The pretty young masters officially enlisted as Hwarangs.  A looming problem reached Sun Woo as someone who knows his true identity attempted and failed to abduct him spilled the truth he knows to the old villains.  Ah Ro and Sun Woo promised to rely to each other.
Ji Dwi bravely defied his mother’s command and joins Hwarang.
Episode 5 Recap
Sun Woo wakes up bound and suspended in the air.  Remnants of Ah Ro’s abduction memory came back to his memory and complains on the hard knock he hot from the captors.  He sees Ji Dwi beside him who gets back to consciousness and gripes on how the villains thought they might be together since they wear the same Hwarang robe.  Ji Dwi cautions him losing his rank due to his connection with unlucky Ah Ro which ticks Sun Woo’s temper causing a mid-air fight between them.
While the two are held captive, the noble families sons march to the Enlistment Ceremony for Hwarang.  Soo Ho teases Ban Ryu of how pleasant he looks as a Queen’s puppy and the latter holds in the annoyance out of fear from his two fathers sitting in front of them.  
The Queen makes her entrance and gives a taunting look at Master Young on how she controls his son’s life at her fingertips, but the latter met her gaze and telepathically responds how he will find the King and kill him.  Queen Ji So and Hwarang Wi notice their appointees missing in action on the event and we go back to the two still bickering men dangling in the air.  
Sun Woo reveals  his relationship to Ah Ro so Ji Dwi calms down the weird feeling he still can’t explain towards their connection. Do Woo, the leader of the fiends, decide on killing Ji Dwi and Ah Ro and keeping Sun Woo alive for their task.  Over at the Hwarang ceremony, the people are getting impatient on when it will start so Queen Ji So orders to begin the service.
Sun Woo and Ji Dwi work together to break away from the ropes.  Ji Dwi sees hopelessness on Sun Woo’s attempt to break the body-bind, but the latter counters how whistling does not do any good as well.  A scary looking butcher enters the room to kill Ji Dwi so the two takes the opportunity to kick the butcher’s knife for Sun Woo to catch and use to tear the thick rope.  Sun Woo falls on the ground and makes a futile attempt to fight the burly slaughterer.  He grabs a big bone and accidentally hit the butcher at his private part and follows it up with a smack on his neck knocking down the beefy bad guy.  
At another room, blindfolded Ah Ro is being verbally abused by Do Woo stating how Sun Woo treasures her so much.  The sound of a big thump from the butcher’s body halts their bullying and proceed to where Sun Woo is.  Ji Dwi calls Sun Woo’s attention to free him from the bind, but the latter ignores him.  He motions to leave so Ji Dwi draws his last card and silently begs for Sun Woo to save him.  
They wait for the evil crew to appear in the slaughter house and fight with them side by side.  They head to where Ah Ro is, but the villains catch up on them and stops their escape plan.  Ji Dwi urges Sun Woo to run first as he tries to summon his warrior.  Sun Woo guides Ah Ro to head straight to where the crowd is and wait for him.  He goes back to help out Ji Dwi and by the time they almost got cornered, Ji Dwi’s warrior – Pa O, showers the evil abductors with arrows making time for them to runaway.  
In the brink of time, Sun Woo and Ji Dwi arrive at the ceremony and accept the induction sword.  Ji Dwi meets his mother’s gaze who hides her fury at the sight of the King she has been hiding, valiantly walks in the ceremony.  He looks at his mother and tells in his thoughts how he will decide when he will show his face to Silla.
After the event, Sun Woo explains to Master Ahn Ji who Do Woo is and his sour relationship with him.  He affirms the many fights they had in the past but he is not sure about why he abducted him.  Master Ahn Ji warns him not to put Ah Ro in danger and how since taking Sun Woo’s identity and being a Hwarang would mean that anything he does will be his adopted father’s business.
Ah Ro enters Sun Woo’s room when he is about to change his clothes and shocks herself at the sight of his naked upper body.  She tries calling him “orabeoni” but fails her attempts and ends up getting his torn robe for her to sew.  Sun Woo lays on his bed to rest but is bothered by something.  He peeks and smiles at the busily sewing Ah Ro who is annoyed on how she can’t seem to call Sun Woo “brother”.  
Ah Ro goes inside Sun Woo’s room to cure the wound on his palm and mumbles a thank you for saving her earlier.  She finally calls him brother and silently speaks on how she is used to not relying on someone and not expecting anything.  She adds how for the first time in her life she wants to depend on someone and she likes the feeling of having a brother.  She pleads him not to get hurt anymore since she is her brother.  
The pretending to be asleep Sun Woo grabs Ah Ro’s wrist and tells her how he feels afraid because of her.  He mutters how he is scared to cause her harm and not being able to protect her and how it is also the first time he felt that way.  He coaxes her to have faith in him because she is not alone anymore.  
Queen Ji So throws a fit and orders her warrior to get Ji Dwi out of Hwarang but the warrior shakes some sense on how having the King at Hwarang is the safest thing to do since no one will suspect that the King is with the flower elite soldiers.
Do Woo pays a visit to Master Young and Master Ho and reveals the true identity of Sun Woo.  The old villains deduces how Sun Woo is probably the man who saw the King, hence she placed him in Hwarang.
Sun Woo is confused figuring out how to wear the belt of the Hwarang robe so Ah Ro comes out from her secret peeping and helps him out.  He quips how he is late and how her offer to help is not working at all probably because of her poor sewing skills.  Ah Ro responds how she might be not good at fixing clothes but se can stitch people well shutting him up.  Ah Ro runs her gaze and is satisfied to Sun Woo’s transformation.  She mumbles how he looks normal and he jokes on how he very well knows he is handsome making her remember how she says the same thing when she was drunk last time.  Sun Woo refuses to grant her request to wave at her when he sees her in the crowd for the parade annoying her.  
Hwarang members parade amidst the cheerful crowd who are happy to stalk on the pretty young masters.  Master Young and Master Ho sit at Okta devising their grand plan on provoking the Queen as they see the unhappy young masters who failed to join Hwarang.  Ah Ro cuts to the crowd and sees Sun Woo in the parade who has been looking for her.  She thinks he did not see her but the latter smiles fondly when he spots her.  The young master who fought with Sun Woo last time bumps at Ah Ro in the crowd and she unintentionally tears his robe.
Ji Dwi throws solver bags at the baddie young master who dragged Ah Ro after recognizing her as Okta storyteller.  Ji Dwi saves Ah Ro and marks a tattoo on her arm until.  He tells her to look for him when she pays off her debt since he has a way to remove the ink.  She promises to repay her debt no matter what.
Hwarang Wi leads the celebratory toast and orders the boys to drink the liquor shots in front of them.  When the boys become drunk, they were asked to pick their room assignment.  The strong alcohol did not help the boys who seem to brawn whenever they have a chance and picks on Sun Woo as the punching bag.  Luckily he sobers up fast and knocks down the bullies.  Ban Ryu and Soo Ho resumes their unending feud since they refuse to belong to the same room.
Ji Dwi passes by the beaten Sun Woo to ask how he became the Queen’s hwarang.  Sun Woo asks him if he has ever carried a person in his life and Ji Dwi replies how it will not ever happen to him but ends up carrying him and realizes how Sun Woo beat up all the boys when they all evade them as they walk along the corridor. 
Master Wi narrates…
“Let them hate and burn up all they want.  Let them melt together so that they can differentiate one from another.  That way we can make something new from here.”
Ji Dwi enters their room and steps back upon seeing the prettiest boy in Silla, Yeo Wool.  He jokes on how he has never seen a pretty boy yet.  He circles around Ji Dwi and confirms he will also be in Grey room.  Yeo Wool concludes the long night with his interesting roommates Ban Ryu, Soo Ho, Sun Woo and the man from nowhere Ji Dwi.  
Episode 5 Quick Thoughts
Those 5 roommates will surely have a blast brawling and bickering in the future episodes.  The story is neatly weavibg the connection and laying the framework of the future alliances these Hwarang boys will make along with possible dilemmas they will face.
Master Wi’s boot camp promises to be exciting, I can hardly wait what’s in store for these angsty young masters.
Hope the romance line will emerge the soonest because I want to see them helpless because of love.  -jediprincess

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