Though not acknowledging it fully, Kang cousins has accepted subconsciously the blood that connects them and work side by side to protect their comatose grandfather’s position as the Chairman of the company he built through his hardwork.  With one chapter left, we are left to worry if Ji Woon will survive the operation, and if he does, will Ha Won really vanish in his life?
Episode 15
Just as Ji Woon arrives to try and be his grandfather’s last hope of survival, Madam Ji and Yoon Sung hold a meeting with the directors about the new beginning they plan to push for the company.  Ji Woon gets tested to check if he is a match for the chairman as the evil witch urges the directors how Yoon Sung will be of great help for the leadership the company needs since the Chairman trusts him a lot.
Ji Woon narrates to Ha Won how he learned recently that his grandfather lies about not knowing his mother when he asked her to leave the Sky House in the past.  He speaks about how he was mad about it and initially vows on vanishing and not communicating with Skyhouse people anymore but he changed his mind when she enlightened him.  He adds that he will ask the Chairman all the things he wants to know when he wakes up.  Ha Won puts his jacket back on his arms and excuses herself on being part of their family affairs and just wanting to do her one last mission, but he refuses her thoughts and gives his jacket to her again.
Ji Woon sees Hyun Min and Seo Woo waiting for him as he preps up for the remaining tests and ask them why they were there.  He orders them to go home or go to the Chairman’s room, but they follow him to where he was about to sit and they all sit in uniformity and in sync.  *chuckles that was so cute  They tell him that they will wait and not leave until his tests are done.  Hyun Min asks Ji Woon if he came back because of Ha Won but he denies it and mutters that he came back in his own accord because he is grandpa’s family and he wants to save him.  Ha Won smiles seeing the Kang cousins sitting together and scratching their heads in the same direction reflecting how they share the same family mannerisms.
Ji Woon goes to his grandpa’s room and mutters how he wants to hear something from him.  He goes back to his earlier conversation with the doctor on how his grandfather feels sorry and worries a lot about him.  He utters that he forgives him on behalf of his mom and urges him to fight and wake up from his coma.  Ji Woon approaches the waiting party and tells his cousins that they will just wait for the results.  He replies he will drop Ha Won to the Skyhouse when Seo Woo asks if she will go back to the house.  Seo Woo responds to Hyun Min that he brought his car as the latter speaks about how they are not used to worrying about each other anyway.  He walks away but stops and calls his cousin and reminds him to drive safely.   awww I like how these cousins are starting to become a real family now
Hyun Min bumps with Madam Ji and Yoon Sung on his way to the parking lot and the evil witch fakes a smile to him.  He points out how she has been busy not taking care of her husband who is currenly ill but she makes an alibi on how she is looking for potential donors for his surgery.  He discloses that Ji Woon got tested but she mentions how he could still be not a match making him questioned her strange negativity on their situation.  He cheers the two villains with how they have been busy lately and walks away as the two have not figured out yet that he already knew about the wicked ploys they were doing behind the Chairman’s back.
Ha Won grabs Ji Woon’s arm and gives back his jacket murmuring how she has to get his things back.  He declines and tells her to give it back when they are home.  She murmurs that she does not want to go back to Skyhouse but he refuses strongly muttering how there is no mission given to her anyway.   He pleads her stay by his side until the Chairman wakes up.  She talks him out of his being stubborn when he asks her if she does not want to stay by his side and to clear the misunderstanding haunting his thoughts.  She asks what he meant about that as he replies how he knows her well enough to know that she wants to be by his side.
Ha Won braces herself with Ji Woon’s words and denies his thoughts as she pushes his jacket to his chest.  She turns her back and rushes to walk away but stops when Ji Woon tells her he is sorry.
JI WOON:  I’m sorry.  I’m sorry for letting you leave like that last time.  I don’t believe anything you said that day.  I don’t care what your reason is for staying by my side, but please don’t leave me.
Ji Woon embraces her to stop her protest and whispers how he does not care about that things she does just as long as she is by his side.
Hyun Min takes his phone to call Hye Ji but drops his phone and just sinks in his lone time.  Seo Woo also immerses on his thoughts before his manager cuts his reverie to reveal how his concerts has been cancelled and his album will be rescheduled to give way to his family problem.  He apologizes for the trouble but his manager assures him not to worry about it as singing happily does not agree well when his grandfather has yet to wake up.
Ha Won walks in to her old Skyhouse room and convinces herself that she will break up with Ji Woon at the right time and after she sorts her feelings well as Ji Woon sits on his bed and stares on grandpa’s phone while remembering Ha Won’s pep talk on how he should take his problems heads on.  He talks to his mother’s picture and confirms with her that he did the right thing.
The next morning Ji Woon meets the doctor and is told that he is a match for the chairman.  However he reveals that he has an allergy to anaesthesia and there will be a risk that might happen during the surgery depending on how his body will respond.  Ji Woon contemplates on proceeding with the surgery after learning he might not be able to wake up anymore if his body does not survive the shock from the allergy attack.
Ha Won finds Yoon Sung in the hospital and notices how he does not look well.  Ji Woon arrives and affirms that the surgery will happen because he is a match to the Chairman.  Yoon Sung pretends please with the result and leaves them to report about the news to his mother.  Seo Woo delivers the news about Ji Woon’s test result to Hyun Min and ajumma and they join forces to prepare for what he needs for the surgery.   Ha Won visits the Chairman’s room and speaks about his upcoming surgery.  She wishes him to wake up soon because the boys are waiting for him.  She places the blurry family photo she took of his grandsons on the table.  Just then the evil witch enters the room and she assures her that she will disappear quietly once the surgery is done.  Madam Ji calls Yoon Sung and tells him to mark the surgery date as it will also be the date when they will have the special shareholder’s meeting.
Ji Woon signs on the surgery form and is reminded by the doctor to be stress free and rest well before the operation tomorrow.  He signals Ha Won’s presence for him to avoid mentioning the surgery risk he hid from her and his family.  The doctor tasks Ha Won to care for him but she catches on how he is hiding something from her.  He soothes her apprehensions by telling those were just last minute formalities for patients who will have a major surgery.  She makes a sad puppy face and utters how she is worried about him, but he holds her hand and assures her not to feel that way.  He orders her to buy some food for him if she is really that worried and she happily submits to his command.
Hye Ji browses on the designer’s SNS profile and finds a picture he has with Hyun Min. (omo this girl is still here?! lol)  We all know how her stupid emotional brain processes thoughts and I see this coming so I was not surprised when she meets with the designer and declines his offer thinking it was another Hyun Min’s doing.  The designer tells her not to misunderstand and to trust her talent and how she should not act that way to the man who just want the best for the girl she likes, but she remains firm with her decision.  He advises her that the offer is still valid in case she changes her mind.  dear designer, to solve a problem like Hye Ji is no easy task.  We already gave up on how she understands things in her own protective bubble
Ha Won screams at the ruckus created inside Ji Woon’s room as Hyun Min plays on the video game console he set up, Seo Woo plays his music and ajumma feeds Ji Woon with his favorite food.  She lectures them on breaking the sanctity of a hospital room.  Hyun Min reasons how he is bored waiting for the transplant procedure to happen.  Seo Woo agrees to what Hyun Min said and boasts on the upbeat music he chose to play to calm Ji Woon’s nerves as ajumma argues how he should be fed well before the operation.  She shuts them all up and confiscates the paraphernalia they bought chattering how Ji Woon needs to be on a calm and relax state until tomorrow.  She looks at Hyun Min and cites how his idea might make him sleepless and will surely take a toll on his health.  Seo Woo bickers on how she just insulted his music when she rants how his music can make Ji Woon tired.  Then she thanks ajumma for bringing the food that she will eat gladly even when the latter complained that she cooked Ji Woon’s favorites.  She completes her verdict with a “visiting hours is closed” remark as she kicks out the rowdy bunch to the door. 
The three whines on the fate they just experience from Ha Won before they separate their ways and vow not to take care of Ji Woon anymore.  Hyun Min spots the company’s lawyer in the hospital and tells them to go ahead and he will just follow them.  He furtively listens to the lawyer’s conversation with Madam Ji and learns about the special board member’s meeting that will discuss the ousting of Chairman Kang.  She assures the lawyer that they will win as Yoon Sung is working hard to subdue the opposition.  Hyun Min places a phonecall to someone and confirms that Madam Ji transfers her stocks to Yoon Sung as what he initially deducted.
 He rushes to his grandfather’s office and finds Yoon Sung sitting on his table.  He acknowledges his presence and blabs how he is busy doing his grandpa’s job and to talk to him in the hospital if his concern is not urgent.  Hyun Min asks what they were scheming on and reveals he already caught up with their lies.  Yoon Sung calms him down, but he responds how he must have loved money to become the evil witch crony after getting her stocks transferred to him.  Hyun Min grabs his collar as Yoon Sung bursts to rage and raises his voice at his whining.  He speaks about how the Chairman has worked hard for the company and how he should done it himself if he wants to protect that position and how he should not delude himself that the Chairman’s position is unbreakable as a lot of people desire that position.  He challenges him on how he call himself an heir when he does not know how to protect his position and that makes him unqualified for the role.  He motions to leave but Hyun Min stops him and tells straight to his face that he will prove him wrong and will show him how he will protect the things that belong to him.  
Ha Won wakes up the dozing Ji Woon as she nags on how he should not sleep after having a meal because he has to maintain his weight prior to the surgery.  Ji Woon gives up on her nagging and reaches for some tissue.  But then Ha Won notices the tissue box design where the tissue looks like coming out from a woman’s bum and takes it from him to which he complains on how he can’t even blow his nose.  aigoo!  but that tissue box would have been more cute if it will look like coming out from a woman’s bossom *giggles
Ha Won suggests using the tissue on the bathroom and keeps the tissue imprisoned by her hands.  
Ji Woon teases her of being jealous over a tissue box but denies that she is.  He tugs the tissue box from her as she resists him, but she ends up falling on his chest.  He teases her even more by saying how being that close to him was her intention all along because she wanted to kiss him as she tries to free herself but he holds her tighter and tempts her by moving his lips for a kiss.  She stamps his lips with the tissue paper and manages to escape his embrace and turns on the TV to wash out his crazy ideas.
 They see the news about the urgent boardmember meeting for Haneul group and speculations on who will replace the Chairman who was still on comatose.  Yoon Sung receives a call from Madam Ji who informs him that the news was already broadcast on TV so there’s no going back for them anymore.  Kang cousins receive a text message for the shareholder’s meeting so Seo Woo rushes to Hyun Min’s room to explain what’s happening.  He explains bluntly how they are dragging down the Chairman as Seo Woo complains of how the people are betraying their grandpa.  He hushes him to be quiet as he is meditating but Seo Woo mutters how they cannot easily dismiss the Chairman.  Hyun Min corrects his thoughts revealing how they are a step behind as their opponents already moved to convince some of the directors and is in the process of convincing those on their side as well.  Seo Woo learns from Hyun Min on how Yoon Sung has been orchestrating everything with Madam Ji and orders him to meet the directors from their Entertainment company as he will take care of the investors from their constuction and chemical businesses.  They agree to hang on until their grandfather wakes up.
Madam Ji looks please on the newspaper article of her comatose husband’s supposed stepping down as Haneul group CEO as  Seo Woo heads to Haneul entertainment building to plead the support of the directors.  Hyun Min also meets with the other investors and suits up to a charismatic heir speaking about his vulnerabilities as an inexperience young man in running the business but promises them that his passion will protect the company they all help built with his grandpa.  He gives a moving speech to drive trust from the directors and they will have to wait if they will keep the Chairman’s position.  He visits his grandfather after the meeting and tells him how he did so well that day so he wants him to wake up so he can praise him properly.
Hyun Min sits beside Ji Woon as the latter mentions how he has been busy with the events of the company.  He dismisses the conversation he is heading and warns him that he is only holding back because they need to maintain his calm disposition until tomorrow.  Ji Woon hands him his POA for his vote on the shareholder’s meeting.  Hyun Min smirks not expecting the support he got from him  but he replies that the company matters involve him too.  He speaks how he does not want the liver he will give to the Chairman go useless if he will survive the operation and wakes up with a heart attack knowing his position was robbed while he was unconscious.
Seo Woo meets Ja Young to celebrate her paycheck and binge on pizza.  Ja Young prepares to eat but notices Seo Woo not moving to do the same.  He shares about his sentiments about how he can be of help to the company problems and the upcoming surgery of Ji Woon and grandpa.  Ja Young cheers him up by suggesting how he can be a source of encouragement for his family so he should not feel so down.  He tells her how it was strange that he thought about her the moment he started feeling that slump and she beams at him saying that it could be because they are fated to be together.
After pondering on her actions toward Hyun Min, Hye Ji goes to Skyhouse and waits for him to return.  He steps in the house and sees Hye Ji sitting on the living room.  She stands up to ask for him to speak with her, but he asks her to leave as he is tired and wants to rest.  She tells him to stop feeling sorry anymore to her brother and to her.  As Hyun Min flashes back his memory to when he ran after seeing his friend on the ground, she whispers that it was not his fault and apologizes on not knowing it before hand thinking how he struggled to bear that unnecessary guilt after the incident.  Hyun Min says sorry to her and goes to his room leaving her crying and making me annoyed with that insufferable crying face, but after a few seconds, he musters courage and go back to where Hye Ji is.
HYUN MIN:  It was hard for me.  I have to protect grandpa and the company now.  But I’ve never protected anything that belongs to me before.  I could not protect the most important thing to you.  And I felt like all I ever did was hurt you which made me miserable.  That’s why I pushed you away and closed my heart to you.  But I’m not going to do that anymore.   I was wrong to run away from you before.  Now, I will protect you properly.
He moves toward her and holds her face in place to give her a kiss that he has been holding back all those years.  
Ji Woon tests how Ha Won will react and asks her what she will do if he won’t wake up after the surgery.  She slaps his shoulder and castigates him for saying things like that.  He teases how she seems to be scared about it and appeases her that he is not worried because she is beside him.  He talks about the first time they met at the columbarium and thinks how his mother led her to meet him. They learn that their mothers share the same death anniversary which made them realized they have been on the same spot in the past years.  He leads her to lay down side beside him and they stare at each other’s face while holding hands.  He voices out the things he wants to do with her like watching a movie, walking in the park and eating ddokbeoki on a street stall.  She sighs on why the things he wants to do for a date are simple when he is a 3rd generation rich boy.  He remembers the wish card he got from her from finding her necklace and off she gives in to her promised wish by sneaking out the patient and going on a late night date with him.  
He kisses her hand while he sits beside her in a movie house and makes cute selfie faces as they walk along an aquarium park where he steals a kiss from her too.  Ji Woon watches her happily eats on the food cart as he can’t eat because of the surgery tomorrow.  They head home but then Ha Won remembers leaving her phone so he goes back to get it from the food cart as she crosses the road and waits for him on the other side.  
They face each other from the other side of the road as Ha Won looks at him mumbling how he should not be surprised if she is not there when he wakes up tomorrow.  Ji Woon shouts at what she said and she responds to it with another silent “I’m sorry”.  He shouts again that he can’t hear her.  Ha Won shouts back and tells him she was saying “I Love You” which made him smile.  The traffic light signals green and he runs to where she is.  He hugs her and when she asks him if he heard what she said, he hugs her body closer and gives her an “i-love-you-more” kiss.
Ji Woon peers lovingly at Ha Won’s sleeping face and fixes the blanket covering her body.  She encloses her hand with his hands and promises her that he will return safely to her side.
It’s D-day for the decision on Chairman Kang’s ousting and his surgery.  Hyun Min looks dapper in his suit and reads a cheering text message from Hye Ji.   Ji Woon is being prep for the surgery and looks nervous about it.  Ha Won inches closer and covers his hand with her two small hands.  She smiles at him as their eyes give and receive meaningful encouraging stare.  
The Board members cast their votes coinciding to the patients being brought to the operating room.  As the votes were finally counted, Ha Won finds solace staring at her picture with Ji Woon, but a team of doctors disrupts her thoughts as they head urgently to the operating room.
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The world I want to picture to cap up this series is Chairman Kang having a picnic with his grandsons with the girls they love and I know that’s where we are heading.  I thought that there will be an ultimate showdown on Ha Won’s heart but the story leaned on to Ji Woon’s parallel love fate with his parents which I already accepted.  I don’t know how they will squeeze everything since they left a lot of unanswered scenarios in one episode so I just hope that they will tie it up nicely having exerted my patience on not giving up on their story.  Joon Young is the only kdrama character who can die this year in kdramaland so I’m confident that the writer won’t go “W” and confuses himself with how he will end the story.  I’m ready to say goodbye to Ha Won and the Kang cousins tomorrow.  Please don’t disappoint me.

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