The Flower in Prison (Ep 40-41) – Is there any more room for the upcoming evil deeds left for Jung Nan Jung and Lord Yoon? 9 more episodes left and we finally discovered that Ok Nyeo is a princess, and I can’t wait for her to finally strip Nan Jung of the powers she has been abusing. Also, I wish I could see a little bit more of romantic scenes for Ok Nyeo and Tae Won after all the hardships they went through in challenging the villains. “Flower in Prison” remains to be consistent on its neat storytelling even when it has been running long.


Moonlight Drawn by the Clouds (Ep 13-14) – The cruel fate of Ra On and Lee Young’s young love sent me to tearland. I wonder how Lee Young would fight for their love when he is still in an unstable power due to the band of politician villains joining hands in robbing him of the authority he has. I just wish that Ra On would push a little more strength in her character and not make Young cry again because it really broke my heart when I saw him crying like that. *chuckles


Scarlet Heart Ryeo (Ep 12-13) – The Goryeo princes and Hae Soo went on a business face as soon as it crossed the halfway mark of the story. I hated the 8th prince indecisiveness and hated more Hae Soo’s unrequited love towards him. I’m glad that she did not linger on that phase and I look forward to her love story with the 4th prince this time.


Jealousy Incarnate (Ep 13-14) – The last two episodes were very fulfilling for the lead girl’s character and the love triangle frame. The HwaShin-JungWon bromance is so far a delightful watch with their don’t-like-my-gf-confrontation and drunk-i-love-you-friend-soju-night. I’m excited on the aftermath of the kiss and how Na Ri would choose whom she will really love.


Shopping King Louis (Ep 5) – Though having a simple premise, Bok Sil and Louis are so far entertaining me with their sweet and hilarious chemistry. I like that this drama is so light and upbeat and does not trigger any negative emotions, but just pure feel good spirit. Since Kdramaland is packed with varied stories weeklong, “Shopping King Louis” is like a comfort food for me.

I have not been up to date with K2, On the Way to the Airport, Fantastic, and Woman with a suitcase. Hopefully next week I will be, so I can include them in the round up. What are you guys watching these days?


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