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With her “Bring Together Kang Cousins Missions”, Ha Won not only is slowly but surely linking the estranged family  together, but she gets to win their hearts as well without them realizing it yet.  As the Knights hauled her back to Sky House, she is set to notch another task and this time around, our vibrant heroine makes use of her creativity to bring the Kang cousins together in a vacation.
2016-09-04 08.08.10
Kang Hyun Min’s world was shattered by Ha Won’s rejection on his dating for real intentions.  
Hye Ji who apparated from a spot in the school to the AV room, and I don’t know how she did that, witnessed his delusional love proposal, but she left missing the all important Ha Won response that would have calmed her bleeding heart.
Ha Won asked Hyun Min if he liked her and the latter unable to meet her eyes didn’t reply to her question.  Ha Won, unfazed with his surprising declaration told him about being mindful on what he truly feels not just with women but also with his family.
2016-09-04 08.26.11
Ji Woon chased Hye Ji and explained to her that the two were never a couple.  She replied that she knew that already which surprised Ji Woon because of her presence to Ha Won’s graduation.  She mumbled how she thought she could be friends with Ha Won and hurriedly escaped Ji Woon’s grip murmuring how she wanted to be alone.
Swarmed by the high school girls wanting his autograph, Seo Woo ran for his life as the girls chased him in the school, Ja Young sneaked him inside a room and dressed him up in her school uniform to thwart the attention of his high school fans.  His manager failing to recognize him initially almost not let him enter the car because of his clothing.
Ha Won wandered on a street not knowing which direction to take just as her cellphone signalled the depleted phone battery.  At Sky House, Seo Woo asked Ji Woon if he saw Ha Won, and he gave a cold, robotic response of not knowing where she is and not caring about her as well.  
2016-09-04 08.23.55PicsArt_09-04-08.31.29
Seo Woo worried about Ha Won went with Yoon Sung to find her in possible places she might be.  
Meanwhile Hyun Min noticing the furtive glances from the people passing by to be different than the usual admiring looks he got it learned how his failed lets-date-proposal rejection has gone viral and he went to a shock-denial-swallow-me-ground 30 second moment, covered his face and fled to escape the gawking public mockery. *chuckles
Yoon Sung went to Ha Won’s house and the elated evil step mom was happy with the news that Ha Won really left the house.  Seo Woo went to the cafe where Ja Young worked not knowing that he will meet the girl who dressed her up as a high school girl to escape his raging fans.  
Seo Woo asked her to keep their little secret well as Ja Young agreed and told him that she haven’t heard from Ha Won so he went home gloomy unsuccessful on their find Ha Won mission.
Ji Woon walked in the dining room where ajumma was arranging some white flowers.  He asked if it was Ha Won’s idea and ajumma confirmed how she was thoughtful suggesting to get the flowers for their fathers’ death anniversary.  She praised Ha Won’s kind heart and mentioned a whole lot Ha Won is the best lines not knowing that the young master has long left the room.
Moved by her sincere heart, Ji Woon set off to look for her and luckily found her in the convenience store as what he suspected.  Ha Won was role playing with her invisible parents muttering how jajangmyeon is best eaten on a graduation day.  awww poor girl, can someone give her a warm hug please?  
Emotions flowed through her and muttered an apology to her mom for not being able to go to college to fulfil her dream for her.  Unaware of Ji Woon’s presence who accidentally heard her grievances, he approached her with a smile and teased her for eating 3 jajangmyeon servings.  He told him to go back to Sky House, but she declined saying she can’t go back there anymore.
 So then Ji Woon revealed that he went to the memorial service hence earning her mission impossible a success.  A happy smile curved at Ha Won’s face as Ji Woon asked her if she was the one who left the rose on his mother’s place.  Ha Won confirmed his deduction explaining how their mothers are technically neighbors.  Ji Woon told her that he left that rose at his father’s place which made Ha Won smile even more praising the punk who has done such a sweet thing. 
While the two knights were dead worried about her, Ha Won surprised them by alerting them with her presence. Seo Woo complained on how she kept them worried and dissed Ji Woon on his supposed I-don’t-care-about-Ha-Won attitude.  
Once changed to her Sky House attire which I hope will be changed soon, she smiled at Seo Woo singing an impromptu welcome song for her.  He apologized to her on behalf of his cousins for involving her to their strained family issues.  
Ha Won was so glad showing the 49 missed calls from a celebrity and joke on how everyone will be jealous if she will post it online.
He told her to delete it to protect his image and they played catch-my-cellphone-if-you-can like little kids around the house. 
Seo Woo spoke about how she was great rejecting Hyun Min and Ha Won was surprised how he knew that.  He showed her the viral video as he mumbled how Hyun Min might have felt as he has never been turned down before.
While Ha Won worried on how Hyun Min was doing, he was so mentally breaking down at a computer cafe stalking news and forums about him online.  I like the “celebrate Korea’s douche bag is now born” comment the most.
He shouted in annoyance and hid himself when he realized people recognized him again and moved to the recommended videos of his love confession failure that has been subtitled in different languages. bwahahaha
Even the weather is joining his slump as it drenched him while heading home that he ignored Ha Won greeting him.
The next day Ha Won woke up and noticed Ji Woon in his room, she texted him if he slept well and if he already ate to which he replied no and telling her to stop acting like they were close.  
She responded that at least he was not ignoring her so he motioned an okay-totally-ignoring-you-now but still read her last message of thanking him.  Ha Won went back to her room as Ji Woon put his first ever genuine smile on the screen.
2016-09-04 08.08.44
2016-09-04 08.07.11
Hyun Min was still passing through the 5 stages of grief sitting and staring at the greenery of the mansion.  Yoon Sung saw him in that state and agreed to Ha Won’s observation on how he seemed not taking well his recent trauma.  Ajumma quirkily mumbled how he has now gotten a new douchebag nickname.
Chairman Kang summoned Ha Won and officially thanked her for the successful mission.   He gave a bonus vacation trip to her and hinted on making the Kang cousins join her in that vacation.   Ha Won took on the new challenge with a positive spirit.
Chairman’s wife talked with someone over the phone about finding a not so pretty girl for a meeting.  Thinking it was for an arranged meeting for the Kang cousins, evil step-mom called Yoo Na who got worried right away, but was appeased when she was told that her mom got the number of the person Chairman Kang’s wife called so she will sneak Yoo Na in for the arranged meeting.  The delusional mother and daughter fed their convictions with a probable snatching of a Kang prince to their evil hearts content.  *pfffftt
Ha Won mumbled how she worried that the boys might not come with her, but Yoon Sung encouraged her that her efforts will definitely work fine if she covinces them about it.  Yoon Sung received a phonecall and cut it abruptly declining a request to whoever called him.
“Operation let’s go to a vacation” with Kang cousins was in full swing but Ha Won already faced problem not being able to locate the knights in the Sky House.  
2016-09-04 07.59.28
She called Ji Woon and got surprised when he answered and emerged in her presence that instant.  She smilingly offered him to go to a vacation with her in the boys, but he denied the request with a quick I’m-hanging-up-not-interested response.
Ha Won met with Ja Young to claim her bag and chatted with her.  She stared at her diploma uttering how her mom will be happy when she brings it to her soon.  The latter was happy with her going back to the Sky House and narrated gleefully her encounter with Seo Woo and the pictures she had of him dressing up to her uniform to escape his crazy fandom.  
Ha Won got an idea and used the pictures to bargain with Seo Woo’s manager to clear his schedule for three days for her vacation plans or else the awkward pictures will be posted online notching the first Kang cousin down.
Our Hyun Min consulted with a plastic surgeon to make her face be changed entirely.  He confirmed the doctor also saw his video, but he was advised to see a psychiatrist and just grow some manly hair on his clean face and not resort to his crazy idea.  The doctor added how it must have shocked him to get that rejection from his first love, but Hyun Min mumbled that Ha Won was not his first love.
On a hinted cue, we get Hye Ji still feeling sad from her quick hibernation and reading the messages from Ji Woon and Ha Won who wanted to thank her and meet her up. She invited her in the studio to which the latter gladly obliged.
2016-09-04 07.54.50
Ha Won found Hyun Min  doing i-love-her-i-love-her-not mumblings with a leafy  branch  he was holding.  She tried snapping him out of his senses and even offered a youtube public apology but he kept himself on his protective bubble  ignoring her vacation proposal.
Later on she met Hye Ji and conversed on her return to Sky House and not to misundestand it.  Hye Ji praised her for letting Hyun Min experience a rejection and assured her not to worry about her misunderstanding anything.
Ji Woon interrupted their meeting just in time for Ha Won inviting her to go with her and the boys to a vacation.  He got mad at Ha Won’s insistence, but Hye Ji shut it down with her agreeing to the plan and asked him to join them, but he declined going to that vacation again.  Ha Won hurriedly left the tension filled room and was stopped by Ji Woon who mentioned again that he won’t go to that vacation she was planning.
Ji Woon asked Hye Ji if she will really come knowing it will just hurt her.  She replied how she wanted to visit the Haneul group vacation house again as she used to come there a lot when she was younger with Hyun Min and their families.  She told him how she won’t force him to come but advised him how she might not have enough confidence to face Hyun Min.  Finally we are getting some Hye Ji – Hyun Min back story.  But really I don’t know what level of one-sided-love-obsession you have and why Ji Woon kept on shielding you anyway.
Evil step-mom and Yoo Na called the matchmaking person but  step-mom had to hang up when she was questioned of her daughter’s capabilities which unfortunately she does not have at all.  Ha Won aboji arrived and was greeted by them as step-mom told him that Ha Won did not come back home since the incident.  Step-mom went to get his things and read a text message asking her husband to pay as the person he was looking for was indeed located.  She found some “looking for posters” of a man in a taekwondo uniform.  She grabbed Yoo Na in her room and they concluded on how the man could possibly be Ha Won’s father.  Step mom upset about the money her husband might have used all along was quick to use the opportunity they got in planning for a plot to drag Ha Won out of the mansion.
Ha Won made another attempt to win Hyun Min’s heart but found him sleeping heavily in his room.  Yoon Sung gave Ha Won a tip on how the young master won’t wake up if he is dragged while sleeping.
Ji Woon contemplated about his recent events with Ha Won and saw her leaving her room to pester Hyun Min who locked himself in his room.
Ji Woon marched to where she was teasing her on giving up on her new mission.  She responded how everyone will go except him but that’s okay ad went on to drum on Hyun Min’s door.  He uttered how she won’t be able to bring a man who locked himself up and joked a suggestion to just kidnap him, but Ha Won shut him up with his teasing.  
Ji Woon blurted that he will come to the vacation only if Hyun Min comes and made Ha Won beam, but worried that he might back out, she forced a pinky swear with him to seal their deal.
2016-09-04 07.43.26
Ha Won entered Hyun Min’s room and tried waking up our “sleeping sadly” debonair to no avail.  Just then she remembered Yoon Sung’s words about Hyun Min being a heavy sleeper and Ji Woon’s earlier suggestion of kidnapping his cousin.  She added 1 plus 1 and presto she smiled at the future success rate of her vacation plan.
2016-09-04 07.43.04
Seo Woo received an enjoy your Thailand trip from his manager while Hye Ji stared at an old picture she had with Hyun Min from the vacation house.  She texted Ji Woon if he will really not come as he pondered on how he will respond. 
Ha Won lunged forward to the sleeping Hyun Min, curved a smile on her face as she prepared to her abduction plan.
2016-09-04 07.21.51
Cinderella and Four Knights Ep 6
Cinderella and Four Knights Ep 5
Cinderella and Four Knights Ep 4
Cinderella and Four Knights Ep 3
Cinderella and Four Knights Ep 2
Cinderella and Four Knights Ep 1
Episode 7 Quick Thoughts
I’m tired of this black knight connection between Ji Woon and Hye Ji.  Can we fast forward to the real love lines here?  On that note, my heart fluttered a lot with Ji Woon’s jaded exterior slowly being washed out with Ha Won’s optimistic nature in this episode.
I loved Hyun Min’s approach in numbing his ego wounded self in this episode especially that part when he thought of plastic surgery to escape his current bitter reality.  hahaha
Seo Woo and Ja Young possible love line might work well for me especially because I find their deepest darkest secret endearing.  I am so looking forward to the shift of love lines on their upcoming vacation.
Dear Hawonrella and Kang cousins, thank you for consistently bringing out a delightful watch with your stories.

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