There is a thin line between being brave in claiming a love and assuming that the love will be reciprocated.  As Hye Ji drowned in her world where she wanted everyone to revolve around her, Hyun Min belatedly acknowledged what he felt for her and was trying to salvage whatever he can to win her back.  Ji Woon finally set where his heart belonged to as Ha Won was put in an emotional breakdown after a man from nowhere claimed to be his father.
Ha Won welcomed Hye Ji to her room as the latter apologized for barging in their kindness.  While settling her things, Hye Ji spoke about how happy she was that Ji Woon came to her rescue because she felt so lost earlier not knowing what to do.  She added how Ji Woon has always been there for her everytime she needs someone.  blah blah blah yeah right the world should revolve around you  Hye Ji excused herself to get some water as Ha Won hid the pain she felt while Hye Ji blabbed to her face how Ji Woon takes good care of her.
Hyun Min stopped Hye Ji on her tracks so she asked if he had something to say.  He asked how she was and muttered how he was about to pick up her call, but Hye Ji cut him and told him how he was a step behind Ji Woon earlier.  Oh why your highness?  Are the cousins playing a game where you score a point on who can win your heart?  tssss!
Bothered at Hye Ji’s words about Ji Woon, Ha Won griped at Ji Woon who entered the room bringing Hye Ji’s small bag.  He asked her awkward when and how she got home questions to which she replied how obviously she was standing there so she did arrive home safely.  Ji Woon asked her to take care of Hye Ji as she continued to sulk privately on why he only cared for Hye Ji.
Ha Won woke up and saw Hye Ji’s empty spot on her bed.  She headed to the dining room and was curious why the house appeared to be quiet.  Ajumma narrated how Hye Ji woke up early and saw Seo Woo in his unglamorous pop star face while she was eating her breakfast.  She also saw Hyun Min’s cherry red boxer shorts when she confirmed if it was his and how she gave water to Ji Woon after his morning run.  Ajumma spoke about how the house is different just because Hye Ji came.  
Ha Won countered how it was like that when she first came, but Ajumma replied it to be different as the boys never changed their attitude towards her, but they acted awkward on Hye Ji.  She added how it was the first time she saw Ji Woon treats a girl nicely.  All her theories she summed up to Hye Ji’s doll-like beauty (where? which part?) and that’s why her presence was making the young masters act differently.
Ha Won left the dining room mumbling how she has been overlooked as a womanwhen she is also one, but froze and was put on a trance when she saw Hye Ji on a “pretty woman” brightly lit shot.  When she came back to earth, she looked at her i-woke-up-like-this frame and relented to the idea on how both of them really looked different.  
She continued her gloomy spree in her room whining how all men are the same when it comes to liking pretty and sexy girls.  But then she came across a line from a book where it said “your own charm will attract the one fated to be with you”.  Inspired by that mantra, she went to “Operation prettify myself” and tried on some cute headbands, hairclips, earrings and clothings to achieve a girly look.  
Finally picking a sweet lady attire, she peeked from her door and approached Seo Woo who was watching TV in the living room.  He dropped the TV remote control and muttered how she looked different that day.  Ha Won urged for some compliments, but not finding the proper words to say he resorted to calling his cousins to help him sort out Ha Won’s sudden beautiful transformation.
Ha Won covered his mouth from calling the boys, but it was too late as Ji Woon emerged in his room stopping a bit as his heart skipped at the sight of girly Ha Won.  When he went back to earth, he asked why he was summoned as shy Ha Won ran back to her room embarrass on the show she presented unaware that she took the cousins breath away.
Ji Woon ruminated on Ha Won’s obvious avoidance towards him and wondered if she was still mad about his leaving last time.  He contemplated on what he should do to appease her.  Meanwhile Chairman Kang dined out with his wife.  While pretending that he did not know about her surprise gift, he was shocked when he saw not the red neck tie he was expecting.  And with just that one red necktie, doubts about his new wife entered Chairman’s mind.
The police officer denied Hye Ji’s request to see her father.  dear police officer, we would appreciate it if you will lock her together with her father. lol  Saddened on her father’s situation, she tried calling an uncle to ask for help, but she was told he was busy.  Hyun Min who was there all along stepped up and contact his connections to get a letter from Hye Ji’s father and to retrieve her personal things as well.
Hyun Min arrived at Sky House and found Hye Ji sitting on the living room.  He walk towards her and gave her father’s letter.  He assured her not to worry about the case anymore.  She asked what’s that about and he replied that he felt sorry for not helping her out last time and since he can pretty much do anything he blabbed how she does not need to thank him or ask why he did that for her.   Hye Ji cut his words by responding for him not to extend help to her again as she is not comfortable receiving his kindness.  this girl has serious self worth problems
Hyun Min went to Ji Woon’s room and threw a key at him.  He told him that Hye Ji’s things would be there.   We got another boring crying frame of Hye Ji reading her father’s letter as Ji Woon stared at her while Ha Won was also looking at both of them.  
Ji Woon went to the locker place with Hye Ji and before he could even tell that it was Hyun Min’s doing, she was already happily checking on her sewing stuff.  He told her to get only some of the things she needed and she thanked him for his effort not knowing that it was Hyun Min who did it for her.  She expressed gratitude by buying him lunch and when they went to eat cheesy ramyun at a convenience store, she was surprised on why he seemed to have eaten it a lot.  He mumbled that it was true mentioning he often chowed it with Ha Won’s as it’s her favorite.  
Hye Ji showed disappointment on her face and utterred how he had gotten closer to Ha Won and if it was the same kind of closeness she had with him.  Ji Woon responded not knowing how to compare it and to break free from the situation, he headed inside the convenience store to get some coffee.  He spotted some “express your love to someone special” White Day chocolates on display and bought a box of it.  He tucked it inside his pocket though Hye Ji was eyeing on it.  Yeah it’s not for you b*tch! 
Ajumma laid the food on the dining table as Ha Won wondered why no one was around. Ajumma reported that Seo Woo left early for his schedule and Ji Woon went somewhere with Hye Ji as well.  Ajumma stated how Ji Woon has been neglecting her since Hye Ji came adding pain to the already gloomy heart of our Hawonrella.  She escaped the awkward chat by dragging Hyun Min who was playing a video game in his room to accompany her on the table.  Ignoring her at first, Hyun Min agreed after she turned off the TV and showed him her puppy face.
Hyun Min stared at Ha Won’s chomping of food and pointed out how she was eating thrice as much as she used to.  She answered that it was to compensate her empty heart.  He motioned to leave and told her to summon Ji Woon when she refused to talk to him, but she murmured that he was with Hye Ji.  Hyun Min settled back on his seat and urged to tell something more about the two who went out, but they ended up bickering as they both refused to believe that they don’t care about the two going out together.
The two arrived and Hye Ji explained that Ji Woon helped her out getting her studio things.  After placing her things in the storage room, Ji Woon marched to Hyun Min’s room and reported his successful mission but told him that it was the last time he was going to do that.  Hyun Min responded that he has to keep doing that as he was only good in making her cry.  Ji Woon confirmed how he wanted him to take credit for the future good things he will do for Hye Ji to which he agreed.  Ji Woon told him that he will not do it for him but because he was Hye Ji’s friend and that he cared for her.  He warned him not to hurt Hye Ji again.
Ha Won took a walk blabbering her annoyance towards Hye Ji and Ji Woon.  Then Ji Woon came out of the blue asking who she was talking to, but she pushed her away to where Hye Ji might be.  He teased her on how his spending time with Hye Ji lately might be disappointing her, but she denied it strongly although her face showed otherwise.
He apologized for leaving her that day but she disregarded it since it happened on the past.   He was about to give the chocolates, but stopped midway and asked her when she will have the time to drive with him as he felt bad not completing their getaway.  Ha Won shut her heart that suddenly leapt as Ji Woon added that he was going to tell something on the day they will go driving out again.  Ha Won beamed as he walked away.  He stopped and stared at the chocolate box that he still wasn’t able to give.
Ha Won pondered on what Ji Woon will be telling her and her reverie was disrupted by Seo Woo.  He thought she was thinking about Hye Ji and advised her to take care of her since she’s having a hard time right now.  Following Seo Woo’s words, she volunteered to wash her dirty laundry but destroyed the clothes in the process.  She offered her Sky House patented uniform in the mean time for her to use.  Hye Ji told her not to worry about replacing the clothes as she will shop clothes with Ji Woon soon.
Noticing Ha Won’s face saddened, she pushed to tell her how she confessed her feelings to Ji Woon.  She narrated how Ji Woon was always there when she was having a tough time with Hyun Min and recently with her father.  When Ha Won asked how Ji Woon responded, she replied and lied to her stating he probably felt the same way too.  
Chairman Kang was bothered by his wife’s recent actions and ordered Yoon Sung to tail her.  In their goal to be on the good side of Chairman’s wife, Step-mom spilled the gossip she acquired and revealed how other chaebol wives were telling that it was not her first marriage.  Instead of favoring step-mom, Chairman Kang’s wife got upset and called the gossipers to warn them to back off.  She also made step-mom lose her job.
While Ha Won weighed on where she really stands on Ji Woon’s life as she thought about the signals and sparks they shared recently.  Ji Woon on the other hand was asked by Hye Ji to accompany her to shop tomorrow.  Step-mom wept with Yoo Na on their failed plan to become Chairman’s wife’s right hand as Yoon Sung started on tailing his mother as per Chairman’s order.
Hyun Min saw Ha Won headed to the dining hall and mumbled how she might be hungry again.  He followed her and held her towelled hair steady as he lifted an orange and moved his face closer to her.  Just then he noticed that it was not Ha Won but Hye Ji that he was holding. Their eyes met and electricity ran, but then she escaped from his grasp as Hyun Min still held on her hair towel.  She grabbed the towel back as he apologized for his mistake and she marched away from him in quick paces.
Ha Won mustered courage and went to Ji Woon’s room, but he was not inside.  Hye Ji saw her peeking at his room and moved towards her.  Ha Won saw her and asked if she was heading somewhere and she replied that she’s going out with Ji Woon.  
Just when Hye Ji entered his car, Ji Woon realized he left his wallet so he went back inside to retrieve it.  Ha Won saw him running and headed to his room to ask where she  stands once and for all.  But then she saw him holding the chocolate box and wallet and jumped into the conclusion that those were meant for Hye Ji.  He asked about what she wanted to say and with the inner rage she was feeling she can’t seem to put it on words.  
Ha Won:   I’ve heard everything from Hye Ji.  So please don’t do things that will make me misunderstand.
She hurriedly left not giving time for Ji Woon to clear what she implied.
To make Ha Won’s day even more worse.  The opportunist ajussi moved to his evil plans in making money by presenting himself at Sky House and claiming he was Ha Won’s real father.
Worried about Ha Won’s words earlier, Ji Woon pulled over and asked Hye Ji if she said something to Ha Won.  
HYE JI:  I told her that I want to go out with you and that you probably want to do it also.  Is that not true?  You rushed to help me when I was in need, if you don’t feel the same way, then what am I to you?
Ji Woon answered her by saying sorry and telling her to go on her own with her plans today.  serves you right!  finally this drama is making sense!  hallelujah!  
Ajussi rushed to Ha Won when she let go of the tea cup after his revelation.  He coaxed her to live with him, but not buying the news she suddenly got, Ha Won left when he refused to leave as she requested.  
Ha Won wandered in the streets while Ji Woon learned what happened when he was away.  Ha Won tried calling her father pushing her phone battery to its limit.  Ji Woon searched for Ha Won while driving on the road.  Ha Won called Ji Woon and when he picked it up, she cryingly called his name before her phone died and Ji Woon failed to get her location.  Ha Won sat helplessly on the road crying hard as that day worn out her usually strong heart.
Cinderella and Four Knights Ep 10
Cinderella and Four Knights Ep 09
Cinderella and Four Knights Ep 08
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Cinderella and Four Knights Ep 06
Cinderella and Four Knights Ep 05
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Cinderella and Four Knights Ep 01
This is finally moving to a direction where fan service will be showcased soon and I look forward to the you-and-me-against-my-rich-grandpa plot trajectory in our last four episodes.
At least we got a clear frame now on Ji Woon’s heart and Hyun Min is showing some sense to finally win Hye Ji back.  That girl badly needed it.  I am blaming Hyun Min for making her feel that everyone should shield her.
I was happy that the story did not linger to the confusing what-am-I-really-to-you plot as Ji Woon shut Hye Ji’s delusions right away once he figured Ha Won’s implied how-could-you message.
Can’t wait to jump to the next episode and see if finally we will be getting a clearer picture of the love story.

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