A supernatural fest that reminded me of Sword of Truth and Lord of the Rings.  Superior visual effects, rolling action scenes throughout and Jung Woo Sung oppa were the reasons why I liked the movie. There’s not much of a plot really and even gasping, gripping or jaw-dropping moment, but they relied on their flamboyant visuals at the very least.


Set in Midheaven, a place where people who died stays to wait for their reincarnation to happen, a demon slayer (Yi Gwak) who was formerly the chief of an elite ghost slayer was transported to Midheaven.  He chanced upon So Hwa,  a member of the governing circle of the midlands.  So Hwa looked exactly like Yi Gwak’s lover (Yonhwa) who was burned by the townspeople because of the belief that her supernatural abilities were a curse.


Yi Gwak has to stand in between the woman he loved and lost and his fellow soldiers who all died on earth after pursuing a rebellion. He further learned that their deaths were intentional as they seek to defy the heavens and change the world.  So Hwa held a powerful stone that they needed to claim their victory, so Yi Gwak traded his life to protect her and hope that he will meet her again in another life.

If you are up for supernatural adventure then you can try this one, but don’t expect much chimeric after effect when you are done watching.



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