The game is on for the best Knight nurse for the injured Hawonrella.  As the remnants of their drunk selves the night before resurfaced, they were on a limbo on how to tackle those unguarded moments when they revealed their true feelings.  
The sun rose after the drinking binge in the rest house.  Ha Won woke up from a dream of her kissing Ji Woon.  She mumbled about the strange lip-lock vision and got up half awake to greet the morning.  Sprawled on the bathroom floor Ha Won stopped on her tracks when she saw Ji Woon’s handsome sleeping face.   Her eyes crawled on his wine-blemished shirt and remembered that the strange dream she thought happened in reality. 
She  ran to escape the scene when Ji Woon seemed to be waking up and was half-smiling and half-crazy castigating herself for feeling blissful at the thought of the kiss.  Dazed and giddy she didn’t notice the same soap she threw at Ji Woon last time.  
She slipped and fell on the floor loudly alerting the gang who stared at her fainted body.  Yoon Sung called Seo Woo to tell them not to worry about Ha Won  as she suffered only a minor concussion.  He advised them to go home and he will take care of everything.  
Ji Woon stayed in the living room as the rest of the gang packed up their things sensing something odd happened that he can’t remember.  
Ha Won regained her consciousness and was surprised that she did not stay insentient for a longer time.  She asked Ja Young if her accident might washed out her recent memories, but on queue her brain processed the drunk kissing spree she shared with Ji Woon.  
Yoon  Sung appeared and spoke about their hospital stop over to put a cast on her sprained ankle.   On their way back to Seoul, Ha Won teased Yoon Sung on his low alcohol tolerance and the crazy things he did when he was intoxicated and he pleaded for her to erase it on her memory.  Yoon Sung then asked if something happened to her drunk self last night which surprised Ha Won so she evaded it by stating she was so much drunk she can’t remember anything at all.
Back at the rest house Ji Woon who was done fixing his baggage walked to Ha Won’s room and noticed her detailed vacation planned.  His amused mood was interrupted by Hye Ji who asked what he was doing.
The doctor gave his reminders to Ha Won’s next appointment and gave crutches for her to use until her ankle is healed.  Ha Won and Ja Young saw Yoon Sung headed to organ transplant office and was curious about his business there.  Yoon Sung met with the organ transplant officer to discuss Chairman’s option for transplant but their options looked bleak and he was encouraged that a family member would be the best option but he replied that the Chairman does not want to involve his family.
Hye Ji approached Hyun Min to talk about the bench kissing incident they had, but he was quick to reply to her to not dwell on it as it does not mean anything to him.
Ha Won entered the house and met the gaze of the person that has kept her thoughts busy.  She almost slipped not being used to her crutches but Ji Woon and Seo Woo were quick to their reflexes.  She leaned on Ji Woon  and as their eyes met, what their minds wanted to forget seemed to be what the very same thing their bodies want them to remember.  As the boys fought on who will be her human  crutches, she hopped with her foot running away to the awkward situation.
Yoon Sung reported that Ha Won was well treated as they prepared to have Chairman Kang to get discharged.  His doctor insisted on the surgery as the liver cirrhosis was worsening, but he remained firm in not telling his grandsons who were possible donors.  Yoon Sung took the bag as Chairman’s wife motioned to carry it and Chairman Kang remarked how good-natured he was and would have been nice if he was his son.  
Hye Ji blurted how something looked uneasy between him and Ha Won as she seemed to be avoiding him.  Caught off guard, Ji Woon blamed the floor slipping accident that might made her act like that.  Two mafia-ish men came closer to them and inquired about Hye Ji’s father, Ji Woon as usual shielded her as something felt off with the villain looking ajussis who left as soon as they gauged Ji Woon’s presence.
Ji Woon was disturbed with Ha Won’s thoughts as he jogged in the morning while his cousins were busy giving princess moments to Ha Won.
Hyun Min went to Ha Won’s room but she shoved him away as she was about to change clothes.  He volunteered to prepare it but left her room muttering how her closet has killed fashion.  He set forth to buy her some decent clothings as Seo Woo pushed Ha Won’s sumptuous breakfast cart.  
Worried that Ha Won has no appetite, Seo Woo checked her vital signs if there’s something wrong  with her so Ha Won responded that she will eat a lot so he won’t have qualms about it.  He reminded her to  be careful as he will not be in the house tomorrow.  Sweet Seo Woo also downloaded games on her phone for her to play if she gets bored making her utter “thank you friend” which stopped Seo Woo momentarily as she does not seem to be like that in his heart anymore.
Yoon Sung was advised that Chairman Kang might take 2 or 3 years to get a donor but a willing family member will push up the operation he needed to the priority list.  He was given another option to fabricate some documents and make someone be related to the chairman in papers to have that person act as his donor.
Lost in his thoughts, Seo Woo received a phone call from his manager about an impending scandal sent by a paparazzi who took pictures in their recent trip.  His manager agreed to release the photos but he refused worried about another public attack to Ha Won after her recent stint with Hyun Min.  They resorted to giving something juicier to the photos threatened to them which surprisingly got positive raves from the netizens.
Bored Ha Won did some stretching and just as she wondered where Ji Woon might be, he marched and halted her peeking at his room.  Ha Won stopped him on his path by murmuring about what happened last night, but Ji Woon cut her up with “It was my first time” remark freezing her.  But he added “being drunk and blacking out” which made Ha Won think that he does not recall anything at all.  Ji Woon threw back the question at her and she flusteredly reasoned how her recent concussion made her on a quasi- amnesia state.  
Talking to herself on how it was unfair that only she remembered the kisses they shared, Ha Won’s reverie was cut off when shopping king Hyun Min showed the clothes he bought for her.  He disregarded her usual whining and teased her to change to her new clothes and offered he can help her out with it as well, but she pushed him away thanking him on his way out.
Yoon Sung tried to appeal to Chairman Kang to let his grandchildren know about his condition, but the chairman refused as he was resolved to the idea of battling his own problems alone.
Ha Won still can’t get over on Ji Woon’s conscious amnesia and was punching him in the air using her imagination.  But then the lights in his room turned on startling her and forcing her to hide.  Ji Woon paced in his room ruminating about something in Ha Won that bugged him.  Finally his amnesia was healed instantly when he saw the picture evidence of their drunk selves stored in his phone.
Ha Won crawled back to her room and was rescued by Seo Woo who prepared wet towel to help clean up.  They were unaware that Ji Woon’s curious eyes were fixated on them from the adjacent room.
Ji Woon went to get some drink in the kitchen, he saw a banana milk, hesitated to pick it up, closed the fridge but eventually went back to get it.  He saw ajumma talking to his wine blemished shirt baffled on why the blemish was stubborn.  He tried taking it back but ajumma gave a good fight in not giving it to him until his strength won over.  
At his room, Ji Woon lovingly stared at his shirt as flashes from his last night memory showed how he carried Ha Won on his back to her bed room.  He even teased himself of protecting that keepsake as an evidence from last night. He picked up the banana milk to give to Ha Won but Hyun Min beat him first by bringing midnight snacks for her.
Ha Won was on cloud 9 with Hyun Min’s food delivery.  He mentioned how he is a master in winning women’s hearts and only her seemed to be oblivious about it.  She teased how he is not popular with women lately and spoke about how Hye Ji is the only woman who can love him for who he really is.  She lectured him how Hye Ji was so determined in showing her love for him like a tree who cannot be swayed on its spot unlike him who is like a wind who plays around.  She added how like her he also showed his earnest feelings when he gazes at her tenderly sometimes.  She reminded him that not all tree will wait for him for a long time.
Ji Woon was savoring his first kiss memory like a school boy as he peer on his phone and banana milk as Hyun Min laid on his bed staring at his childhood photo with Hye Ji.
Hye Ji brought some flowers  for her visit to Ha Won.  She was invited inside as Ha Won excused herself really quick so she can was her hair which already felt itchy.  Hye Ji agreed and proceeded to Hyun Min’s room where she found their childhood picture.  
Hyun Min entered his room alarming Hye Ji.  He told her to get out of the room.  She insisted on asking what she was to him and he replied that if she kept pushing hersel, she won’t ever see him again.  Hyun Min left his room when she remained not moving on her spot.
Ha Won screamed from her room startling Ji Woon.  He rushed to her aid and of all people she was trying to avoid she ended up asking him to help her get up from the bathtub.  She motioned to leave the bathroom  but he pointed out that her hair needs to be washed. Ji Woon positioned princess Ha Won to a comfy one and gave her a hair home service as he played around with it making her complain on the water splashing on her head and ears.  
He then dried it with a towel again playing like a kid so she tried to make him stop by reaching out his hand which stopped her heart and froze them both at the moment with each other’s thoughts lost in the emotions they felt bugging towards each other lately.  They snapped back to reality as Ha Won mumbled that she does not need help anymore so mischievously grinning Ji Woon left her room.  Look at you being so cute like a school boy high on his crush lol
While Ji Woon dazedly smiled at his new found pleasure, his eyes saw Hye Ji standing in front of Hyun Min’s room in the brink of her tears.  He went to her and asked why she was crying as Hyun Min back in his room lifted the picture up and stared at it together with the smiley picture Hye Ji drawn on his hand.  He saw the two outside so he went out of his room.  
Ji Woon assumed why she cried so he moved quick pressing Hyun Min on why he did not listen when he warned him not to make her cry.  He replied what gives him the right to even say  those things so then Hye Ji joined their word spat and told Hyun Min that she does not want to cry because of him anymore and that she wants to take a break on him.  She then looked at Ji Woon and asked him if she will accept her as Ha Won who was there all along witnessed their confrontation.
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Did I miss something here?  Did Ji Woon even ask Hye Ji to stop loving Hyun Min and love him instead?  Why is she offering herself?  Is she a lamb?  Is she a villain?  Is she more than crazy?  Why is Ji Woon happy discovering his fondness towards Ha Won and yet worried at the same time with Hye Ji?  Does he owe his life to her?  Will it be too late now for Hyun Min?  Did Hye Ji make up her mind being done with Hyun Min?
Questions, questions, questions… I need answers.  I officially don’t like how Hye Ji’s character is building up, but for now I’m  blaming it for the bad acting of the actress playing it.  I mean it is worse than Jung Eun in Uncontrollably Fond, at least that  girl was really bad to begin with and he defined rage very well, but Hye Ji, I just can’t understand her being meek and defiant at the same time.  Is it because they were sketched as young people trying to comprehend what love really is?  
I am still looking on how the pieces will fall nicely, and yes sir, I just want more Ha Won – Ji Woon scenes if that’s possible.  Oh and can we pair up Hyun Min and Hye Ji already like on Episode 11 so that we can focus on Chairman Kang’s conflict and fan service for the remaining 5 episodes.  Thank you.

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