Ji Woon stumbled on his parents sad love story in the past and took an agonizing confusion that it was also happening to him at the present time.  While time was running out to save their grandfather’s life, Hyun Min is in the brink of finding out the truth about the discreet villains.  
Episode 14 Recap
Ha Won closes her luggage with a heavy heart and silently weeps on the path she is about to take while Seo Woo nurses his broken heart through writing encouraging words on his CD’s.  Yoon Sung notifies the Kang cousins that their grandfather collapsed, and they all rush to the hospital to check his condition.
Ha Won arrives earlier than the boys worried that she could be the cause of the Chairman’s fainting.  Madam Ji approaches and asks the nurse about the doctor.  She acknowledges Ha Won’s presence and halts her steps when she heard Ha Won mumbling how it was her fault that the Chairman fainted.  Ha won reveals her conversation with Chairman about his recent discovery of her relationship with Ji Woon and Madam Ji takes the opportunity to cast her away.  She tells her about how her husband is fighting to survive his liver cancer by waiting for a rightful donor that could save his life, but her love ambition steals the little time he could use to try to live.  Upon learning the options provided by the Chairman to her, Ha Won was ordered to leave the Sky House immediately and not inform the young masters of what conspired with her and the Chairman.  Madam Ji tells her not to disclose the conversation they had to anyone and in return she will keep the secret that it was her fault that the Chairman is in the hospital.
Ji Woon meets Yoon Sung and the evil witch in the hospital and learns that his cousins are on the way.  Yoon Sung is left no choice but to divulge the Chairman’s sickness.  Ji Woon asks for Ha Won and Yoon Sung replies that she has not arrived yet.  Madam Ji follows Ji Woon in the sitting room to secure the wicked plot she has been weaving.  She speaks about how his grandfather already knew their relationship and hints that Ha Won is not answering his phonecalls because she is off to leave him.  She adds how Ha Won disguises in her pure spirit when like anyone else she also likes money.  She tells him that Ha Won was asked to choose love over money and basing on how she ignores his calls, he should know what she picked.
Hyun Min and Seo Woo talks about Chairman’s illness and were mad that they were not told of his dying state, but Yoon Sung reasons how the Chairman did not want to pressure them when their relationship is not really close.  Hyun Min inquires why the Chairman passed out and Yoon Sung looks away pretending that he was not involved.  omg Yoon Sung don’t go to the dark side!  The doctor advises the Kang cousins on the options for the Chairman’s surgery and prepares to be tested if anyone from them will be a suitable donor.  Hyun Min mumbles how he left his car somewhere because he was scared for his grandfather’s life.  Seo Woo is surprised to see that side of him and he replies how when his father died, their grandfather was the only family he had.
Ji Woon steps inside the Skyhouse just in time for the leaving Ha Won.  He asks her where she is heading and she responds how she does not belong there as her part-time job already ended. He holds her hand and urges her to say what’s wrong.  Unable to meet his eyes, Ha Won mutters how she must have just been overwhelmed to the whole Cinderella thing that happened to her and probably misunderstood him when he said he liked her.  He stops her from her nonsense blabbing and tells her that it pains him to hear the things she is trying to say.  Ha Won removes his hand and painfully tells him to let her go.   He pleads her to not add burden on his already scattered emotions.  He gazes at her and tells her not to show that cold front as he knows what she really feels.  Left with no option, Ha Won did not give in and walks away.  Ji Woon calls her name and warns her that he will never see him again if she leaves like that, but Ha Won proceeds and walks away.  She weeps her heart out while remembering those moments she spent with him as she wanders in the street as Ji Woon wallows on the pain of Ha Won’s leaving.
Hyun Min takes Hye Ji’s things when ajumma asks him what to do with it and goes on another reverie of all the bad things he did on Hye Ji.  On that same moment Hye Ji stares at their childhood picture and contemplates on Hyun Min’s recent outburst on why he had to treat her badly.  aigoo you two!  I just don’t know what to do with your love understanding anymore!  Two episodes left and you are still reminiscing the encounters without doing anything about it.
Evil witch secretly converses with Yoon Sung to confirm that they will not be dragged to be in the scene where Chairman fainted.  He replies it was taken care of and asks if that’s the only thing she is worried about.  She schemes on their plan to take over the company as the doctor cannot tell when and if the Chairman will regain his consciousness.  Yoon Sung protests on how that is not important at the moment but she firmly speaks about how she will make him lead the company as her mother.
Ha Won finds refuge at the columbarium and spills her heartache to her mom.  She pours out her woes on how the Chairman fights for his life because of her.  She begs her mom to guide her on what she should do while tears fall hard on her face.  At the hospital, the doctor informs Yoon Sung how the two grandsons were not a match and asks if there are still distant relatives the Chairman might have as the probability of a match with strangers is really bleak.
With his recent uncovering of his parents’ past, Ji Woon skims his mother’s picture and notices the name of the coffee shop in the picture.  He finds the coffee shop and was greeted pleasantly by a cheerful ajussi.  His eyes roam around the place and observes the love notes pinned on the cork boards.  Ajussi sets Ji Woons coffee on the table and invades his thoughts to pry if he has recently broken up with someone as people sometimes go there to search the love notes they wrote before, but Ji Woon politely denies his assumption, and mutters that he was there for another person.  Ajussi spies on his mother’s picture and remark on the date when it was taken.  Ajussi presents him a box of all the notes written in 1995 and Ji Woon digs in to trace his parents’ romance and gets lucky with it as he discovers an exchange of their messages.  He also learns his mother’s intention to hide him as she did not want Ji Woon to suffer the same fate of being hindered to love someone because of social status.  Ji Woon reaches the conclusion on how his grandfather pushed his mother away because he was against his parents’ love affair.  He goes off the grid as the time is slowly running out for the surgery that will save his grandfather’s life.
Yoon Sung runs his hand on Chairman Kang’s desk name plate and recalls the hardships he shared with his mother when he was young and incompetent to stop his father from assaulting his mother.  When he was asked by his judo friend the secret on why he was so strong, he responds how he has to be that way so that he can protect someone.  Hyun Min meets with a designer friend to ask a favor on taking Hye Ji under his wings and sponsor her fashion designing studies.  
Hyun Min stares at his grandpa as his thoughts go back to his earlier conversation with the doctor that Ha Won came to be tested but she is also not a match.  He was surprised as Ha Won disappeared without saying anything.  The nurse cuts his thinking to tell him that they got a phone call from the restaurant about his grandpa’s cellphone.  
Hyun Min goes out to retrieve it and was perplexed when he learns that Yoon Sung and Madam Ji were there when the Chairman fainted.  Hyun Min begins to doubt Yoon Sung as he catches him lying upfront about his whereabouts.   At that same moment Yoon Sung meets with his mother and was told that her stocks were already transferred to him and it’s up to him if he will follow her lead to claim the company.
Ja Young glances at her phone and worries at Seo Woo who has to cancel his engagements to tend to his grandpa.  She reminds Ha Won on her time limit to stay in the coffee shop.  Their chat is interrupted when Ha Won’s father shows himself.  He speaks about the ring her mother left and reveals that he intends to give it back to the rightful owner.  He narrates how the ring landed to her mom’s hand as she was trying to save her neighbor, but that ring has to be given to her neighbor’s son.
Hye Ji meets with Hyun Min’s designer friend and was elated when he offers her his scholarship program for her to study in Paris.  Wait till next episode when she learns this is aided by Hyun Min and this crazy girl will spout about her usual don’t pity me nonsense again.  Hyun Min shows Seo Woo the Chairman’s cellphone but uttered how he can’t unlock it.  Seo Woo takes it and uses his pattern and they were both stunned at Seo Woo and grandpa’s same preference.  The blurred family picture displays on the screen.  Hyun Min speaks about how Ha Won went to the hospital to be screened but she was also not a match and the hope they can only have is with Ji Woon but his stubborn cousin is nowhere to be found.
Ja Young visits Seo Woo and brings a packed meal for him to cheer him up.  She narrates how she was also put in the same situation when her father was hospitalized.  She chats how Ha Won brought almost expiring food from the convenience store and she was so happy to munch it and that cemented her friendship with Ha Won.
Knowing Ha Won is the key to find his hibernating cousin, Seo Woo uses his charm and made Ja Young spills her location.  He pays her a visit and updates her on the Chairman’s progress.  He pleads her to find Ji Woon and show something from the phone.  He adds how she is the only one that can bring him back and that he knows that they are in a relationship.
Ha Won ponders on the favor asked by Seo Woo as tears welled in her eyes again when she remembers him.  She reads the text messages of Chairman written for his dead son about Ji Woon and made up her mind on what she ought to do.
 Ha Won hunts Ji Woon successfully thru the tip given to him by one of the car repair shop he worked with.  She politely asks an ajussi if she is at the right place as the ajussi affirms it by calling Ji Woons name.  Ha Won’s i-miss-you eyes meet Ji Woon’s cold gaze.  He brings a cup of water for her and she goes to her business on why she tracked him.  She gives the phone, but he motions to leave hearing that it was his grandfather’s.
 She bargains that it is related to his father so he reads through the text messages meant for his father that his grandfather saved everyday since he found Ji Woon.  She begs him to visit the Chairman as he is his last hope.  She lectures him to face his struggles and not be a coward, but he countered how she does not know anything on what he is going through.  She scolds him on how she wanted to be his donor but because she’s not a relative it won’t work.  He on the other hand can possibly help but he secludes himself and opts to be alone. Ji Woon rebuts that it was his grandfather who never considers him as his family so she corrects him on how his grandpa’s messages reveal what he truly feels.  
HA WON:  “Even if you want everything to be cast aside and go away, wait until you have saved your grandfather and he wakes up!  And then hear him out, get angry at him!  Yell at him!  Face this problem with your grandfather heads on!”
While Ha Won is trying to warm Ji Woon’s jaded heart, Madam Ji meets with the company directors to discuss the crisis that needs to be addressed as Chairman Kang’s condition is already known by the public. Madam Ji calls in the man who will lead their fresh start as the board directors anticipates who could it be.  Ji Woon is in deep thinking after the pep talk Ha Won gave to her.  He glances at her as she sits on the other side of the road with her please-come-back-to-us Ji Woon look.  
Later in the hospital, the doctor delivers a bad news to Hyun Min that Chairman’s liver failed already and that a transplant is needed as soon as possible.  The prodigal grand son appears with Ha Won to rescue the Chairman as Madam Ji presents Yoon Sung as the new Chairman of Haneul group. 
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Yoon Sung hyung why oh why?  This conflict circling episode filled me with plenty of silent torturous pain from the characters.
I know the Kang cousins will join forces to defeat the last minute conflict and I look forward to their genuine acceptance of each other as family when it closes this week.
I hope to see Ha Won’s feistiness when she shook some senses on Ji Woon’s jaded mind to her own love battle with Chairman because of Ji Woon.
Most of the time I wonder why I stayed afloat stalking this drama, but then again I survived some really insipid dramas this year, and at least I enjoyed the scattered sweets and cutesies of Ha Won and Ji Woon from Day 1.
p.s   I hope Hye Ji boarded the plane to Paris already.  It’s okay if you dont show her anymore this week.  *chuckles

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