Shopping King Louis Ep 2
Louis took the opportunity having given the freedom to drive his car on his own the moment he arrives in Korea.  Stepping on the gas he drifted fast as a truck bumped his car and shattered it to pieces.   He wakes up with no memory of who he is and to a world he is unfamiliar with.  When Bok Sil lunged to face him and found that he was not the brother she was hunting, she checks on the mark of the jacket and confirms that it was Bok Nam’s.  Unable to remember who he is, Louis tells her that he does not know how he got the jacket and that he does not remember anything about him at all.
Bok Sil brings Louis to the police station to check his identity, however his finger prints does not reflect anything.  Detective deduces how Louis probably met Bok Nam before he lost his memory.  He tells her how she cannot probably help him as she does not have a place to stay, but holding on to how he is the only clue to find her brother, she decides to take care of him until his memory comes back.  They pass on a car wreck from Louis’ accident while walking as Chairman Choi receives Louis’ watch that she gifted on his 20th birthday from the police proving her grandson died on the accident.  Louis whines for food but Bok Sil shuts him up to wait for dinner as she does not eat 3 meals a day.  He sees a kiosk selling toast and when offered by the selling lady, he takes it and munches on it.  She scolds him for taking the food without money and pays the sandwich against her will.
Bok Sil goes to her work and is warned not to come in late.  She learns from an ajumma that the company is in gloomy situation because the Chairwoman’s grandson died.  Louis waits obediently as Bok Sil does her job.  He mocks her cleaning job but she retaliates how it is better than a beggar.  Two office girls sit nearby Louis and talks about Chairwoman Choi’s famed curse putting her grandson to death the moment he arrives in Korean soil. The aroma of the coffee they were drinking puts him on a trance and he moves closer to them to smell it.  The woman gets petrified by Louis’ face and calls the security to cast him out.  Bok Sil borrows a fellow worker’s handphone to check with Joong Won on when he will pay the ginseng but he reasons not having time to go to the herb market to validate it.
Louis sees Director Baek with his entourage leaving the building and whispers how cool the scene was.  He stands up when Bok Sil finishes her work.  He tells her he was taken outside because they thought he was a beggar.  She chuckles how they got that conclusion spot on.  Louis asks her name and laughs when he heard his weird name, but she bickers how he should not laugh since he does  not remember his name.  Louis sheepishly asks Bok Sil if he can get a cup of coffee and at that same moment, Butler Kim offers his favorite coffee on their visit to his grave.  
The two went to a public bath house to clean up.  Louis stuns Bok Sil and my fickle heart when he emerges clean and handsome after washing up.  The new experience sends Louis to happy land as he tries on the bath house features with  Bok Sil.  Later on they lay down to rest and he was warned not to move so close to her as he is still a man, but he faces her and whispered he is scared she might leave him.  
She faces him and asks why he is timid and he replies that he does not like to be alone.  He adds how he is not used to the feeling of being hit or look down and cast off.  She mutters how he acts like a baby when he is old enough and complains how she spent a lot that day because of him.  He thanks her sincerely and asks her to promise she won’t leave him until his memory comes back.  She takes his pinky and vows to stay so she can also find his brother.  He keeps her pinky tied with his as both of them doze to sleep.
Baek Ma Ri sobs to the realization that her dream wedding to Louis/Ji Sung will not happen.  Her mom calms her that she will meet a better man, but she disagrees as she only wants to get married to the heir of Gold group.  She stops with her tantrums when it dawns on her that her father will be the successor of the company since Louis died therefore, she will soon inherit it.
Bok Sil leaves for work and gave $5 to Louis who pouts on where the money would go.  She walks away but stops and gave another $2 to the sulking man-child.  Off he goes to the bath house store and asks for the cheapest coffee.  Ajumma gives him a small cup of instant coffee and he fell in love the moment it slips thru his lips.  He drowns to a whole new world of coffee and spends all the $7 Bok Sil gave to him.   Louis bumps with a scary woman on his way to a sauna room and got a scary shout from  her.  He rests his coffee soaked body and a 50-dollar bill caught his attention.  He takes it and leaves the room immediately.
Weak from the recent breakdown die to the supposed death of her grandson, Chairwoman Choi speaks with Director Baek and tasked him to take care of the company as she will find reprieve in the house she used to stay with Louis.  In the car while heading somewhere, Director Baek gives an evil smile as one of the director speaks the unfortunate demise of Louis but Director Baek deserves the company as he strengthened it to what it is now.  
Joong Won meets his team and talks about utilizing social media commerce to the products they will be launching.  One of the team members complains about the need for additional employees, but he dismissed his suggestion blabbing how his only talent is to analyze the team workload.  The same team member pushes a cup of tea for Joong Won and ends up spilling it on his cellphone.  Bok Sil who can’t reach Joong Won because of his broken phone was told to give up as it is clear that she got scammed by the man who owes her money.
At the bath house, Louis is being bullied by the ajumma he bumped with earlier insisting he took her money.  She demands him to pay for it causing a commotion in the place.  Bok Sil rescues him and gives her the money she demanded which was twice as the amount Louis picked on the floor.  They leave the place when ajumma bully accuse them of being bath house scammers who take money from people staying in public bath house.  
Louis promises Bok Sil that he never stole her money.  She replies she knows that and advises him that if he finds money next time,  he should just keep it and not spend it.  She worries on where they will stay for the night and he mutters that they can just stay in her place.  She mumbles how she moved to Seoul and used to leave in Gangwon province so she does not have a place to stay.  They see students eating ramyun inside a convenience store and we see them next surprising the same students with how they slurp the noodles they bought.  Louis blabs how the food is so delicious but he does not remember the taste of it.  Pleased at how he enjoys it, Bok Sil buys him another cup and makes him even more happy.
Joong Won urges his father to be true to his wife about her bad cooking since he keeps complaining about.  He answers back that he can’t do it as a husband.  Joong Won tells him to stay loyal with her food then and leaves his father alone.  Joong Won aboji head to check his fridge murmuring how sons are useless and sees Bok Sil’s ginseng and wonders if it is true ginseng.
Bok Sil spots grandma thief from the convenience tour and they run to chase her.  Clumsy Louis got knocked down by grandma thief, but Bok Sil clings on the back of the moving bus as she kills grandma thief with her stare.  Grandma thief steps out from the bus and is surprised by Bok Sil’s sudden attack.  They engage on a playground battle as grandma challenges young Bok Sil with her not so halmon-ish athletic body.  Bok Sil eventually conquers her and they sit on a bench while she tends grandma’s knee wound.  The latter offers herself to be jailed, but she assures her that she only needs her dress that she wears.  Bok Sil goes to the wrong convenience store and finds Louis not there.
Louis pleads to the truck driver in front of the convenience store to not leave because Bok Sil might not locate him if his truck is not there for her guide.  He sits patiently when three students approach him.  They praise his pretty face and ask him to buy them food.  They drag him in the nearby park where they hit him when they found out that he has no penny at all.  Louis lays on the floor after being kicked and seeing the girls ganging up on him triggers a memory of when he was used to be bullied by a group of boys.  
Bok Sil luckily finds them and shouts at the girl to stop what they were doing.  They brawl like wild beasts in the jungle but Bok Sil ends up being robbed with the little money they have.  Feeling bad after witnessing Bok Sil cry, Louis apologizes to Bok Sil as they wander in the street.  He looks in her eye and tells her he was scared that she will not come back for him.  She replies that she knew that being homeless, having no money and not knowing anyone is really frightening.  He makes her promise to make him tag along wherever she goes and she beams at how childlike he is.  
Louis finds 100 cents and they teied to use it to call Joong Won but he did not answer the phone.  They sit on the telephone booth shivering from the cold night.  He murmurs how she can count on him while he gazes at her worried face.  She smirks at his words and gets up when he asks where they should be going?  They walk and walk until reaching the office where Bok Sil cleans.  They enter Joong Won’s department’s room and sneak to drink some coffee.  They marvel at the wealth of the owner of the company.  Louis notices her new dress and she narrates that it was her mother’s.  He learns that her parents died when she was young and have no memories of them while growing up.  Louis murmurs that he is sleepy so she forces him to sleep inside the rest room.
Joong Won arrives in the office with a disturbed tummy.  He heads straight to the comfort room and releases the evil spirit lurking inside his tummy.  Louis snores loud irritating Joong Won so he knocks on the wall to wake up the sleeping weirdo.  Louis wakes up with a stiff neck and was halted by Joong Won when he marches outside the comfort room.  He ignores him and runs when he starts chasing him.  
He gets inside the elevator where the office girls recall him to be the weird beggar from yesterday.  Ma Ri sees him as well and follows him but Bok Sil was able to hide him.  Bok Sil asks ajumma Hwang if she knows of a cheap place to stay and they were brought to a rooftop room.  Louis complains about the bare house and the eerie feeling it has.  The landlady talks with ajumma Hwang and the latter asks for $100 for the rent since no one wants to live in the room where 3 people already died.
Joong Won finally resurrected his phone and wonders why Bok Sil is not calling him that day.  His parents cheerfully enter his place and chat about the ginseng they sold.  Flustered about the fate of Bok Sil’s wild ginseng, he gets another surprise when his mother reveals that they sold it for $5000.
Chairwoman Choi asks Butler Lee to help her sleep and asks about Louis’ sleeping habit.  While Butler Lee recalls his young master’s penchant for a soft, comforting blanket… amnesiac Louis sleeps outside the rooftop house covered by newspaper pages. lol  Bok Sil opens the door when the rain pours and let Louis sleeps inside.  Outside the house, an ajussi stares at the rooftop room while the two rests their weary bodies.  
The next morning Joong Won slips on the floor and calls the cleaning lady for not doing her job properly.  Bok Sil mumbles an apology to Joong Won who just recognized her.  At the rooftop house, Louis stares at the pouring rain when a man wearing the same jacket as he does says hello to him.
SKL Ep 2 Quick Thoughts
Louis and Bok Sil had me at their quirky pairing.  I like Louis in his shopaholic self but I’m liking him even more as he adjust to a lifestyle he feels he is unfamiliar with, but enjoying it the same.  This episode marks the beginning of their connection and I want to give Bok Sil a trophy for her kindness.
I will give a “B” rating this episode for those “a whole new world” moments of Louis, Bok Sil’s chasing grandma thief scene and for maintaining the chipper attitude even if we all know where the story will be heading.  I’m going on board and hope it will just be consistently light and upbeat until its closing.

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