Can we make these people on a drinking session for the next episodes so we can just enjoy their “truth” and “drunk” kisses over and over again?  Cheers to Ha Won scoring a vacation in a scenic place and engaging her Knights to some quirky fun time away from their usual selves.  While I’m super jealous with the kisses she shared with Ji Woon, I’m dreading the thought of their possible love future if Ji Woon is on a one-sided romance with Hye Ji.  If he really is.
Slowly opening his eyes, Hyun Min woke up to an unfamiliar place and thought that he was dreaming.  Ha Won called his attention as he was able to process that he was on board an airplane in his pyjama set.  He fussed about the unfair abduction but was forced to calm down by the plane crew.
Ha Won and company arrived in the rest house and she cheerfully initiated a quick meeting for her dream college team building and even showing the itinerary and prepared jackets, but the people she came with showed disinterest to her planned activities.
Yoon Sung called the Chairman to update him of what his grandsons were doing through Ha Won’s preparations as he worried about Chairman’s health.  But the Chairman advised him to take the time to rest as well.  
Chairman Kang was admitted to the hospital unbeknownst to his stubborn grandchildren. His wife complained on why he sent his grandsons on a getaway when he will be confined in the hospital because of an illness that he also did not tell them about, but Chairman dismissed it stating how he is not sure if his grandsons will be worried about him anyway.
2016-09-05 02.06.22
Hyun Min walked in his old room.  He noticed the glow-in-dark stars on the ceiling and muttered how the place hasn’t changed a bit.
Not giving up on her MT plans, Ha Won posted the itinerary on the rooms of the vacationist, but when she called them out for a house meeting, only the silence responded to it.
She went to Seo Woo’s room to urge him to have fun with the rest, but he replied that he is having a good time on his own and that he’s using his rare vacation days that moment.  Ha Won pulled his headset out of frustration like a kid and stormed out of his room where she met Ja Young who got the picture of Seo Woo not wanting to go out to eat because he’s on diet.
Hye Ji walked around the garden and found a wooden bench of nostalgic value to her.  She touched the “hyun min love hye ji” text etched on it.  While she pondered on their old memories, Hyun Min was resting in the pool side.
Ha Won approached him and apologized for her role in his recent public humiliation and for kidnapping him. Hyun Min asked her about why she asked if he liked her.  She explained how everything changes if a man and a woman like each other because then they could date and love each other.  Hyun Min cut her love theory by telling how she is that woman type who dates bad guys and has a traditional dating perception.  Ha Won denied his presumption but he shooed her away to get some rest from all the stress he had gone through in the past days because of her.
Hye Ji swam on the inviting pool water as Hyun Min thought Ha Won did not leave his presence.  His thoughts stopped when he realized it was Hye Ji.  She invited him to swim together for old time’s sake but he responded that he does not remember those memories anymore and walked away.
Hye Ji went back swimming and because time moves fast on this girl literally, she gasped for help halting Hyun Min from his track.  He jumped in the water to rescue Hye Ji who was drowning and massaged her leg knowing how she probably had another leg cramp.  Hye Ji muttered that her leg is okay and was about to thank him, but stopped her saying anyone would have done the same on that situation and left her again. dear you two, can you just please move your love line a bit faster?
Ji Woon was looking for Ha Won after getting hold of the posted itinerary.  Ja Young asked if he was looking for Ha Won, he denied it cutely, but ask her the same question seconds after.  *giggles
Ja Young replied that she went outside a long time ago and we see Ha Won feeding and talking to the sheep sad on how the vacation is turning out so far as we get a flashback from a memory of her used-to-be-happy-family on a picnic which is how she pictures a happy vacation.
Optimistic Ha Won decided to play on her own and checked her activity guide to proceed with her plans.  Ji Woon found her in the horse stable scarily feeding the horse with a carrot so he teased her that what she was doing was not horseback riding.
Ji Woon decided to do horseback riding against her pleading so he countered it with her going against a planned itinerary she made so she settled.  Ji Woon soothe her woes as the two rode the horse together on the hill side.
Seo Woo got a phone call from his manager and learned how Ha Won set them up with that forced vacation.  He sent his cross-dressing pictures to Seo Woo’s surprise.  He confronted Ja Young of giving the pictures to Ha Won to which she agreed apologetically. Yoon Sung handed down the barbecue tray to Seo Woo and ordered him to prepare the sticks in compliance of Ha Won’s itinerary.  Seo Woo cursed Ha Won as Ja Young volunteered to help out.
Heading back to the house, Ha Won noticed her necklace was missing so she went back to try and look for it.  Ji Woon muttered how she is making him worry everytime and joined her to find the necklace.  He made a deal for her to grant him a wish if he finds the necklace to which she acquiesced.
Seo Woo conversed with Ja Young while they were prepping up the barbecue sticks.  She answered Ha Won related questions and narrated how they have been friends since middle school and how Ha Won’s family is of from average income but she had to do part-time jobs because her step-mom does not give her money.  They both agreed on how annoying Yoo Na is having experienced first hand her lunatic rudeness.  Ja Young added how she is the prototype of evil step-sister and made Seo Woo furious learning how Yoo Na occupies the supposed to be shared room leaving Ha Won to settle on the veranda.  Seo Woo probed deeper to Ha Won’s dating life and was told by Ja Young that she never had any boyfriend yet because of time constraint which made our celebrity singer feel delighted.  He stopped the excitement rush and asked her ideal type but she replied how she has not formed it yet because of her busy life.  Ja Young noticed his shown interest to Ha Won’s life and dismissed her suspicion by stating how he lives with her that’s why he wanted to know her details.
Back at the hills, Ha Won apologized to Ji Woon for dragging him in the vacation. She spoke about how she knew she did it for Hye Ji but that she really meant to invite her because she was grateful on how she let her sleep in her house for one night and not because of Chairman’s mission.  She added how she wanted to be really friends with her.  Ji Woon praised her for doing a good job as their necklace hunt seemed to be going bleaker every minute.
Ha Won sighed in frustration on her missing necklace not knowing Ji Woon found it already.  He reminded her to grant him a wish so she replied she will clean his room or do his laundry.  He motioned to leave so she pleaded her with an anything-you-want card which stopped him from walking out.  I’ll give you 100 anything-you-want-from-me wish card too Ji Woon oppa.  lol
2016-09-05 01.47.232016-09-05 01.46.26
Ji Woon sat in front of her and showed her the necklace which made her jump in happiness and lunged herself to a surprising hug with him.  It made them fall on the ground as Ji Woon protected her with his arms.  Their eyes met and the magical moment snapped back fast to an awkward one.
2016-09-05 01.46.01
Upon deducing how Ha Won’s reunion with her biological father can  make step-mom and Yoona get some money and forced her also to leave Sky House, step-mom met with the supposed father and discussed what needs to be done with Ha Won.  The construction worker father denied step-mom’s stupid deduction but she was already resolved to her own made conclusion.  After the weird visit, he received a phonecall claiming some of his owed money and we closed to a scene where he was contemplating on a plan.  I’m not liking this looming Ha Won problem coming up.
Why show?  I’m here just for the cutesies  and feel good vibe.
2016-09-05 01.58.182016-09-05 01.45.41
Ha Won handed Ji Woon a milk drink thanking him for finding the necklace. He replied how that’s what he got for the work he did but she stopped his comment with how much yummy that milk was.  He was curious why the necklace was important to her so she told him that it was her mother’s ring and she was holding it tightly the day she passed away.  Ji Won uttered how his mother did not leave anything for him, but ever bright Ha Won cheered him up that he was the most important she left behind.
Hye Ji went to Hyun Min’s room and picked up his wet PJ’s.  He stepped out of the wash room and took the clothes in and ordered her to leave.  She told him to borrow Ji Woon’s clothes but he pushed her away by telling her to hang out with Ji Woon since she came because of him.  She told him that he was the reason why she was there and talked about how it has been 10 years since they visited the place.  She mentioned how the wooden bench is still on their spot, but he remained uncaring still.  Hyun Min faced her and told her to stop dwelling on their past anymore.
Hye Ji left his room as he mumbled why they had to be there of all places.
On their way back Ha Won and Ji Woon saw Hye Ji in deep thought.  She told Ji Woon how her expectations on her vacation has not been fulfilled yet as Hyun Min does not even want to give her a glance.  She is losing hope but he encouraged her by telling how pretty she is.
Chairman Kang met with his lawyer about changing his will.  The lawyer affirmed how the company executives were pressing for him to name his succesor soon.  Chairman’s wife who was trying to eavesdrop spoke to the lawyer when he left the room.  They formally introduced one another as Madam said she will look forward to meeting him again.  
Stepmom scored a gossip about how Chairman Kang’s wife used to be married as claimed by a loyal housemaid from a reputable household.  Is Yoon Sung her son then?  I hope so.  It will be awkward if they are lovers. lol
 The rest house caretaker brought bottles of fresh milk and rice wine to Yoon Sung who was arranging the groceries he bought with Ja Young.
2016-09-05 01.36.18
Ji Woon stopped washing his face as thoughts of Ha Won flashed in his mind. Ha Won on the other hand thought of him as well when she took of the necklace Ji Woon found.  
While looking for his cellphone, Ji Woon ended up to a room where Ha Won was bathing and got hit by the soap she thrown when he opened the door.  She found him waiting on the door after awkwardly almost seeing her naked and made an excuse that the door lock is broken that’s why he was guarding it.
Ha Won can’t seem to know what to do with her embarrassment.  Ja Young who noticed her flushed face told her to drink some milk since she just took a bath, but missed her instruction on which bottle was the milk.  Hurriedly wanting to quench her thirst, Ha Won gulped the rice wine in one shot.
2016-09-05 01.30.24
Yoon Sung was about to call the rest of the boys for the barbecue party but was halted by drunk Ha Won who mumbled about him talking to her in formal language.  She asked him to speak informally to which he tried hard to oblige.  He found out Ha Won drunk the makgeolli as the boys were enjoying Ha Won’s drunk bubbly self.
Ha Won marched to laughing Seo Woo and complained on how he was such a loner.  She blurted how sad she was not being able to enjoy her dream of having fun on a trip with her friends and showed off her jacket which she also wanted to wear with her friends.
Thanks to Ha Won’s drunken heartfelt mumblings, the squad wore their named jackets and they happily played MT games and basked in wine and liquor.
 Because wine can make people braver, wine intoxicated Yoon Sung mumbled Ha Won’s name informally then fainted on his seat.
Then they played this i-love-you game from Seo Woo to Hye Ji to Hyun Min to Ji Woon and to Ha Won, but Ha Won responded “get lost” to him.   Ji Woon turned to Hyun Min and told him “i love you” which made him flinched and switched places beside Ha Won whom he called girlfriend.  
She stopped him from still clinging to their fake engagement and spoke about how she is also in a tight situation touted as the stupid girl who rejected him.  Hye Ji in her always somber look stared at them teasing each other and then Yoon Sung suddenly threw up hitting Seo Woo ending their drinking session.
Ja Young entered Seo Woo’s room and noticed the new song he was working on.  Seo Woo called her attention and he was surprised when she spoke about how he might be liking someone based on the new song he was working on.  She told him how she has been a fan since before he was just an indie artist and threatened him that he can’t like someone because of her fans.  She stormed out of his room as Seo Woo read the sweet song lyrics dedicated to Ha Won.
Hye Ji chanced upon Hyun Min sitting on the wooden bench.  He stood up to leave but she requested if he can stay for a little while.  She told him that she will warm up next time when she will swim and he agreed to her idea so she will not inconvenience other people.  They talked about the old days on how their families will spend time together in that house as well as Hye Ji’s older brother who was jealous of how they were close when they were young.
Hye Ji admitted how she wants to go back in those happy times, but Hyun Min replied how he is happy at present.  She looked at him and told him how he used to be a kind boy who told his secrets to her but he responded how keeping secrets is not healthy anymore because life is complicated.  Hye Ji cornered him and asked why he lied not remembering that spot anymore and he feigned ignorance that he ended up being there while walking because he can’t sleep.
Hye Ji suddenly took his hand a drew a smiley face remembering how they used to do it when they can’t sleep.  Then we get a flashback of little Hyun Min drawing it on Hye Ji’s hand and kissing her after.  Hye Ji was about to say that they shared their first kiss on that spot but he stopped her by saying he does not remember.  So Hye Ji moved closer to him an inch separating their faces and kissed him softly.  Stunned Hyun Min gripped her hand some more and close his eyes savoring the moment of their chaste kiss.  He snapped back to reality and cut the kiss.  Hye Ji asked if he still can’t remember it.  She asked if she can start liking another person now and he responded why she’s asking for his permission so she challenged him if it’s okay to like Ji Woon then.
Meanwhile Ji Woon is with Ha Won who was still wallowing in wine.  He kept saying “i love you” to her showing her heart symbols too but she kept replying for him to get lost.  On his third try she got up and asked him if it was really true.  The two drunk idiots smiled on the world they were having at the moment as Ji Woon stole a kiss from her.  
He took her wine and drunk it spilling some on his clothes.  Ha Won complained that it was hers.  Ji Woon held her face in place and kissed her longer again.  He then asked why she kissed him but smiling Ha Won corrected him that he was the one who kissed her.  Fuzzy Ji Woon go for a third kiss as Ha Won prepared her lips to receive it.
Cinderella and Four Knights Ep 7
Cinderella and Four Knights Ep 6
Cinderella and Four Knights Ep 5
Cinderella and Four Knights Ep 4
Cinderella and Four Knights Ep 3
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Cinderella and Four Knights Ep 1
I want drunk kisses with Ji Woon too.  *chuckles  I like that the girls on this episode were advancing well to help the guys understand what they really are to them.  As we are now in the arc of establishing the main love line, I’m curious to see how the connecting complications with the second lead will be resolved.  I’m still confuse on the whole Ji Woon-Hye Ji-Hyun Min half-baked love triangle because I still can’t comprehend the motivations.  Is Hye Ji going to use Ji Woon to do her final nudge with Hyun Min?  Will she see Ji Woon’s worth eventually?  
While we had a lot of charming scenes today, I think the last card conflicts are being set for motion soon.  Ha Won’s jealous glances on Ji Woon and Hye Ji were also giving me signs that she will fall for him first and that’s why I want a clearer conviction on Ji Woon’s part if his heart got swayed already or still imprisoned to his protective fondness towards Hye Ji.
2016-09-05 01.50.56
I still am not feeling Hye Ji.  I wonder how this girl was cast for the role when she can only do two faces.  But I wish that she can make Hyun Min happy because I also like his adorable egoistic self in the story.  As we cross the middle part of this drama, I am content on how Hawonrella and Kang Cousins with Yoon Sung are completing my weekend romantic pill so far.  Though not as polished at least it delivered the necessary charming scenes.
 2016-09-05 02.11.10

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