The world of young love is not always made of rose petals, kisses and pixie dust.  Now that the lines are getting clearer and the confused hearts are getting sober, While Ha Won’s blooming romance is hindered by the lack of assurance that her feelings is not one-way, our pretty Knights struggled with their own love problems.
2016 Kdramaland’s most boring female second lead Hye Ji really does not know anything else she can still do aside from sewing and stalking Hyun Min.  Drained from Hyun Min’s countless rejections, she offered herself to Ji Woon who was processing the situation he was put into.  When he attempted to reply, she told him not to give his answer yet and walked away to go home.  dear drama, please minimize Hye Ji’s screentime.  we don’t care a bit about her in this drama seriously.
Ji Woon marched back to his room but Ha Won called his attention.  She gave the watch he left and spoke about how he might not sleep well tonight with Hye Ji’s proposal knowing how much he liked her for a long time.  I can’t recall any scene like that Ha Won.  She said goodnight and went back to her room as Ji Woon gazed at her back.  Upon closing the door, she heaved a sigh and let loose of the painful feeling she cannot comprehend.
Ji Woon pondered on the sudden Hye Ji confusion and delved back to the memory of their first encounter when he accidentally saw her in front of his hide out crying while he was playing with an old camera that suddenly shot a flash at her.  
She followed him when he went inside not knowing he is Hyun Min’s recently discovered cousin.  She took the camera but was not able to get it to work.  Ji Woon told her to weep inside and  left the room.  He sat outside hearing her flooding tears and we cut to younger Ji Woon who witnessed his mother suppressing her painful cries.  
Back at Hyun Min’s room, he is in his own reverie looking at smiley face and the childhood framed picture.  Make up your mind Hyun Min!  If not for you, crazy Hye Ji’s mental instability would not have gone to worst.
Ha Won sought Ja Young’s analysis on her situation which she cloaked with a story of her friend’s mom’s cousin’s daughter.  Ja Young drew a hypothesis that if the girl is pretty, there’s no way the other girl can compete with the boy’s one-sided-love but Ha Won argued that the boy did not respond to the proposal in words to which Ja Young countered how in relationship these days flirting comes first before validation.  But Ja Young gave her a glimmer of hope stating the possibility that he might have started liking another girl if he has been on a one-sided love for a long time.  I still refuse to believe that he likes her.  She was his only lady friend. platonic. period.
Ha Won sneaked a peek on busy Ji Woon at his hide out after her conversation with Ja Young.  She arrived to a conclusion that he is always alone and he does not know any other woman but Hye Ji.  Ha Won stopped with her deduction as the kiss they shared flashed in her thoughts and she was on a love trance realizing apart from Hye Ji, she’s the only other girl he knows ergo she dig deeper to her delusion that he might like her too.  love love love Ha Won in her sweet hallucinations
Next up, she summoned virtual advices regarding her boggling i-want-to-know-if-he-likes-me-too problem and received positive and negative responses.  She picked on a rational reply on how a man won’t be angry at a woman he likes and tested the theory with Ji Woon.  First , she pretended to be reading and threw the book at him hitting his head.  Ha Won apologized  and he just heaved a sigh.  Next, she bumped him and spilled his juice on his shirt.  He raised his voice to Ha Won’s feigned sorry face and just walked away.  Lastly, knowing how he does not like his personal space being invaded, Ha Won made a mess at his hide out and waited for the outcome of her raid.  
Ji Woon marched to her room angry on why she was taking her boredom at him. Ha Won denied his allegations and tried to bail herself out pointing to the fact that she was sick.  Controlling his nerves, he warned her to just go to sleep and motioned to leave, but she hit him with her pillow.  He turned back about to transform to a super saiyan, but Ha Won complained how he has not taken care of her while she was sick and never bought yummy food as well.  He calmed down realizing it to be true and proceeded to leave her room.  At the end of her hypothesis testing, Ha Won concluded to an answer that he did not like her.
Hye Ji texted Ji Woon for them to go out and noticed a bunch of notices inside the mailbox. Hyun Min who was stalking her approached and demanded for a talk to which she denied.  He boldly spoke on how she was using Ji Woon to spite him, but Hye Ji answered how his mind can only think of lame excuses.  She told him how Ji Woon has always been there for him that’s why.  Ji Woon joined their afternoon chat wondering why Hyun Min was there and left with Hye Ji.
Ji Woon put the cloth materials at Hye Ji’s work station.  He asked her if she is being sincere about what she said the day before and upon remembering her anger to Hyun Min’s arrogance thinking she can never stop liking him, she responded yes.
At Skyhouse, Hyun Min was throwing a tantrum unable to handle his jealousy towards his cousin.  He went to his room and saw a yellow toy car and stepped on it surprising Ha Won who went to Ji Woon’s room after deciding not to beat the corners and ask him directly who he likes.  Just as how she can tone Hyun Min down for acting like a gradeschooler, she ordered him to apologize to him later, but he refused her command.  
She explained how Ji Woon likes car and his mind jumped to destroying something next in his room, but she halted his intention pointing out that he was annoyed of Ji Woon because of Hye Ji.  Hyun Min stood up to leave but realized why she was also in that room.  Unable to respond to the sudden question, he let it go and mentioned that Hye Ji was with Ji Woon turning her to a sudden depressing mood.
Bothered by the thoughts of Ji Woon and Hye Ji together, Ha Won declined Seo Woo’s invitation to go out after his scheduled interview.  She sat properly from her slouch and asked him if guys really like pretty and feminine type of girls like Hye Ji.  
Seo Woo was surprised by her question so she uttered how she thinks she can never be liked by guys, but he appeased her worried heart telling her how she looks pretty to him.   Ha Won smiled at how he is very good with flattery as he bid goodbye for his promotional interview.
Contemplating on Hye Ji’s relationship declaration, Ji Woon’s attention shifted to a pastry shop remembering how Ha Won was grumpy over him not buying food while she was sick.  He dismissed the idea as traffic lights signalled him to move.
Meanwhile an evil plan is lurking as Ha Won’s supposed biological father learned the extent of riches Chairman Kang has.
Seo Woo was almost wrapping up with his magazine interview, when asked if his new song is dedicated to someone, his manager came to his rescue to avoid the juicy question.  He was given a simple coaster gift for gracing the interview.  The interviewer told him how he can do calligraphy on the coaster and it will reveal the writing when a hot mug is placed on it.
Seo Woo tested the coaster when he arrived home to surprise Ha Won with his new song CD copy, but then Ha Won popped up from nowhere surprising him.  She asked if he was okay because the hot coffee was spilled on his hand but he hurriedly stepped out of the kitchen telling he was okay.  
Ha Won found his new song’s CD so she walked to his room and peeked at his door.  She called him and showed the CD.  Seo Woo told her that the copy is meant for her and bubbly Ha Won staged a fan girl cheer for a live premiere of his song.
Seo Woo obliged and he sang passionately all the words he wanted to say to her.  As the song hit the chorus with love declaration lines, Ha Won stopped him from singing wanting to just listen to it alone because he felt like cheating on his fans.  She left his room and fanned her face with her hand mumbling how ardent his gaze was at her while he was singing the song earlier and that’s why maybe he has millions of followers.
Ji Woon arrived home and it turned out that he bought some pastries from the store earlier.  His path crossed with Hyun Min who asked how his date with Hye Ji was.  
HYUN MIN:  You have always stupidly trailed Hye Ji since then.  Are you happy breaking the friend zone area?  *whoa!
JI WOON:  Why?  Are you sad feeling you have lost something now that Hye Ji asked me out?  *rawr!
Ji Woon came closer and asked why he came to talk to Hye Ji earlier so that he  can give an answer on behalf of her and he replied if Hye Ji knows how much a jerk he was.  Hyun Min grabbed his collar when Ji woon boasted how he lost at him that time.
JI WOON:  Your response has made one more thing clear to me.  You regret your decision about her.  So you better cling on her harder if you don’t want to regret it even more.
Ji Woon found Ha Won in the kitchen and gave the pastries to her.  She brightly smiled at the sweets he gave.  He told her how she should not complain about him not buying something for her anymore, she gladly agreed as he left smiling at making her face happy.
Ha Won used Seo Woo’s coaster and prepared some hot choco for her cupcake.  She swayed her head gleefully while munching the sweet cake.  She stood up savoring her hot choco and missed the calligraphy that popped up on Seo Woo’s coaster – “Confession”.  would have been sweeter if it was iloveyou
Seo Woo appeared somber on his Ha Won related love problem.  He looked blankly at his new song inspired by her and crossed the initial alternate title “For Ha Won”.   awww I hope Seo Woo would at least be given a cute love line before the show ends.
As wine solved almost everything, Hyun Min drowned in alcohol muttering how Hye Ji left him for another man when he thought all along that she would always be there for him. A club girl recognized him and was responding to his mumblings directed to Hye Ji.  When he murmured “Don’t leave me”, the bar girl was ecstatic and told him how he should remember he told her that. aigoo Hyun Min if only you were not stubborn 
It’s Ha Won’s foot cast removal day and Yoon Sung  can’t accompany her because he has to be with Chairman Kang’s wife for a meeting.  Ha Won took the opportunity and  knocked at Ji Woon’s room to plead her case.  Ji Woon was shocked being asked to escort her but she reasoned how he is the only person available that day.  He refused her request but she appealed by displaying her foot and enumerating the bus, the train and the transfers she had to go through with that injured foot, but Ji Woon seemed unfazed and shut his door to her face.  
Yoon Sung proceeded to the meeting with Chairman’s wife and was taken aback when it was an arranged marriage meeting.  He apologized to the woman when she offered her hand for a handshake and left the place.  Chairman’s wife followed him and told him that as his mother, it is her earnest wish for him to marry to a rich household.  Offended by his estranged mother’s intrusion he replied how she does not have the right to use her belated motherly good intentions for him as an excuse.  
He utterred how he would pretend that the meeting never happened like what they previously agreed before.  The scene cut to memory lane when Chairman Kang introduced Yoon Sung to his future wife who turned out to be his mother who left him 12 years ago. Yoon Sung agreed to her charade of having no previous marriage as she pleaded that it was the only way for her to survive as a woman.  finally this connection was officially confirmed
Ji Woon waited for the begging patient while leaning on his car as Ha Won beamed at the sight of him.  She hinted she needed help to ride the car, but he dismissed it threatening he might change his mind so she moved to place the crutches on her own.  But Ji Woon saw her having a hard time with it so he moved to her direction.  He placed the crutches on the back seat and motioned to ride back on his seat but darling Ha Won pushed her luck talking to him with her eyes for him to open the passenger seat.  Ji Woon sighed and opened it as elated Ha Won followed his order to buckle his seatbelt.
The doctor announced Ha Won has recovered completely and may freely move as she wanted.  Ji Woon took it as her conning him to be his driver for the check up when she could have done it easily on her own.  
He joked that she can now go home alone, but Ha Won took it as him hating to help her out and not having a bit of concern towards her.  He softened at her sad face and told her he was kidding, but she ranaway with a pained heart.
Ha Won realized her bag was in his car,  but her pride won over and decided to just walk.  Ji Woon scanned the sidewalk worried about Ha Won knowing she left her bag.  He spotted him luckily and asked her to get inside.  She smiled seeing Ji Woon but remembered their recent bickering and ignored him.  He showed her bag she needed for public transportation, but she proudly declared she won’t need her bag because she will happily drive-walk with her healthy feet while enjoying the nice weather.  Amused at her playing hard to get, Ji Woon offered her a joy ride together with him, drawing a grin on her face as she finally dismissed her early disappointment with him.
Hyun Min was killing all the balls while playing billiards with his friends in trying to relieve his emotional rollercoaster.  He disregarded Hye Ji’s phonecalls who was desperately crying in their house as her family seemed to be on a financial constraint.
Ha Won felt good marveling at the scenery she was looking at with Ji Woon. He peered at her radiating face while sipping on her drink.  He took her drink and sip on it and my 30-ish old self felt giddy at this scene.  Ha Won was processing the indirect kiss they shared and Ji Woon’s teasing lips sipping on her drink was not helping her at the very least.  
Ji Woon noticed her blushing as she remembered the kiss they shared recently so he teased her more by grabbing her wrist and pulling her closer to him.  He asked if she has anything she wanted to say to him.  *sigh aigoo those pretty eyes jung il woo aigoo
Just when our sweet moment was launching to clear where Ha Won and Ji Woon stand, Hye Ji’s rescue-me phone call shattered the moment as Ji Woon muttered that they have to go back to Seoul. 
Inside the car Ha Won asked where he was going, but when he did not reply she confirmed if he is going to meet Hye Ji.  He replied yes making her face about to cry.  She told Ji Woon to drop her somewhere as she will just take a bus but he denied her requesr.  She then mentioned Hye Ji was waiting so torn between the crying woman and the woman he still can’t label, he pulled over to let her out.  He said “I’m sorry” just as she was about to step out and drove again with a confused heavy heart.
On the bus, Ha Won fought her tears back as I fought mine as well cursing Ji Woon on his being hero to Hye Ji  everytime.  
Hye Ji revealed how court people visited their house earlier and the Prosecutor’s office took her father for questioning.  She cried on the helpless situation and hugged Ji Woon, who for the record did not hug her back but tapped her shoulder to comfort her.  
Hyun Min was staring at his missed call list mumbling how he would have picked up the call if Hye Ji called the third time.  Just then his phone ring, but his face saddened when it was not Hye Ji.  His friend delivered the news that Hye Ji’s family business was in trouble and he finally realized why she must have been reaching him earlier.  
Ha Won arrived and saw Hyun Min who was intending to search for Hye Ji but Ji Woon’s car arrived with Hye Ji stepping out from it.  
Ji Woon told them that Hye Ji will stay with them for an indefinite time as the four of them exchanged meaningful looks.
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Having the guy you like who can’t confirm yet if he likes you back and choosing to hurt you to rescue his first love was a really awful feeling that some tears fell on my cheeks.  But then I realized I’m watching a rom-com so I straightened out.  Park So Dam and Jung Il Woo in that closing car scene really presented that painful so-where-do-i-really-stand-in-your-life picture.  While young love is more prone to love guessing, I think those two have done enough water testing already.  
I don’t know if it’s Hyun Min’s stupidity, Ji Woon’s hero complex or Hye Ji’s face that’s annoying me to where we are heading in this drama, but I surely want a definite stand for next week’s episode.  I am filled with twist following #W already so I just want a dandy and easy rom-com filled with young and sweet love that’s why I’m here being loyal.  
On a sad note, I feel bad how Seo Woo was neglected as a Knight in the story.  I thought it would really be a 4-man battle to win Hawonrella’s heart.
6 episodes and we have Chairman Kang’s liver problem, Ha Won being possibly conned by an ajussi who will pose to be his biological father, Seo Woo’s love story, Yoon Sung and Chairman’s wife secret… a lot of plot soon to be in motion and the story kept swaying to Hye Ji induced conflict.  Let’s have this be done in the next four episodes while sprinkling Ha Won -Ji Woon moments. chop chop!  And then make the finale week a fan service binge please?
I believe that Ji Woon was just compelled to take care of Hye Ji as he sees his mother in her.  He witnessed his mother crying painfully probably because of his father – the man she loved just as he knew how Hye Ji was in pain loving his cousin who refused to see her worth.  By now, we are all aware of the love lines, I just want to speed it up so I can feast on charming scenes.  Next week better be pleasant.  I miss the almost kisses, but since they have all shared true kisses, I might as well wish for some more adorable long pecks.

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  1. ” most boring female second lead Hye Ji ” seriously. They should give this girl more to worth with or should have considered a more experienced actress that can make a boring scene more watchable.

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