We are down to the final episode and it’s up to Ha Won and Ji Woon if they will survive their you-and-me-against-my-rich-grandpa love story.  
Cinderella and Four Knights Finale
Hyun Min heaves a sigh when the votes against the Chairman’s dismissal was declared.  Madam Ji castigates Yoon Sung for betraying her knowing that his vote protected the Chairman and his grandsons.  Hyun Min arrives in the hospital where Ha Won worriedly waits on Ji Woon.  The doctor tells them that the Chairman is in a stable condition, but Ji Woon falls in a shock as a result of his allergic reaction to anaesthesia and has put him on coma. They learn how he took the risk of the operation without telling them that he was warned by the doctor that he might now wake up in the worst case scenario.  Chairman Kang opens his eyes and learn about Ji Woon’s sacrifice as the latter has yet to regain consciousness.
Seo Woo expresses concern at Ha Won who has not left Ji Woon’s side but she dismisses his offer to replace her from tending Ji Woon.  She mutters how she has never thought that Ji Woon might leave her because she always do the running away and thought it would be enough to forget him.  She voices out how she wants to do a lot of things with him like sealing love locks in Namsan tower, going to a theme park and picking up some clothes for him when they go shopping. She whispers how she regrets not properly telling Ji Woon that she likes him and how she should have loved him more since she has not done so much for him.
Chairman Kang gives his last words to Yoon Sung as he meets him one last time.  He tells him to give the divorce papers to Madam Ji.  Yoon Sung apologizes and reveals that he is Madam Ji’s biological son which surprises Chairman Kang.  He speaks about how his mother is not at fault and claims everything is done by him.  He sincerely thanks Chairman Kang for everything he has given to him and walks away.  Hyun Min bumps with Yoon Sung on his way out and reminds him how he told him not to see his grandfather again.  Yoon Sung reasons that he only bids farewell to him.  Hyun Min smirks and mumbles how he does not have the right to do that and to not ever see each other again for good.
Ha Won rubs on Ji Woon’s hands and talks to unconscious Ji Woon if he is not curious to know why she likes him. 
HA WON:  At first you were really a jerk.  But you had showed up whenever I was facing problems.  Before I knew it, I look forward to you showing up when I’m facing troubles.  And without realizing it I only had my eyes on you.  Yesterday, I was thankful for all that little moments that made me fall in love with you.  But right now you are in front of me like this and yet I miss you like crazy.
Hyun Min pushes Chairman Kang’s wheelchair as they head to Ji Woon’s room.  Chairman finally learns from the doctor of how Ji Woon put his life on the line for him to survive.  Ha Won moves away to Ji Woon when the two enter the room.  Chairman Kang stares at his grandson’s face worriedly as Ha Won remembers the last conversation she had with the Chairman.  The latter asks Hyun Min to watch over Ji Woon and to let Ha Won help him return to his room.  Ha Won apologizes when he utters how he thought she is already gone for good in Ji Woon’s life by now.  She whispers how she blamed herself when he collapsed and is intending to really leave after Ji Woon’s surgery.  Chairman Kang replies that it was not her fault at all.  Ha Won pleads to him for her to stay at Ji Woon’s side until she wakes up.  Chairman Kang confirms her choice is to be with Ji Woon’s then, when she confesses how she does not care about money and her future and her willingness to return all the help she got from him.  She responds how she just want to be by Ji Woon’s side.  Chairman Kang sighs and asks her if she can still choose Ji Woon if she ever gets to a situation when she needs money and when her life reality will hinder her to stay with him.  He challenges her if she can take responsibility of her feelings toward Ji Woon till the very end making her weep silently.
Chairman Kang peers at Ha Won taking care of Ji Woon from outside the room and listens to her cry painfully in the comfort room away from where Ji Woon is.  Chairman Kang gazes at the blurry picture from Ha Won’s mission and ponders on their situation.  Stepmom and Yoona meet Ha Won and inform her of the accident her father had.  Her father is safe but they need a big chunk of money to settle the damage.  Stepmom pleads her to ask money from Ha Neul people to save her father as Yoo Na shouts how she is not supposed to take care of the sick Chairman when they have a family concern like that.  
While Ha Won contemplates on her problem, she receives a phone call that Ji Woon wakes up and rushes back to the hospital.  She sees the Chairman entering with Hyun Min and remembers their conversation earlier as she now understands the meaning of it.  She steals a glance on Ji Woon and decides to leave without showing her face.  Chairman Kang apologizes to Ji Woon and replies that there’s no need for it.  He weakly searches for Ha Won who already left him for good.
Ha Won did not answer Ji Woon’s phonecall and wanders on the street with a heavy heart.  Madam Ji visits Chairman Kang to deliver the divorce papers and say sorry for the wrong she did.  He asks her if she really did love him and she replies that she does and that everything started because of love.  She speaks about how her love for her son changed everything and that’s why she caused trouble while she was asleep.  Chairman Kang gripes when she mentions how she regrets what she did and shuts her up by saying she should feel that way all her life because he will never forgive her.  She responds that she does not need his forgiveness, but begs to hate just her and not his son who has stayed loyal to him and his grandsons during the special meeting.  She leaves his hospital room not realizing that Hyun Min’s standing nearby.
Ha Won welcomes her father back after his stay in the jail.  He asks her where she got the money and she replies that it came from her part-time job at Skyhouse.  Ji Woon enters Ha Won’s room the moment he arrives at Skyhouse.  Ajumma tells him she thought Ha Won is in the hospital with him when he asks where she is.  Ha Won and her dad get off the bus, Ha Won sees Ji Woon waiting for her, she tells her father to go ahead and leads him to a quiet place where they can talk.
JI WOON:  I waited for you.  I opened my eyes but you vanished.  I thought “she’ll come in the evening”, “she’ll come tomorrow”, then “she’ll probably come when I’m being discharged”.  I miss you like so much.
Ha Won still not facing him responds that bringing him to the hospital is just another mission – her final mission.  She turns her back to face him and tells him that she was only there because she felt that he needed her for that big surgery.  He stops her from spilling lies and voices out how he knows how her smile, her look and her taking care of him were all genuine and it does not match her intentions of breaking up with him.  She strongly counters how he can’t still understand what she really feels and how she stayed by his side because of money.  Ji Woon interrupts her by saying he does not care about her reasons for as long as she stays with him.  She enumerates the good things that will happen in her life as promised by Chairman Kang.  Ji Woon confirms how her decision was again because of his grandfather, but she denies it and expresses how she now understands that she does not fit in the world he lives in, that’s why she chose her future over him.  He stops her from walking away and begs for her not to leave even offering to leave Haneul group for her, but she scolds him for being too full of himself and not knowing his priorities and straining his newly tied relationship with his family.  With tears brimming in her eyes, Ha Won tells him that she does not want to see him again.  Ji Woon halts her steps when he whispered he cannot live without her and how he will lose everything if he loses her, but she continues on her track to walk away from him.  Ha Won reaches their house and breaks down to tears reminiscing her memories of Ji Woon and feeling that tormenting pain of turning her back from the first man she ever loved.
Seo Woo’s manager hands him a paper for his upcoming tight schedule and warns him of sleepless days ahead.  He discloses his decision to go back to paid street performances while traveling which surprises his manager.  At a cafe, Hye Ji waits for Hyun Min and smiles when he kisses her through the glasswall.  She steps out and stops him but he replies how he does not care about everything and how he intends to hug and kiss her whenever he feels it.  He gives her a fond look and tells her he will not ever let her go to which she replies that she won’t go anywhere.  He plants a quick peck on her lips and murmurs how she is so pretty it makes his heart beats fast.
Ji Woon wallows in his recent break up so he did not notice Seo Woo approaching.  His cousin asks if he already met Ha Won and he responds that he did but she told him not to see her anymore.  Seo Woo comments how weird it was for Ha Won to say that she does not want to see him again when she took care of him diligently when he was unconscious.  Ji Woon speaks how he must have made things hard for her and how he does not understand how she feels.  He murmurs how he is not sure of anything and that he should just let her go.  Seo Woo enlightens his mind by agreeing to his sentiments but pointing out how what he feels is exactly what her worries are too.  He assures him that Eun Ha Won likes him a lot like the only person in the world.  He encourages him not to let her go.  Ji Woon thanks him and marches to head somewhere as Seo Woo grumbles how he should chase and be good to Ha Won because he let go of his first love for him.
Ji Woon confronts Grandpa if he ordered Ha Won to leave him.  Chairman Kang clears his throat and mumbles how his Ha Won related decisions is what’s best for his future.  You should have not given him a piece of your liver Ji Woon *lol
He finally asks him about how he also did the same thing to his mother before which perplexed the old man.  He lectures his grandfather on how his parents’ love affair would have yielded a different result if he did not meddle before and takes on that pattern to what he is having with Ha Won right now. Grandpa counters how he must have thought that it will be the same for him and Ha Won, but he declares that he does not care about the results but he will be with the woman he loves even if he will end up being hurt because of it.  Ji Woon painfully whispers how he will regret letting go of Ha Won just like how he regretted sending off his father and that he does not room for anymore regret if he will cast him away too.  Ji Woon kneels and begs his grandfather’s blessing to be with Ha Won.  Tears welled in his eyes as he whispers how he cannot breathe without Ha Won.
Chairman Kang ruminates on Ji Woon’s request and flashes back to when he silently watches Ha Won lovingly taking care of unconscious Ji Woon.  Ha Won and her family sit down for a dinner and we finally see a glint of kindness shown by her stepmom and Yoo Na to her.  Ha Won receives a phonecall from Chairman Kang and she heads to meet him in his office.
Ha Won smiles at the sight of the healthy Chairman.  He speaks about how the Skyhouse people are looking for her since she just disappeared without a word.  He asks Ha Won about her stay in Skyhouse as she narrates the difference of his grandsons’ personalities.
HA WON:  Hyun Min seems to be that kind of person who can’t be serious about anything, but he is pure-hearted and thoughtful in many ways.  He also made me laugh a lot when I was facing problems before.  He is also not a playboy at all.
CHAIRMAN:  What about Seo Woo?
HA WON:  Seo Woo is very kind and good to others.  It feels so comfortable to be with him.  He may seem like free-spirited, but he follows his own life philosophies.  He is a rich boy who understands that life is never easy.
Ha Won beams all throughout her analysis report of Chairman’s grandsons but she pauses and her smile fades when he mentions Ji Woon.  Chairman Kang breaks the silence and tells Ha Won that he is giving them his blessings to be together.  He reveals how Ji Woon seems to miss her a lot, but Ha Won responds how she agrees to what Chairman’s warning was as when she recently faced a money problem, she could not make it to choose Ji Woon.  She acknowledged how she ran away because it dawned on her the realities of her life.  She speaks about how she was happy during her stay in the Skyhouse and how she has seen that the Lang cousins changed for the better.  Chairman affirms to how she kept her promise and offers her to come back anytime.
Seo Woo wonders why his manager follows him on his way to do busking.  He explains that he still has to protect his artist in case the audience will go crazy on him.  He notices his heavy bag and calls in a porter to help him.  Ja Young emerges and introduces herself as his new manager.  Ji Woon is summoned by Grandpa and gives his father’s ring so he can give it to the woman he loves.  He tells him that he only has his father’s ring but Ji Woon does not recall his mother having worn any ring before.  He suddenly remembers Ha Won’s mother’s ring and how their mothers died on the same day.
Hyun Min paces to Ha Won’s direction dragging her luggage while she stares at hers and Ji Woon’s holding hands picture.  He sits beside her and mutters how he has to bring her things after vanishing like that.  She complains on how he does not care about her anymore since he is back with Hye Ji so he teases her on regretting losing a catch like him.  She smiles muttering how they are matched to be together.  Hyun Min brings out Ha Won’s love problem and rants how she crazily nursed Ji Woon back to life only to disappear when he woke up.  Hyun Min reaches for a shoebox and places it on Ha Won’s lap.  He narrates how she left the shoes from Grandpa’s wedding and he got one of the pair while Yoon Sung got the other.  Hyun Min scolds her for acting like Cinderella and she denies doing it and returns the shoes to him.  Hyun Min makes a serious face and tells her to wear the shoes when she will muster the courage to meet the man she loves.  He brings out how he suffered from a heartbreak so he wants her not to run away from things that cannot be hidden.  He encourages her to free her feelings and to not run away if she really likes Ji Woon.
Ji Woon calls an office to check on his dead mother’s ring and was notified that someone wants to see him regarding his mother’s belonging.  It turns out to be Ha Won’s father who is also surprised remembering the young man he saw briefly who was waiting for his daughter.  He explains how the ring was clutched hard by his wife when she died and learned recently that it was not hers but of the neighbor who wanted the ring to be given to his son in her dying breath.  Ha Won’s father learns how the ring was given by his father to his mother.  Through his stories, Ji Woon remembers the time when he actually first met Ha Won while they were grieving at the death of their mothers.  He handed her a white rose and wiped her tears from sobbing.  He gave her his arm band and told her that he will recognize her if she will show that to him if they meet someday.  In return she gave him her hairclip and made her promise to return it to her.
Ji Woon drives cheerfully at his recent discovery as Ha Won mulls over the pep talk she had with Hyun Min while focusing on the pink shoes she was holding.  Her reverie is halted when his father calls in reporting his meeting with the ring owner and revealing it to be Ji Woon.  His father asks her if she likes the boy and we see Ha Won responds by wearing the Cinderella shoes and walking down on that high neighborhood staircase to meet Ji Woon who emerges from his car to meet his girl halfway.  He shows her hairclip on his palm as Ha Won gives her arm band.  He takes her hand, puts on his mother’s ring and utters how she should think of him whenever she sees that ring.  She also puts on his father’s ring which we don’t know how magically she got lol and tells him to think the same when he sees the ring on his finger.  He takes her in his embrace and plants a you-are-mine kiss as Ha Won throws all her inhibitions and accepts the love that were meant for them all along.
Ja Young cheers happily at Seo Woo’s street performance which was welcomed gladly by his audience.  Hyun Min pays a visit to Yoon Sung who returned to teaching Judo.  He convinces him of going back to work with them, but he declines having no right to do that. He said sorry for not trusting him and urges him to go back as the Chairman is waiting for him.  Madam Ji feels sad after another failed attempt to sell an insurance policy when suddenly Chairman surprises her with a bouquet of flowers and a love offer to go back to him.  Hyun Min and Hye Ji visit her brother as Hyun Min vows to his friend how he will not think about him anymore but will focus on taking care of Hye Ji.  They walk along the grassy memorial place and Hyun Min stops to face her.  He mentions how he is amazing by missing her everytime even when she is with him.  He cups her face with his hands and pecks on forehead, eyes, nose and cheek while saying how all of those are pretty.  Hye Ji responds how she has pretty lips too and tiptoes to give him a quick kiss which he returns with a deeper kiss.
Ha Won moves toward Ji Woon who was taking pictures with the old camera.  He talks about how beautiful it was that day and praises how she is looking so pretty too.  She takes the camera from him and commands him to move back so she can take his picture.  He obliges but he notices his ring missing on Ha Won’s hand.  He asks where the ring is and she explains that she removed it for a bit earlier because she was doing something with ajumma.  Ji Woon whines on how he never takes his ring off for a month when he showers but she claims to remove it “just a little bit”.  
Ha Won sheepishly smiles and promises she won’t remove it ever, but he grumpily denies her apology and declares a punishment of no skinship between them for a month.  Ha Won is amused at her man-child boyfriend who got furious over little things.  She inches closer to him and challenges him on who will suffer more on his no-skinship threat.  Ji Woon realizes his useless threat so he follows her and imprisoned her in his arms.  She demands him to abide by the punishment he just told, but he took it back and voices out how he was just disappointed a bit because those rings meant a lot to him since it bound them for 10 years so he wants her to treat it preciously.  Ha Won responds that she knows it very well.  He puts the ring back on his finger and whispers “i love you” to her as she replies an “i love you maybe” to him.  Aigoo you two!  I will miss both of you.  
Ha Won and Ji Woon march to where the rest of the gang are having a picnic.  Seo Woo happily sings while Ja Young cheers for it.  Hyun Min and Hye Ji are playing cherry kiss as Yoon Sung sits with them with a big grin.
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Final Episode Quick Thoughts 
I went blank after the staircase kiss so I don’t care much about that last minute Ji Woon and Ha Won connection.  I’m satisfied with the happy ending for all of them.  True, there were a lot of screenplay lapses and unnecessary flashbacks on those character lone scene moments, but I gambled my time because of my being a Jung Il Woo fan girl and at the very least I enjoyed the committed roles the main leads showed as their screen romance blossomed.  KDramas like this is meant to tap on those unadulterated young love that we had at some point in our lives.  And yes sir!  I was reminded of my old teen crushes from 10 years back.
Cinderella and Four Knights tried to mark the checklist on kdrama youth romcom prototype and was successful at some and lacking at others, but the upbeat and smart presentation of the cast except you-know-who-she-is compensated to the trite story premise.  I would want my nieces to watch this drama to understand that love is never about you-and-me-against-the-world-or-money, but the willingness to work on why love mutually happened in the first place.  For a feel-good romcom treat, this drama is not that bad.  I will dearly miss Kang cousins and Ha Won.  As I usually do full series review, I’m happy that I did not give up on this drama and reached this finish line.  I thank you all everyone for reading through my recaps.

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  1. Thank you for the recap. I love the ending! By any chance, do you know the song playing at a cafe when Hye Ji was waiting for Hyun Min? Thank you!

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