Sometimes close can be too close.  Ji Woon who got used to playing superhero cared so much about Ha won that he overstep on the battles she has to face on her own.  Hyun Min mustered his will and pulled Hye Ji back from the rebellion she was starting.  We get to see the main couples inside a car this episode, I guess we are finally reaching home.
Burdened with the recent revelation she got of her supposed real father, Ha Won found herself talking to her mother to deny it as it did not make any sense to her.  Ji Woon trusted his hunch on where Ha Won can probably be and found her sadly sitting at the columbarium.  She stood up to meet his eyes as he wondered how he found her there.  
JI WON:  I was worried about you.  I thought that you might be crying alone or you may be in pain.
Ha Won remembered how she called him earlier and explained that there’s nothing to worry about her and that she just missed her mom but Ji Woon stopped her pretending-i’m-okay face and took her body in his embrace.  He whispered for her not to say anything and that she can cry as much as she wants because he will be by her side.  Ha Won cried her heart out as Ji Woon gently tapped her back.
Ha Won poured her sentiments on how she can’t accept the news brought by the ajussi claiming to be her father.  She spoke about how she still hoped that what her known father told her about her birth secret was just spilled out of anger.  Though she did want to meet her biological father if it was indeed true, she was not prepared when he appeared suddenly in front of her.  Ji Woon advised her how he was on the same situation a year ago learning from Yoon Sung about who his father was.  He added that what she felt was normal and she should not force herself to believe it right away until she is mentally prepared to process everything.  Ha Won voiced out how she felt scared and wanted to be with someone to share her burden and so she was happy when he was there at that moment.  Ji Woon asked if she was happy to see him and Ha Won finally smiled saying how Ji Woon has some purpose in her life at least.
Ajumma told the other young masters on how Ha Won ran away after the visit of her supposed real father.  Ha Won received a phone call from the columbarium about an advance payment made by ajussi making her feel uneasy on why he had to do it.  Seo Woo who wanted to cheer Ha Won up dragged her to the dining hall and prepared some pasta which she happily munched.  Ha Won told him to stop staring at her with that concerned look, but he replied how she has always been fixing their family problems and that he has not done anything for her.  She assured him that she’s feeling better and mentioned how Ji Woon came to comfort her when she was having a hard time yesterday. ouch
Seo Woo was surprised that Ji Woon did it and felt a little bit jealous of him while Ha Won blabbered on how they were being nice to her making her living to Sky House a happy experience.  She praised his cooking as Seo Woo urged her to eat some more.  Is he really not going to have a love line here?  Poor Seo Woo. 😦
Ha Won saw Hyun Min peeking at her room and made him jump in surprise with her sudden hello.  He asked if she already ate and she confirmed it while drumming on her full tummy.  Hyun Min murmured how it’s impossible for her to lose appetite anyway and told her how Seo Woo has been worried about her but he assured him how he knows her strong convictions won’t likely make her feel down.  Ha Won agreed and went inside as he sneaked a chance to check if Hye Ji was inside, instead he saw the workout clothes and memories of their awkward orange moment came rushing to his mind.  To protect that sweet memory, he told Ha Won not to wear her Sky House uniform anymore which confused her as she regularly wears it in the house.
Yoon Sung’s mom went to see Chairman in the office and whined on why he had to leave early when she prepared a surprise breakfast.  He told her that he had a meeting but when they sat down he revealed that he did not want to lie to her so he will be admitting that he really went to the bath house with a friend.  He asked his wife if there’s something she might not be telling her about, but she evaded his question making Chairman sad that she still chose to lie and suspected her even more.
After comtemplating on Hye Ji’s actions, Ji Woon approached Hye Ji who was working on her clothing design in the living room.  He apologized for dropping her out yesterday and she replied how it was okay about it knowing it is his nature to help out people when they don’t feel better.
JI WOON:  I did not go to Ha Won because I felt that way.
HYE JI:  Then what?
JI WOON:  I have special feelings for Ha Won.
Pain and confusion ran on Hye Ji’s face as she argued why he went to help her then last time when he had feelings for Ha Won.  She asked if he pitied her and got upset on all those times he was there to shield her, but Ji Woon clarified that since he was the first person who opened her heart to him when he first came there, he wanted to be nice to her.  He said sorry but Hye Ji stopped him from saying it since she does not know how to proceed anymore when she was really intending to rely on him.  Ji Woon told her how she was just used to having him by her side, but it does not mean that he can fill the void Hyun Min left in her heart.  
Ji Woon walked away unaware that Hyun Min was there witnessing that scene all along, and he was reminded on how he pushed Hye Ji away when he got back to Korea.  Yes Hyun Min!  It was your fault!  You turned her to a ball of non-comprehending girl who can’t fend herself and just want to be shielded by others
Ji Woon stepped out and saw an unfamiliar man ogling at the house.  He recognized it as Ha Won’s long lost biological father and invited him out to a nearby coffee shop.  He introduced himself as Ha Won’s friend, and he pryed on what kind of friendship they shared. He replied that Ha Won is like a family to him and he knew about their situation.  Ajussi narrated his sob story of not being able to take care of Ha Won for the past 10 years since he suffered financial constraints that would hinder him to properly clothing and feeding Ha Won.  Ji Woon took some money from his wallet and gave it to ajussi and told him to buy some clothes and food for Ha Won.  Ajussi gladly agreed and thanked him for his good deed.  I hope this ajussi’s screen time will end this episode. just please.
Trailing his mother, Yoon Sung discovered her secretly meeting the Chairman’s lawyer.  The lawyer gave her the copy of Chairman’s will and when they parted ways, she placed a phone call to set her evil plans to motion.  Yoon Sung confronted his mother of what she was planning to do when he read the document she secured from the lawyer.  He warned her that he will be reporting everything to the chairman, but she coldly responded for him to shut his mouth.  He asked how much more gold-digging she will be doing but she responded how everything she was doing was for his own sake since he has devoted his life to the company and he won’t be getting anything once any of Chairman’s grandsons will take over.  When she told him that she will go to the end of her plans, Yoon Sung icily replied how she should have not come back after a long while but looking so pathetic like that.
Ha Won received a text from ajussi about what happened yesterday.  She asked him to meet her and when she confirmed their relationship, ajussi responded how he was friends with her mother since college.  They opened the taekwondo school together and realized they have feelings for each other at a time they were not supposed to.  She asked him why it took him a long time to present himself and he replied how he was drowning in debt in the past years.  He tried holding her hand and reminisced about how Ha Won loved nestling on his neck playing a robot transformation.  Ha Won excused herself to go somewhere near to get something and to escape the situation as well.
Ha Won went to a nearby store to buy a clothing for ajussi but when she got back she found him sneaking on her things.  She pretended she did not see it and aked him if he was still struggling with moneys.  He confirmed how nothing has changed since then and showed his bad color by urging Ha Won to give him some money so he can find a place where they can stay.  Ha Won responded how she does not have any money either, but ajussi suggested if maybe Kang Ji Woon can help them.  She was surprised how he knew Ji Woon so he told her how he ran into him and sat for a quick chat about her. She got upset when he blurted the money he accepted from him and hurriedly left the eating place.  At the Sky House, Ji Woon was having a hard time trying to text Ha Won to go out with him.
Hyun Min was alerted  by his friend that Hye Ji and their common friend known to be a player is hitting nicely in the bar.  Ji Woon received a phone call from ajussi about his meeting with Ha Won. Worried about Hye Ji, Hyun Min called Ji Woon’s attention who was about to leave to ask if he will pick up Hye Ji, but he was clueless where she was.  Ji Woon threw the storage key at him and told him to take care of Hye Ji if he was that concerned about her.  
Ha Won arrived at Sky House looking gloomy  just as Ji Woon stepped out to meet her.  She griped at how he might be pitying her to have met ajussi and gave some money to him.  She told him how when he shared his story of him learning he was from a rich household, she thought they have at least something in common, but she was wrong about it since she did not wake up rich like he did and it pained her so much how she would look forward to her life if that kind of person was really her father.  Ji Woon tried to clarify the concern he was giving her, but she does not want to hear it and was firm of him not to mind her business anymore.
Ji Woon froze not knowing how to appease Ha Won and we flashed back to his conversation with ajussi where he opened about getting an apartment and needing money for it.  Ji Woon asked him if Ha Won knew about what he was asking and he replied that it was her idea for him to ask his help.  Ji Woon agreed and told him that he will pay him a visit at his workplace tomorrow.  Meanwhile Ha Won held on her mother’s necklace crying on what she has to do in her situation as she questioned how her mother fell in love with that kind of man.
Ajussi splurged on some money treating his fellow workers with some drinks.  He boasted how he got a sponsor when he was asked how he has been buying them food these days.  When they were asked to resume to work, Ji Woon who was there all along, took the cup where he drank and went to submit it for a DNA test.  
Seo Woo went to a radio interview for his album promotion and was asked about his first love.  He described how she is boyish and uses cosmetic samples.  He added how she wears exercise clothing most of the time, but when she appeared on a dress she was so beautiful.  Seo Woo ended his heartfelt my-first-love confession by telling how he has shown her his feelings in so many ways, but she goes to where her heart belongs unaware that he likes her.  awwww Seo Woo I’m here for you.
Yoo Na and Ja Young met outside the radio station where Seo Woo’s fans were already camping.  Ja Young called Seo Woo to inform him that evil Yoo Na unni graced his presence.  He walked towards them to get her notebook as Yoo Na prettily smiled with the attention given to her, but when she saw what was written, she got mad when it was a note for her to be nice to Ha Won.
Hyun Min  contemplated on the challenge Ji Woon thrown at him and we finally got a glimpse of why he acted  indifferent towards Hye Ji.  He remembered  the day when he was playing with Hye Ji’s brother with a water gun.  He went ahead of him and just as Hye Ji’s brother was crossing the road, a car ran at full speed and bumped at him in front of Hyun Min’s eyes.  
Ha Won met with ajussi and gave him some money.  He thought it was for their apartment, but she corrected him that it was for the columbarium payment he made.  She told him that she will not acknowledge him as her father, but he argued how they are related by blood.  Just then Ji Woon slumped the DNA result and challenged ajussi to reveal his real identity.  When he ignored the envelope, Ha Won took it and tore it in front of him.  She stood up as Ji Woon complained on why she did that.  She smiled at him and muttered how she trusts her mom would never loved a man like him.  She faced ajussi and lectured him on how he approached the wrong person as she is not rich and only works part-time at Sky House.  
She motioned to leave but ajussi mumbled how he was left no choice and blamed the apartment fire that ruined his life.  Ha Won turned her back and in the brink of tears she told him how she lost her mother in that fire as well, but never did she give up on her life and it was his fault how his life did not get any better.  Ha Won walked out of the cafe as Ji Woon grabbed her hand and declared they will finish their interrupted joyride last time.
Hyun Min saw Hye Ji heading out and learned through her phone call that she was meeting his friend.  Hye Ji responded how Hyun Min does not care about her when her date asked if it was really over between her and Hyun Min.  She mumbled how they never dated in the first place and he was just a friend.  Hyun Min came out of the blue grabbing her out of the place and warning his friend to stop his playing around and just worry about his girlfriend whom he just ended his relationship yesterday.
Hye Ji spat her anger at Hyun Min on the show he just pulled with her date and how he does not need to care about her life.  He replied how he does not want to do that either but he can’t bear to see her dating worthless guys after being dumped by Ji Woon.  He hit her nerve and demanded to let her out.  He pulled over in front of a convenience store and bought some beer to drink to stop her tantrums.  He told her how he can’t drive since he consumed alcohol so she was left with no choice but to crawl-drive following his direction.  Hyun Min boringly answered Hye Ji’s inquiries while she drives at a snail pace.  When they missed the chance to switch lane again, Hyun Min teased her on how they can just go on their straight path since the world is round and they will surely reach their destination.  lol
Seo Woo’s manager received a phone call from a reporter snooping if the singer has been dating.  He denied it strongly but asked Seo Woo just in case the reporters will delve in his dating life.  Seo Woo assured him how he does not have time to date anyone.
Ji Woon stared at Ha Won’s cheerful face while she enjoyed the view from their ride.  He apologized for stepping in and not trusting that she can battle her own problems.  She revealed how she put up a strong face to reject ajussi and even earlier was still crossed whether accepting him or not, but when he showed up with the envelope, she gained more confidence to trust her instinct.  She beamed at him and told him how she trusted her mom.  He smiled back and patted her hair and the butterflies in her tummy started to move again.  lol  She teased him of how boring his driving was so he stepped on the gas and surged fast on the road.
They went to a ranch farm where Ha Won can’t help but praise the amazing scenery and told him how it was the first time for her to be brought to such a beautiful place.  They went for a walk and he confided how it was also the first time for him to meet someone who was quite similar to him.  She agreed when he said that they were alike, but she pointed how he was a bit peculiar closing his heart and telling her to get lost a lot of times before.  She asked why he was like that before and murmured how he was like an iron-clad wall.  He finally handed her the chocolate box and told her that it was a gift from an iron-clad wall.
She opened the box and found it empty.  She asked him what kind of gift was that and he replied that it represents his feelings.  errrr wrong answer Ji Woon  Ha Won moved forward away from him after misunderstanding his gift but halted when he called her.  He told her how he bought that chocolate for her on White Day.  She showed the empty box, and he responded that the chocolate melted that’s why.  *chuckles
JI WOON:  It’s not Hye Ji.  It’s you.  My heart belongs to you.  Thank you for getting close to me.  Just stay there.  From now on, i will be the one who will get closer to you.
Ji Woon walked to where she was standing and gently held her face in place for a heart-stopping kiss that sent her to oblivion.  Ha Won closed her eyes, wrapped her arms around him and savored Ji Woon’s sweet kiss teasing her lips in that beautiful green field.  
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Aigoo… I swear I closed my eyes with that kiss too.  Did they kiss for 20 seconds?  It’s just pure bliss whenever Jung Il Woo does a kiss scene.
Finally we won’t be having any love confusion anymore and will hurdle a possibility that grandpa might not like the idea of his grandsons dating.
Considering the drama is pre-produced, I hope I can still bask in Ha Won-Ji Woon romantic scenes in the closing episodes.  
As I melted from that closing scene kiss, I’ve ran out of thoughts to discuss.  At least this episode compensated to the recent Hye-Ji induced annoyance that made me almost give up in finishing this series recap.  *lol  Episode 13, please hurry up!  ^_^

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