sung Kyung just as Seok Woo managed to dislodge the barrier hindering the opening and pulled the girls out.
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The villain who escaped with the bus conductor used the latter as bait for the zombies.  He bumped with the baseball player and the high school girl and again used HS girl to protect him by shoving her to the attacking zombie.  Highschool girl bit baseball player and no they didn’t live happily ever after, but at least they had the best tragic puppy love ever.  The villain ran off to the moving mini train while being followed by the walking dead people.  The driver helped him but true to his evil nature he pushed the driver to the waiting zombies and saved himself from danger.
Seok Woo, Su An and Sung Kyung ran to the moving train with all their might as myriad of zombies tracked them.  They successfully climbed on the train cart and Seok Woo battled with the hanging monsters craving to eat them.  They finally warded them off and headed to the passenger seat and saw the villain in the brink of zombie transforming.  Seok Woo fought with him to protect his daughter and Sung Kyung, and in doing so risked his life as he was bitten by the villain.   That’s it? The villain was just pushed away and not killed a hundred times by a hundred zombies?  
Keeping calm before he turned to a monster, he instructed Su An and Sung Kyung on how to operate the vehicle and bid goodbye painfully to his daughter. He jumped from the train cart as pregnant woman embraced crying Su An.  This scene made me cry so much.
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Su An and pregnant woman made it to Busan and walked through a tunnel. Soldiers were on the other side seeing them approach.  Unable to detect if they were infected or not, the sniper was given an order to shoot them. Thanks to Su An singing the song she practiced for her recital to be shown to his father, it not only calm the pregnant woman who was feeling the weight of what they’ve been through that day, it alerted the soldiers that they were survivors to be rescued.
Train to Busan Quick Thoughts
I was all cheering for the heroes in escaping the brutal attack of the walking corpses while hating the villain dying in a manner he did not deserve.  I refrain from watching suspense films because I hate stupid fictional characters, but kudos to the main cast they were all good holding and keeping the cliff-hanging scenes of the story.  If there was one wish I would have wanted was for the main hero to have survived because it was really sad that after what they went through, he still did not live.  But as it is an armageddon movie type, tragedy is expected and at any rate it was a fulfilling narrative that I was happy to see in the big screen.
Though the zombies were not scary looking for me, the placements as the main conflict in the story all throughout has had me at the brink of my seat everytime obstacles were thrown to the main characters.  The zombies were so quick in their movements complementing the fast pace trajectory of the story which in turn made the narrative so addictively enthralling.
If you are up for a thriller then you should not miss this wickedly conceived spectacle.   I promise you heart raising moments and varying emotions that would keep your interest on erratic movements as you feel like racing along with the characters in  steering clear of the attacking zombies.

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