If there’s one story in kdramaland this year that was brimming with optimism and happiness, that will be Louis and Boksil’s journey in living together a world they were not familiar with, trusting in their friendship and eventually realizing that fate brought them together for them to fall in love.


While every drama was busy with the ratings and solidifying a remarkable plot, “Shopping King Louis” sassily strutted like a big pile of positivity due to its endearing characters, heck even the villains were adorably bad in the story.  It’s that one drama that was made for sunny days and for people who just want to lounge and not worry about kdrama clichés and conflicts and just want to live each episode as light as possible and without worrying about so many things.



Heir to a wealthy grandmother, Louis was sent to France out of her grandmother’s fear that she will endanger his life if he will keep living with her.  This is based on an advised of a monk that her strong energy will eventually make her family suffer.   Out of fear that her only grandson will die like her son and his wife, she painfully decided to have Louis lived in Europe to avoid the bad luck supposedly placed on her.  Louis who has been mostly restricted to do things he wanted to do was compensated by allowing him to freely binge on his shopping spree hobby.   Louis’ shopping storm was halted when his grandmother fell ill and he was forced to go back to Korea. 


On his way home, he met an accident and lost his memory but was thought to be dead by the family after the car he was supposed to be driving was reported in an accident with a dead burnt man and his watch found in the accident scene.  Meanwhile Go Bok Sil is a country girl who left the mountains to look for her runaway brother after her mother passed away.  When she saw, a man wearing the same jacket she gifted her brother, she hurriedly approached him and demanded to know where the owner of the jacket was.  Upon realizing that Louis suffered temporary memory loss she decided to be with him to help find her brother.  Through Bok Sil’s skill and perseverance she was able to secure a job and a place to stay for both of them.  


Louis inevitably learned his rich roots just as he realized he was already falling for Bok Sil.  Everything seems to be falling in the right places, but then it was revealed how Louis had an encounter with Bok Sil’s brother right before the accident, and he ended up dying in Louis’ stead.  When Bok Sil finally learned about what happened to her brother, she left to go back in her hometown even with her conflicting emotions toward Louis.  The latter tried to woo her back, but she remained resolved to the idea that she cannot be happy with him and remember her brother at the same time.  


In a twist of fate, when Louis wandered somewhere in Busan, he bumped with Bok Nam who luckily escaped death and had the man who bullied him took his stead in the accident.  Louis took him back in and prepared a special event where he posed to have an amnesia again and had Bok Sil meet her long lost brother.  Off the young lovers sought their ever-after, but they hurdled the last conflict that explained amnesiac misfortune of Louis.


There goes the uncomplicated friendship turned love story of Bok Sil and Louis.  The sincere characters and the optimistic theme spread evenly all throughout captivated my emotionally drained self from the heavy plotted melodrama and period dramas this year.  “Shopping King Louis” was designed to become an elixir of positivity and sometimes we just need those dramas that will make us feel good.


Bok Sil and Louis complemented each other so well that I can’t help but cheer them on learning and living a new life thrown at them.  It made me so happy seeing a fictional couple unrestrained and yet so innocent in their life approaches.  The heart-warming romance that bloomed between them may not be steamy but indelible just the same.  In its entirety, the cast were all fetching in their roles to a point that even the villains will not even annoy you.  I was actually closed to thinking that hobbits were in charge of the production while they were merrily drinking because depression was never hinted in its run.


With its zany warmth, although lacking in depth, “Shopping King Louis” will amuse you of the character centered plot that teaches friendship, trusting and love.  If you need a grin and laughter inducing drama treat, then settle your camping things and imbibed on the cheerful adventure of a shopaholic who found the meaning of life and love when he lost all his memories. -jediprincess



One thought on “The Bright Romance of Bok Sil and Louie

  1. This is an accurate review of the drama 🙂 The story was light and the conflicts did not last for a long time and were solved and settled. The characters were all charming and adorable. It is simple yet heart-warming anf satisfying 😀

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