Over the years Film Director Kwak Jae Young has shown movies showcasing time element twist.  While I enjoyed “The Classic” in its endearing use of linking the characters, the love stories and the flashbacks, this time for “Time Renegades”, I did not find it stellar and engaging compared to my old favorites of him.




Two men have been shot from different years and survived the fatal attack but both of them have been seeing each other’s lives through an unexplained bind.  Baek Ji Hwan, the man who lived in the past is a music teacher who was set to marry Seo Yoon Jung until she was killed by a psychopath.  Kim Gun Woo is a detective from the present time who met Jung So Eun after the latter thought that he was stalking her when he was just curious because she resembled Ji Hwan’s girlfriend.


When Ji Hwan realized he can change the history by saving Yoon Jung’s students who were supposed to die from a gym fire by seeing the events of the future through Gun Woo, he failed to capture the murderer making him still live in the present time where reincarnated Yoon Jung lived as So Eun and was bound to be killed by the same killer. 


In the present time, a student of Ji Hwan from the past knew the events happening to his old teacher as his father was the first suspect to Yoon Jung’s murder.  Later on he became Gun Woo’s chief who abducted So Eun as his wife was held hostaged by the killer.


Gun Woo almost rescued So Eun when she overpowered the abductor but his car overlooked her and the killer managed to bump So Eun on the road while she was chasing his car away from his direction.  Desperate to bring back So Eun to life, Gun Woo urged Ji Hwan to make a final attempt to kill the psychopath in his time and he managed to do so after utilizing the future information he had from Gun Woo’s time.  The effect of Ji Hwan’s triumph in the past saved So Eun in the future and Gun Woo’s Chief’s wife safety.


I Initially like the premise… two men seeing each other’s lives and working on saving the girl connecting their past and present, but the reincarnation plot towards the dying seconds I felt was misplaced and did not suit a gratifying ending although it tied up with how the two characters were connected after their accident.  It was like he was seeing  his past and future to save the girl he lost from his past.  It was not as how neat and magical as how Kwak Jae Young did the character connections in the ending of “The Classic”.  That’s the operative word missing for the film – neatness.


Though the movie felt like Back to the Future with me sans the fluid narratice execution and witty humor, it did not make me feel good after.  I applaud the strong portrayals of the main leads as it was kinda expected of them to deliver.  Actually it took me three days to finally be done watching the movie.  It was not that bad, but it just did not enthrall me.  The switches from past and present and the clues used from the timelines struggled because the connecting links I felt were easy to predict.  Given that it played on alternating timetables, the pushes and surprises I felt should have been done furtively and distinctly like how Nine Times Travel was done.

Nevertheless I still recommend the movie if you are up for a supernatural and time defying romance.  It might have not hit my love movie palate but who knows you might like the ride?  -jediprincess



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