Episode 3

Maek Jong attacks Moo Myung who was shocked to see Ah Ro.  The latter protects her from the fight and takes the opportunity to escape the scene.  Moo Myung strikes his sword as Maek Jong counters and managed wounding him. 


Ah Ro catches her breath from the deadly encounter and falls on her knee which can’t seem to move from the fright.  Moo Myung chases after Maek Jong who fled skillfully.


Ah Ro presents her detailed report on her research for Hwarang candidates in front of Hwarang Wi.  She presents the possible candidates and their impressive social status but apologizes for some minor information she still has to get through.


Ah Ro dances and hums happily as she nears their house, but was interrupted when she sees Moo Myung standing at the entrance of their house.  She peeks at him discreetly and finds him gone only to realize that he is already behind her back.


Moo Myung questions her for following him and out of fright she declares that she lives in the house.  He realizes the woman as his friend’s younger sister just as she recognizes the clothes he wear was made by hers. 


Master Kim saves the day and introduces the two formally.  Master Kim convinces Moo Myung to assume his son’s identity so he can carry on with his plans to avenge Mak Moon.  He adds that he needs to get a treatment from his illness and his stubborness will not yield a positive result if he lacks power. 


Moo Myung goes back to his memory when Mak Moon cheerfully reminisces little girl Ah Ro.  Ah Ro cuts his reverie and finds wound in his body that will authenticate her lost brother, but he stops her silent protest telling her how the wounds she is looking for might not be there anymore because of bigger wounds he had acquired since he was separated from them. 



Hwarang Wi loses his cool as the factions opposing and supporting the establishment of Hwarang meet in the court.  Those against the Queen demands the King’s presence on his birthday parade so they can willingly lend their sons to the purpose of Hwarang. 
Hwarang Wi assures the Queen that he will take care of Hwarang as he had its full reign and later on commands messengers to Ban Ryu and Soo Ho’s gang for a night duel that will be held in a forbidden place.


Ah Ro ponders on her situation and it finally dawns on her that her brother is the same man she encountered in her drunken state.  The Queen Regent sets forth with her entourage and the King’s carriage without His Highness. 


Spectators blurts their opinion here and there as Ban Ryu and Soo Ho joins the audience.  Meanwhile Maek Jong seeks Hwarang Wi for his intention to join Hwarang but the latter refused his proposition.


Moo Myung sees Queen Ji So’s warrior and remembers him to be the same man who killed Mak Moon.  Unable to restrain himself he forces himself to the crowd and wields his sword towards the warrior, but fails his emotional rage.  Queen Ji So steps out of her carriage to question the intruder and orders his head when he refuses to answer. 


In the brink of losing Moo Myung’s life, Master Kim falls on his knees and calls the Queen’s attention which stops her from going back to her carriage.  He begs for Moo Myung’s life and offers his life instead.  A quick glimpse of a past from Queen Ji So and Master Ahn passes as the Queen raises her sword ready to strike it on Master Ahn. 


Queen Ji So pays Moo Myung a visit and offers a proposal to save his supposed father and sister.


Ah Ro worriedly waits for her father and Moo Myung and Maek Jong catches her outside the palace.  Moo Myung is set free and walks to Ah Ro’s direction who keeps asking him where their father is.  He stops in front of Ah Ro and faints on her shoulder.



Hwarang is so far nicely paced allowing us to munch on the character description and eventually development.  I have a lot of questions I want to ask the Queen, but I will give her a chance to prove her good intention.  For now I just want to go straight to Hwarang training.  I hope it will commence soon.



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