Even with the dying premise, I have grown to love “Fantastic” because of the dexterous cast and how they blend together supporting each other’s friendship and stories.  Fantastic is an optimistic story that not only encourages through its love theme, but also with how the main characters were able to leave really cool life lessons as they tackled the roles they played in the narrative.
A famous tv writer So Hye was forced to confront working with a famous actor,  Hae Sung she vowed not to work with anymore.  Caught in financial difficulties she agreed to the project just as she discovered her ailing body suffering from cancer.  Determined to win over his first love, Hae Sung worked wonders to claim her heart and never left him even when she was battling the weakening illness.
There was a point when I stopped watching the drama when the cancer plot was too much to handle for me, but it drew me again because I want to believe that it will still end on a positive note and not an open-ended closing.  That I think was a great move as the story as a whole was rendered in simple sketching but has taken pride on how immersing the actors were in playing their roles.
Hae Sung and So Hye’s love story though challenged by the cancer problem concluded in a not traumatic ending.  I was scared that it may follow the sad wrap up trend of the romance dramas this year so I was happy that they settled for a happy ending for all of them. “Fantastic” incorporated some agonizing notes.  Hence, it can go to a consistent direction that would be complementing the story well, but choosing to go to a sunny closure was also befitting to its story given how vibrant the characters were.
What I like about the stream of Romantic Dramas for this year is that it avoided the weep fest routine.  They were crisp and daintily designed to balance the problem and the resolution of the story.
The friendship side story and the noona romance from the supporting cast make “Fantastic” a really engaging watch.  It has an appealing cast chemistry and the sad cancer conflict is cushioned by the no-frill-just-heartfelt delivery of the scenes.  It is a complete package with the right amount of kdrama cliches, engrossing love couple, wacky supporting characters, annoying villains and unswerving storyline.
“Fantastic” gave a nonchalant commital with me, nonetheless I was able to finish it because it did not give me a  hard time in understanding the cast and their stories as well as the minimal discrepancies of the plot along the way.  The feisty heroine, the comedic timing and the binding friendship circle were the reasons why I remained loyal with them.  Although plain and leaning on the cancer cliche, I was drawn to the lucid role-playing of the main cast as they went along with their struggles.  “Fantastic” did not surge to such outstanding impact, but at the very least I get to remember what it was about a week after watching it and even now because it was an easy watch and yet lingering.  If you fancy a sane and steady romcom then buckle your seatbelt for a fantastic ride.   -abbyinhallyuland

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