Feeling PD-nim aigoo woke up and checked on #LegendoftheBlueSea Episode 2 ratings first… Can’t help but be fond on Jun Ji Hyun’s mermaid’s character.  Dear Lee Min Ho, I won’t be swayed by your charm, please at least meet or exceed the effort of your lead girl this time. 



Con artist Heo Joon Jae  easily pulls on his scams thru the help of his team and successfully mislead a madam of an investment company.  He flees to Spain and is interrupted by the solitude he is enjoying when a woman (Shim Chung) who turns out to be a mermaid barges in his hotel room.  He reports her to the police but upon noticing her jade bracelet and finding out that it is a 400 year old hot item, he frees her out of jail to execute his plan of retrieving it but the strange warmth he felt towards the mermaid made him go back to where he asks her to wait for him.  They settle in a hotel room where she absorbs world wide web information through Joon Jae’s laptop as he slept through the night.  The next morning Joon Jae’s friend alarms him that Myeongdong Capital madam ordered for his head and the gang are already posed to capture him.  They are able to escape the fiends thanks to Shim Chung’s incredible strength and seek help from one of Joon Jae’s friend but run for another chase with the villains when they are caught in Joon Jae’s special place (the place where he and his mom saw each other last time).  Cornered at a cliff with guns ready to fire at them, Shim Chung takes his hand and drags him to jump on the roaring blue sea.



There’s a  background story on how in his past life circa Joseon period, Joon Jae (then Dam Ryung) helped Shim Chung when she was caught by an evil rich man in the new town he was assigned to administer.  When he let go of her back in the waters, she swam back and raised her hand to him to which he reached back too.  On the present timeline, the same scene was displayed when Joon Jae bugged about leaving Shim Chung went back to reach his hand on the mermaid who waited for him patiently because he asked her too.  Shim Jung is a bundle of zest with how she is trying to fit in to the whole new world she is having.  I love that scene when they found out about Joon Jae’s mother’s sad goodbye and how she translated it they way she understood it when Joon Jae explained to her the complex meaning of love the other night.  I look forward to how her mermaid character will be sketched in a way that her innate mermaid nature will not be washed out.  While she gives out the breezy and comic facets of the story, I think Joon Jae’s story will be layered with a lot of serious notes considering his role as a con artist.  


So far I love how detailed and smart the writing is and how it feels so magically romantic and yet cheerful and mischievous at the same time.  It is giving me a lot of emotions and I like how the pace is upbeat and not wasting unnecessary scenes as well.  The premiere week presented a solid setting and character building where it left me with a lot of questions already.  It made me anticipate on how the romance will build up and how the time element will be inserted from now on to coincide with the supernatural twist of the story.  Jun Ji Hyun is my favorite actress and seeing her unfazed to give life to her mermaid role is just wow so I am expecting a lot from Lee Min Ho.  Can’t wait to see Week 2.



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