What drew me to watching “Drinking Solo” was the simple storytelling, setting and character building.  It was a plain picture of the struggles of students taking lessons to pass the civil service exam and the battles of the instructors in surviving the present day adult life complications versus those idealistic dreams they had when they were young.  The love concerns inserted were additional bonus in amusing myself in watching the cast move on with their fictional life.  
After leaving a country side academy where she used to teach, Park Ha Na settled to Noryangjin through the help of her friend Jin Yi and began teaching aspiring government employees who were taking classes for the civil service exam.  There she met Jin Jung Suk, a top-rated instructor with low-graded temperament and attitude.  Their constant bickering or rather Jin Suk’s bullying escalated to an attachment they subconsciously did not expect, but upon learning that Jung Suk and Ha Na’s friend-student Gong Myung are brothers, they halted their budding relationship as Jin Suk gave way to his younger brother’s teacher crush that inspired him to spurt plans for his then bleak future.
Conversations and communication propelled the built up of the story.  It was actually more of the characters side stories connected together to create one full thought without losing track of the individual narratives.  The love plot though at par pleasing would have been so great if it ended the love couple being together than the shown hint that they were probably heading that way.
My favorite part of the show to be honest was the scene stealing spree by the instructor who did all those impersonations.  *chuckles Yeah, there goes the extent of my minimal adoration to slapstick comedy.  But really all those tricks he pulled made me laugh hard.  It was an enjoyable run to watch everyone of them moved within the Noryangjin world.  The casual vibe was comfortable and that’s why even with its bare setting, I endured witnessing how all of the cast members conquered their struggles and dreams.
A light and chirpy watch if you have patience with talk-induced drama.  The hook was cast halfway for me.  Nevertheless I enjoyed the simplicity, easy conflicts and the humor that was nailed nicely by presenting how single people deal with the lack of love, dreams and life.  

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