Like most of the girls these days, I willingly plunge to “bogum virus”, hence I was ready to invest in “Moonlight Drawn by the Clouds” regardless if it will break me or not.  I was rewarded with an impressive picture of a young prince who defied the political struggles surrounding the power he is destined to have while chasing his one true love.  Eventhough Lee Young and Hong Ra On will not be hitting the pinnacle of my best dramas this year, the full drama package was commendable due to its poignant sketching of the main characters and the writer’s impeccable timing to pin me on my spot and not sway away from following the story in those moments when I almost did.  Drawn on a historical premise, “Moonlight Drawn by the Clouds” is a sweet drama treat brimming with giddy-ish scenes that will make you reminisce that once special love when you were young.
It’s hard to keep the balance of romance and conflict on period dramas.  There will always be a moment when the plot will drag so proper blending and stirring is pertinent to avoid a stasis.  That being said, there were some languid events in the story when Prince Young was battling with the government officers as he really took a long route to overcome the surge of the villains.  It was good that they started on a strong note and added some comic hints to establish the love story of the Crown Prince and a young woman who disguised herself as a eunuch.  It was like a big net was cast to the viewers, holding us still, that even when the narrative hit the agonizing break up and frustrating powerlessness of the hero, we remained optimistic that he will conquer it all and prove that love can happen if you earnestly work on it.
 “Moonlight drawn by the clouds” began a spirited and addictive stride, struggled a bit while substantiating the story conflict and characters’ driving forces, and ended safe and steady.  The closing episodes though cracking the main problem and giving out a happy ending to the main characters I felt would have yielded a more well-explained conclusion if they pushed for another two episodes.  It looked like the fragments of the resolution were forcedly laid to prove a feasible happy ending coming from a strenuous attack of the antagonists who made the most out of their evil ways in challenging the hero of the story.  And for this reason, much as I want to hail the brilliant facets of the drama and to overlook the imperfections out of my one-sided-bogum-noona-romance, I have to be fair that it was a good drama, but it shared some weak points from the story writing.
I can compare the storyline to Sungkyunkwan Scandal, but where the heroine was strong in that drama, it was Prince Young who carried the story well along with exemplary support from Ra On and the supporting actors.  It’s fair to be blunt that the devotion from the viewers sprung from Park Bo Gum’s adoration and the equally memorable performance of the young cast.  I think it was fairly written and directed and that the character portrayals made it possible to stabilize the weak points of the production and storyline.
We have a fair showing of sageuk dramas this year.  “Moonlight Drawn by the Clouds” is an engrossing period tv production starter if you are a new kdrama addict recruit.  The mixture of youthful romantic vibe and the seriousness of historical plot will encourage you that this kind of genre is not boring as it seems.  
All those strong moments and a little of those dragging villain runs, this heartwarming love tale will tap on those youthful romantic memories that we kept in her heart.  Those days when our love views were not yet corrupted and just free flowing.  Not cheesy and heart-fluttering nonetheless, Prince Young and his first love will take you to an amazing ride with their binding commitment in not giving up on love.  -jediprincess ^_^

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