Episode 3 “She”
Bok Sil wakes up to start her day.  She leaves $3 for Louis’ food and takes on a bus to go to work.  When Joong Won calls her attention for the spilled water he slipped on, she is unaware that the man she has been calling for the ginseng payment is in front of her until he speaks her name.  Fury arises the moment she realizes Joong Won is in front of her and she calls him a swindler and demands him to pay for her ginseng.  He accidentally pushes her and she fainted during the fall.  Meanwhile Louis gets up from bed and sees the money left by Bok Sil.  When he sees a bug crawling on the wall, he goes out to hide away from it and a man who wears the same jacket as his welcomes him and offers an umbrella to wherever he is heading to.
The office scoops in Joong Won’s encounter with Bok Sil as he rushes her to the hospital.  He was told by the doctor that her body is very weak due to malnutrition.  Partly blaming himself for lagging on the payment for the ginseng he took from her which his parents just recently confirmed the authenticity.  Ajumma Hwang goes to the hospital to bring Bok Sil’s clothing and was asked by Joong Won for a wuick chat.  She clears that she is not her mother and narrates on her unfortunate life while mumbling curses to the bad man who vanishes not paying the ginseng from a country girl who just moved in to Seoul.  Joong Won averts ajumma’s eyes as she continuously spills her frustration to the swindler who caused trouble to hardworking Bok Sil.  He stops her from her litany and speaks about how maybe there’s another side to the swindler’s story but she counters how the jerk did not even answer her calls and swears to kill him if she will find him.  
Louis formally meets In Sung who is ajumma’s job seeking son.  They munch lunch at a nearby eating place and exchange introduction about themselves.  Still caught up on her Louis encounter, Ma Ri confirms thru the CCTV that the bum really looks like Louis.  Joong Woon puts back Bok Sil’s sneakers back to the paper bag and sits beside her as she comes up back to her senses.  She sees Joong Won again and her rage erupts again as she grabs his collar and asks for the ginseng.  He frees himself as she realizes her presence in a hospital.  He gives him the payment for the ginseng and tells her that from now on he is not a swindler but a savior of her ginseng.  He offers her to work in the merchandising department next week.  She tries to ask about where she will be working but he dismisses her thoughts and walks away.  He stops from his track and tells her to rest well during the weekend and to eat plenty of food.
Louis patiently sits outside the house waiting for Bok Sil.  He sees her walking from afar and calls her name.  They wave at each other as Louis heads to meet her on the street.  He asks why she comes in late and she delivers the good news of catching the swindler.  She shows him the money envelope and they celebrate on their acquired small fortune.  Louis sniffs on the plastic bag she carries and gets the food she brought upstairs for him to munch.  When Bok Sil reaches the top, she is surprised to see him eating outside and he mumbles how he does not want to go inside because of a bug.  
She steps inside the house and catches the bug with her bare hands while Louis flinches on the sight of it.  She tells him that it is a good bug and lets go of it through the window.  Louis is mesmerized at how his heroine took care of the bug single-handedly as that Costelo-She-song plays again in the background. He sees flashes of her face when he saw her on TV and asks if he has met her before.  She dismisses his crazy babble and paces in the house to prepare to sleep as they have a lot of things to do tomorrow.
Chairwoman Choi grieves as she rests facing the sea and is in a banter with her assistant, Ms. Heo for not touching her breakfast.  Butler Kim presents himself to the situation and uses Louis’ signature breakfast to lure the old lady to eat which she gladly obliges.  Butler Kim is cornered by Ms. Heo and is warned not to show off again on the Chairwoman’s food or  he will meet a body injury she is capable of giving.  
Bok Sil and Louis start their day with a convenience store breakfast.  She grabs some tissue to wipe Louis’ face who was consuming the food with all effort he has.  At the mention of buying house stuff after eating, Louis’ ears perk up and accidentally spits his food at her clothes.
Off the amnesiac shopping king and country girl go to the market to purchase their house things.  Louis points here and there and Bok Sil obediently gets the items talking to Louis to be picked.  They stop on their tracks and exclaims excitedly when the food market shows up in front of them.  The two did not waste their time and bask on the food they can eat on that happy place.  Bok Sil wonders how Louis seems to have a good eye in shopping and he replies that the items talk to him and asks him to buy them.  Louis tells Bok Sil that they should shop some clothes as he whines about the imitation jacket he is wearing.  She pouts and boasts how it cost $20 but Louis narrates how the jacket is from a famous designer and a hundred pieces were sold for a pricey amount.  Unable to process what he is trying to say, Louis gives up and drags her to the clothing store where they pick on some new clothes for them to wear.  To cap up their shopping spree, Louis suggests getting a mobile phone that they can use for online shopping.  She initially declines it so he raises a point on how everyone has a mobile phone because of its usage for shopping, gaming and communication.  She still refuses citing how she heard it from Bok Nam before.  He takes the opportunity to lure her by sharing the tracking feature of a cellphone that could help in finding  Bok Nam, and the country girl finally agrees.  
Louis whines on the heavy load he carried muttering how he seems not to be used that kind of feeling.  Just then the neighbor who befriended Louis approached them and introduces himself to Bok Sil.  In Sung speaks of his current status as a job seeker but the two babos do not know the meaning of a bum.  He helps them with the stuff they bought and amuse them even more when he casually shows off his grocery shopping knowledge.  aigoo how can these two be stupid and adorable at the same time
Bok Sil drops by at the police station to inform the detective helping her of the new cellphone and inquires if they would be able to really track Bok Nam, but the detective tells her that Bok Nam has to have a mobile phone to be tracked.  Louis pouts at the partition that was set up in the room as In Sung carries a delivery for them.  
Later on Bok Sil strongly labors on their laundry as In Sung praises how she knows how to be a good home maker to which Louis agrees and remarks how she will be a good maid.  *chuckles  Bok Sil notices a name written on Louis’ boxers as he takes it from her hands.  In Sung notes on the gems embedded on it as Louis comments on how that brand does not make clothing item like that and they all agree to use Louis as his name from then on.
Ma Ri questions her parents if Louis has a twin brother after her Louis look alike encounter while they are having a dinner.  Her mom responds that he is an only child so she narrates how she saw a homeless guy who looks exactly like Louis which makes her father stop on his thoughts worried about how he thought he saw someone like Louis the last time as well.  We flashed back to when Louis arrived in Korea and Director Baek handed him the car key to head to their house as he executed on his evil plan to kill him thru the road accident.
Bok Sil grills samgyupsal for the lazy boys and asks In Sung how she will work at Merchandising Department tomorrow.  They were surprised at Bok Sil’s new work as In Sung explains how she mighr have been put there so she can be disregarded eventually by the company due to her lacking skills.  Bok Sil argues how Joong Won is kind and a savior of her ginseng but he points out how she does not know how the world works.  In Sung’s mother who turned out to be ajumma Hwang joins them as Louis sulks on the neighbors who have munched on their meal.  When they left he shares the 4 pieces left with Bok Sil.  
Late at night, Louis checks if Bok Sil is still awake and she responds how she is thinking about her brother and is he is eating well.  He appeases her heart by promising that he will find her brother once he regains his memory.  When she speaks about the house things they still need to buy, Louis assures her that he will order everything so she should not worry about it.
The next morning, Louis trails Bok Sil as she heads to work.  She stops and orders him not to follow her, but he comments on how her dress is out of style.  He suggests for her to wear the dress they bought yesterday but she declines and walks away.  Louis follows her and when she fumes on his pestering, he takes a piece of pink cloth and forms a flower pin out of it.  He inches closer to Bok Sil and attaches it to her dress to add some detail and spike to her mom’s dress.  She smiled and rides on the bus as he waves goodbye to her.  Bok Sil enters the Merchandising department room and was recognized by the team members.  Joong Won rescues her from the awkwardness to reveal that she will be temporarily working with them.  He directs Bok Sil to go to the HR team to sign papers and get her ID and he briefs the rest of the staff that she will be working as an intern for a month and depending on her performance she will be hired full time accordingly.  The team members murmur on the surprising situation and wonders if Joong Won likes her but dismiss the crazy idea right away.  
Joong Won meets with Director Baek and he was questioned about his hiring of a cleaning lady.  He counters that the intern is on a trial basis and depending on her growth he will decide if she will be kept or not.  Joong Won’s team interview Bok Sil and learns her computer illiteracy and her zero knowledge about online shopping.  Joong Won saves her from the hot spot and orders her to order coffee as the rest of the team members state their orders.  Ma Ri offers help to Bok Sil as her ears rise hearing compliments about her personality.  Bok Sil is on trance upon hearing Ma Ri placed the coffee orders and she sways on her hair while that Costelo-She-song plays again on the background.  
Louis googles where his new name could have probably been derived as In Sung invades his privacy to share the lunch Bok Sil prepared for him.  In Sung figured how Bok Sil is the type of girl who will care for his roommate hence he knew that he will have a prepared lunch.  He instructs him to buy a rice cooker as they will need it for warm rice every meal and they chowed together on Bok Sil’s food.  With his full tummy, In Sung craves for some coffee and asks if they have it.  Louis replies yes but muttered they don’t have hot water.  He makes no issues about it and was surprised when Louis does not even know how to boil water.  He tells Louis to buy electric kettle and a proper stove to help with Bok Sil’s cooking.  Curious on Louis’ practical knowledge, In Sung speaks about the possibility of Louis being locked up and being told of what to do for a long time and we see a parody of Old-Boy-Louis exercising and given a mandu meal by his captor and bed ridden Louis sick and tied on a hospital bed.  He dismisses his firs two theories as Louis looks handsome and healthy and arrives to the point that he could be a spoiled son from a super rich family.   Bingo In Sung!  *chuckles  He offers him the instant coffee and when rich boy exclaims on how he likes that coffee so much, In Sung gives up on his theory 2 minutes ago that Louis might be probably rich.
Joong Won eomoni chats with her husband about Chairwoman Choi’s grandson’s accident as she feeds her totally unwilling husband.  He hides his dislike of her cooking as she listens to her mumbling of when their son will get married.  At that very same time, Bok Sil skids to the elevator and bumps Joong Won in the process.  His heart moves erratically for a quick moment before they went back to the present.  He scolds her if she  is in a hurry becaus she is looking forward to go home because of someone which surprises her because that’s exactly her reason why.  Joong Won passes by a nice ladies’ shoes and buys it thinking about Bok Sil’s worn out sneakers.  
Meanwhile Bok Sil wipes the house floor diligently as Louis bums on watching TV.  Louis sees romantic feauture about France and calls Bok Sil’s attention on why it seems familiar to him.
Just then In Sung enters the picture and presents Bok Sil with a proposal on how they will be helping out in finding Bok Nam by giving out the flyers everyday.  She thanks him for his good deed and agreed to their proposed task.
 The two set off with their find-BokNam-task and passes by a flea market where they bought great clothing finds.  In Sung compliments on Louis eyes for shopping and calls him a shopping King which surprises Louis muttering how that title seems familiar to him.  Louis notices a music box calling him and when he plays it, flashes of his childhood memory causes his head to split that he catches  a fever and is tended by Bok Sil when he was dragged home.  
Butler Kim stands with Louis grandmother as they reminisce how Louis loved the beach when he was young.  He play around with his dog Koboshi on the ground.  Butler Kim mentions how Louis did not eat for a month when Koboshi died on his 14th year and Grandma thanked him dearly for being beside her precious all those years.  In the morning, Bok Sil eat breakfast with Louis who does not seem to have an appetite so she offers some ham to perk up his mood.  Louis talks about how the music box is a limited edition issue of Gold department store.  Bok Sil is amazed on how he has been getting information thru his mobile phone and orders him to not go to the streets if his headache is still bad, but he insists on doing his duty to find Bok Nam making her beam.  Bok Sil goes back to their table after frying some ham as Louis chases her like a dog.   She asks why he follows her around and he nonchalantly responds that he likes her which skip her heart in a bit.   She replies she is making him blush as she smiles on his happily stuffing food face.
Bok Sil searches about the Gold Department store and is routes to the page about the heir’s accident.  Joong Won approaches her  and scolds her for slacking out her time with surfing the net and orders her to get the meeting list and schedule for that day.  Meanwhile at the rooftop house, Louis receives a voice phishing call and unaware of how the world works, he gives in to the swindlers demand and deposit the little money they had to the con people’s bank account.  I love the music pun from In Gook’s previous drama.  Knowing the extent of his stupid move, Louis stays at a park trying to figure out how to face Bok Sil’s wrath upon learning from In Sung that he was conned.  
A dog suddenly appears and he remembers his childhood playing around with Koboshi.  He follows the dog, but it sits beside a fire hydrant post which scares him and rendered him unmoving from his spot.  He coaxes the dog to come to him instead.  He calls Koboshi once, twice and thrice, until he got a response from Go Bok Sil who rushes to his direction in fury.  
I am so far loving how uncomplicated this story is and how Bok Sil and Louis seem to be just one character and can’t be separated anymore because of their impeccably engrossing chemistry.  I look forward to their cohabitation journey and how everything will change once Louis’ memory returns.  For now, I’m basking with this drama’s blithe after effect.

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