Hwarang Quick Recap  Episode 2

Moo Myung and Mak Moon escaped Okta and settled at a nearby forest where the latter mentioned seeing a woman who wears the same necklace as him. Unaware that a mark to kill him for seeing the face of the hidden King was ordered by the Queen, they were ambushed by the assassin killing Mak Moon and fatally wounding Moo Myung.  The latter faintly saw a man’s bracelet before losing consciousness and Mak Moon’s father who belatedly learned his son’s arrival in the capital was too late in saving his life.



Ah Ro earned some silver from privately narrating her steamy story to Maek Jong (King Jin Heung) who dozed off as usual to her story and woke up finding Ah Ro sleeping like a log as well. 


Ah Ro worriedly went home after not sleeping in their house to his father who was busy tending the wounds of Moo Myung.



Moo Myung survived his injury and bid farewell to his hometown to fulfil his promise avenging his best friend’s death.  He visited the storeowner who gave their details to Mak Moon’s father to ask for a sword.


The announcement of Hwarang recruitment was posted alarming the  noble families, but the group head took it as an opportunity to demand Queen Ji So in bringing out the King in hiding.


Ah Ro took in a part-time job of researching the eligible young noble men that would fit in the requirements for Hwarang which will be trained by Hwarang Wi  (Sung Dong Il), a friend of the former King whom Queen Ji So made a pact early in the story.  She diligently scouted handsome young men who excelled in sports, arts and science and softly played with a memory from her encounter with Moo Myung.



Maek Jong’s slave reported how he had a hard time chasing over Ah Ro’s location due to her excessive roaming around.  He spotted her entering a carpenter’s house, but sensed a looming danger so he dragged her to safety and alerted her of a man chasing him that might kill her too.


Moo Myung and Maek Jong played hide-and-seek using the wooden panels for their defense and the latter remembered the peasant who was killed because of seeing him.  Moo Myung who taught Maek Jong killed his friend surged for an attack but faced the frightened Ah Ro in hiding.



The opening week mostly covered the premise of the story neatly and simply. It went as far as establishing all the pertinent characters.

It was a decent and engrossing setting making use of Silla period’s elaborated and fancy way of living and tweaking it with a modernized appeal.  From the gambling den, to shopping boutique and to youth clubbing at Okta, it was visually pleasing in the eyes. 


Add up the pretty boys who I am excited to cheer on when they head to Hwarang training, I think I can expect a good showing from my first period drama for 2017. -abbyinhallyuland



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