It’s  now you-and-me-against-my-rich-grandfather when their romance barely set forth to a beginning.  Will Ji Woon have the same fate his father and mother had?  As Seo Woo’s one-sided love hits a validation point, Hyun Min admitted to his sincere, but hindered love towards Hye Ji.
Episode 13
After sharing the greenfield and windmills kiss, Ji Woon and Ha Won  drove back home holding hands and savoring the sweet pure bliss of their young romance.   Just then Ja Young called Ha Won blabbering an implied  relationship she had with her oppa crush Seo Woo.  Baffled at what her bestfriend meant, they pulled over and did some online digging and a news scoop of her affectionate picture with Seo Woo in their recent vacation, headlined the celebrity gossip page.  Ji Woon heaved a sigh as Ha Won denied the showbiz exclusive.  
Ha Won quickly chased Ji Woon when they arrived at Sky House.  He whined about the lovebirds picture she shared with his cousin as Ha Won requested for him not to reveal they were dating.  It made him even more annoyed arguing how  it was one thing that she got entangled with that showbiz scoop, but their recently sealed by a kiss relationship was another thing.
They found Chairman Kang seated on the living room and was already on a serious face upon learning the rumor on his grandson and Ha Won.  Seo Woo denied it strongly as Ha Won supported his claim.  Yoon Sung also assured the Chairman that there has not been anything strange happening at Sky House.  Chairman Kang rested his worries and spoke about how Ha Won will leave Sky House if that rumor was indeed true because it was part of the deal she signed when she concurred to work at Sky House.  
Ji Woon and Seo Woo expressed disagreement at the contract Ha Won signed when they saw it on paper,  but the Chairman was firm in saying that he took Ha Won not for them to date and even mentioned that she has still different status than them.  Seo Woo stopped his grandfather’s rude comment as Ji Woon stood up and uttered how the Chairman does as he pleases in buying anything with money, and that his family members are just used for his business goals as usual so he of course would not let them date someone not useful for his company.  He walked out as Seo Woo glanced worriedly at Ha Won.
Seo Woo called Ja Young who was waiting intently for him to arrive.  She carefully muttered about how his fans might be dying in frustration about his dating news, but it was not the case of her.  She sincerely voiced out her concern about Ha Won and him dating.  She gave him advices on how to date her free spirited friend who loves promos and sales and pointed out how she acts first before thinking so he better give way to her and accept her beatings.  Seo Woo smiled at her intention and cleared with her that they were not dating and that an article to refute that gossip will be published soon.  
Ha Won sought Ji Woon to his hide-out and was careful on not worsening his already bad mood.  Ji Woon scolded her on signing contracts without thinking it over, but she argued how she did not know that she will end up liking him.  He blabbed about how he wanted to focus on their relationship but her mindless action is making it harder now.  He ordered her to annul the contract and muttered how she really never wanted to date him.  She responded how she was so mean to her when she first came at Sky House so who would have thought that they will end up being together.  He replied how that’s why maybe she was leaning sweetly at Seo Woo in the picture to which she agreed and boasted how Seo Woo was the only guy nice to her when she first came at Sky House.  Their bickering escalated as their jealous hearts cited Ji Woon’s supposed date with Hye Ji to which the former denied as Ha Won challenged him on how he was worried about her scandal with a top star.  Ha Won left after making both of them feel infuriated.
Chairman’s wife went to shop some children’s clothing and set forth to visit an orphanage she sponsored as Yoon Sung trailed her.  He observed silently his estranged mother’s happy face as the orphans called her “mother”.  He later on spoke with the woman in charge of the orphanage for his donation plans and asked about some quick details about his mother.  He was told how his mother was a regular sponsor and how she was loved by the children there.  She added how his mother lost her son long ago, and that’s why she’s giving the love she was not able to give to her son to the children there.
Ji Woon found Hye Ji at the storage room and learned from her that she wanted to tidy her things up since she does not want to receive help from him anymore.  She asked if he met Ha Won and he replied he did and told her also that they were in a relationship.  He revealed to her that her things were really brought back by Hyun Min and he was just asked to assist her in getting her things.  He told her how Hyun Min worries about her a lot, but of course bird brain Hye Ji was still on a limbo on what she’s going to do with her sporadic emotions.
Ha Woon sulked at Ji Woon’s kindness towards Hye Ji as she saw them emerging together from the storage room.  She worried about their compatibility and since technology has answer to almost anything, she used a compatibility app to check on it.  aigoo these kids!  on a side note I remembered how we did it old school back then.  We use FLAMES compatibility paper test
Ha Won felt giddy on the 90% result she got from the app, but her euphoria was interrupted as Ji Woon approached her to ask what she was doing.  She remembered their recent spat and was silent in his presence.  He sat beside her and spoke about how he had some serious contemplation earlier and wanted to say something to her.  He apologized about his treatment of her before at Sky House which made her cheery and teased him on repeating what he just said.  He submitted to her request and clarified how his relationship with Hye Ji is different with her to which Ha Won also responded how Seo Woo was just a friend to her.  Ji Woon admitted that he overreacted and smiled when he heard Ha Won’s tummy grumbled.
Ji Woon donned an apron and sliced through some veggies as he played Chef to his girlfriend who does not want to trust his cooking ability.  Chef Ji Woon promised to enjoy cooking as he needs to feed his girlfriend’s strong appetite.  Ha Won moved to replace him from cutting the ingredients telling him how she’s not just good in eating.  He obliged, stared at her lovingly and encircled his arms around her in a fleeting back hug.  After 5 seconds of heaven, Ha Won remembered they were in the house and warned him about them getting caught, but he insisted that no one could be watching at that late hour, so she resorted to using the knife she was holding to threaten him, he surrendered to her warning, but planted a quick kiss on her cheek before walking out.  I bet 500 bucks So Dam enjoyed those kisses with my Jung Il Woo. *envious
Ha Won’s eyes sparkled at the food in front of her and munched happily as Ji Woon tore a leg on the crispy fried chicken and gave it to her.  She mumbled how the chicken would go well with some beer, but remembering their drunk kiss he told her that she should avoid drinking.  She teased him how cute he was when he was drunk and wondered when she will see that funny side of him again.  He denied getting drunk that time so Ha Won urged him to spill everything he remembered so he coolly said how they kissed that day.  Ha Won complained on how he made her believe that he did not remember it, but he responded that he just does not want her to feel awkward about it. 
Just then Seo Woo entered the house so she hid Ji Woon under the table.  Seo Woo was surprised at Ha Won’s food feast and invited himself to eat with her while Ji Woon shrunk himself underneath.  Ha Won offered a chicken leg to Seo Woo in honor of their 1 day old on paper relationship but Seo Woo preferred to have the wings instead.  She gave him the two chicken wings gladly as he replied how he promised himself he would marry the girl who will allow him to eat the chicken wings.  Ha Won tried to appease the already angry hidden eavesdropper by mentioning she will only marry the guy who will give her the fried chicken legs.
Ha Won’s father received a call from the man who knew where ajussi can be located and learned how his second wife knew about his location and hid it from him.  He paid him a visit and finally learned the truth that his dead wife was never unfaithful to him.  He also learned that the ring his wife held onto was owned by the neighbor she saved and not a symbol of her infidelity.  He met with Ha Won and apologized for thriving in doubts and hurting her in the process.  He promised he will also resolve things in the house and said sorry on the treatment she got from her step family, but until everything is settled by him, he told her to stay at Sky House a little bit longer for him to fix the issues in their house. 
Ha Won aboji went home and confronted his wife about meeting ajussi.  She admitted to it saying she was hoping they could get compensation on the money they used to raise Ha Won.  It sent aboji to a rage and slammed the truth to their faces that he is Ha Won’s real father.  He asked his second family how they have been treating Ha Won, and scared of her husband’s furious face, she bowed down to him urging her daughter to do the same to beg for his forgiveness.  Later on they were reflecting on the possibility of them being thrown out while battling the coldness of the balcony where they let Ha Won stayed when her father was away.  
While Hyun Min stared at his calendar reflecting Hye Ji’s birthday, she was also reminded of her dead brother’s birthday.  Hyun Min reminisced on the first time he met Hye Ji through her brother.  He gave him a gift and Hye Ji cried asking why she did not have one.  Her brother introduced her to him and told him they were fraternal twins hence they share the same birthday.  Hyun Min calmed Hye Ji by promising her he will give her a gift on her birthdays in the future. 
Yoon Sung drove his mother to her destination while she expressed on how the Chairman has been acting up weird lately like he was suspecting her of having an affair.  She asked if that’s what he thought of her too but he replied that he does not know.  She invited him for a meal, but he refused.  She then handed him a gift and told him how she knows she does not deserve a meal on his first paycheck, but she wanted to give a necktie for him to use at work even if it was too late.
Hye Ji passed by Hyun Min who asked where she was heading and she responded how she had a lot of plans that day.  He trailed her to the supposed plans and waited outside a building where she inquired on a place where she can stay without a deposit.  The man frankly told her that it would be hard to look for a nice place and offered her options on student hostels.  She went out with a heavy heart and received a call from Hyun Min who was stalking her from afar.  He asked where he was and reminded her that it was her birthday.  She replied that she will be meeting her friends so they should hang up already.  I already gave up on Hye Ji’s character.  I mean I’m totally okay if she just vanished on the last episodes without any explanation lol
Chairman giggled  and murmured how it was a nice age to be in love when he noticed a young couple hugging outside.  But when the young man stole a kiss from her and walked fast to tease her, he was surprised to see that the young woman was Ha Won.  He moved his eyes to the young man who welcomed Ha Won in his arms and went on a serious face when he saw that it was Ji Woon.  Unaware of their looming love problem, Ha Won and Ji Won walked on flower petals on their blossoming romance.
 They went on their strategy on who will go first and decided that she will do it.  She walked ahead of him, but she faced him again, beamed and created a small heart through her hands for him.   Ji Woon giggled like a school-boy and moved quick to embrace her while whispering how it felt so nice to have her in his arms.  
Unbeknownst to them Seo Woo witnessed their embrace and when he saw Yoon Sung approaching he tried to deviate his attention for him not to discover Ha Won and Ji Woon’s secret relationship.  
Seo Woo grieved silently on his recent discovery while contemplating on what will happen to Ha Won if his grandfather will learn she breached the contract.  He went to the kitchen to make some coffee and Ha Won found him and drank coffee with him too.  He asked her if something good happened to her recently because she seemed a bit happier, but she denied that nothing significant happened to her.  Ha Won asked him an advice since he gets a lot of presents from his girl fans on what gift to buy a friend of her friend who just recently started dating her boyfriend.  Knowing the question was really Ha Won’s situation, Seo Woo told her how guys are not particular about gifts and that they just want their girl to stay with them smiling and happy like what she was doing at that moment.  She thought she was spilling another line from a love song he is currently writing not realizing that painful i-like-you-but-you-like-my-cousin gaze.  awww hugs for you Seo Woo
Chairman Kang summoned Ha Won to his office and went straight to the point on how she lied that she was not dating his grandson.  He offered her the complete compensation promised to her when she took the job, but she has to leave Ji Woon and Sky House for good.  Ha Won leaned on a post, crying silently and trying to get some strength from the shock from Chairman’s threat.  
The Chairman was reminded of when he ordered Ji Woon’s mother to leave the Sky House because she discreetly dated his son.  Ji Woon’s mother reasoned how they did not deserve that treatment when her father served him all his life and how falling in love was not a sin as well, but the Chairman was firm with his decision that she was not good for his son.  His son went furious upon learning he sent his lover’s family away and argued how he loved her dearly, but his father just replied that since his woman accepted his money, she did not feel the same way at all.  Chairman Kang opened a box where his dead son’s ring rested and remembered how he scolded him of his fixation of money and how years after his son said the same thing to him.
Hyun Min saw Hye Ji’s thank-you-note to Ha Won and went to search for her.   He found her on the playground they frequently went to when they were young and pushed him away telling her friends will arrive soon.  He stopped her from the nonsense she was spouting.  Hye Ji uttered how the place is perfect for them to finally get both their closure.  We delved back to memory lane when young Hyun Min gave her a ring on her birthday and asked her to marry him.  Young Hye Ji responded that she will give him an answer in 10 years.  Back to present time, Hye Ji told him that she will give the answer from 10 years ago.  She said no from his proposal citing they were not meant to work out.  Hyun Min agreed but asked her to go back at Sky House and to stop doing stupid things.  She declined his offer and motioned to leave reasoning out how she does not have the right to stay at their house and that she will just live with her uncle.  He repelled her words dropping how he knew she was looking for cheap places to stay as she does not have money to pay for a decent place.  Hye Ji took it like he was pitying her for providing her living options and taking care of her studio things as he silently refuted her thoughts.  aigoo Hyun Min just give up on that girl puhlease
HYE JI:  You disappeared like you would never see me again.  I missed you so much that I almost went crazy.  When you came back, you looked at me with the coldest expression.  When I tried to approach you and you looked at me with that coldness, my heart felt like it was ripping apart.  Is that fun for you to play with someone’s feelings?
HYUN MIN:  Was it fun for me?  When you missed me, I missed you a hundred times more.  I wanted to touch you when you looked at me.  I wanted to hold you tight whenever you approached me.  I wanted to do all of it a hundred times!  No!  Even a thousand times more than you did.  I treasured you and loved you more.  But the two of us can never be together.
Tears welled on Hye Ji’s eyes with Hyun Min’s love declaration as she asked her why they can’t be together.  He divulged the truth about the guilt he has been carrying all these years for leaving her brother when he was hit by a car 10 years ago.  He added how he was a coward back then who ran when he did not know what to do and that’s why they cannot be together.  It dawned on Hye Ji how he has been pushing her away because of that reason which did not make sense to her as everything does not make sense to her strange mind anyway.  She told him not to seek her anymore im the future and for them not to share the same space and time as well and walked away from him.
Ji Woon frantically tried to reach Ha Won and his phone slipped from his hand and went to a locked portion of the storage room.  He picked up the phone and noticed an old photo album.  He opened it and realized that her mother used to live at Sky House. 
Meanwhile Chairman Kang asked Yoon Sung about any development, but the latter reported nothing of great importance for his task.  Chairman faced him and got startled when he saw the neck tie his wife picked worn by his secretary.  Yoon Sung went to a dinner with Chairman’s wife and were surprised when the Chairman came unannounced staring at his wife holding Yoon Sung’s hand.  The Chairman fainted with the shock thinking his wife was having an affair with his secretary.  
As Hyun Min and Ji Woon prepared on the effects of new revelations they just made and received, Hye Ji and Ha Won contemplated on where they will be heading.
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Our Cinderella story is now in full swing with a clear possibility of having Ji Woon’s parents’ love story the same as what Ji Woon currently have.  
I was thinking why Hyun Min blamed him for his friend’s death so I resorted to the thought that maybe if he could have been braver and scare didn’t attack him that time, he could have cried for help and it would have saved Hye Ji’s brother.
My heart was with Seo Woo in this episode as he finally hit that realization that his first love is indeed one-sided.  While I think they created a faint connection with Ja Young and I don’t know if it will progress in the future eps, I think I will make a pass on it and just have him stay as the cool second lead.
I did not see it coming that Yoon Sung will be swayed with his mother’s evil intentions meant to make his life well.  I hope he snapped back to reality very soon.
As this drama is predictable, we can pretty much say what will happen in the succeeding chapters.  I just hope that the closing frames will be neatly tied and that grandpa will just acquiesce that true love really exists.

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