The result of assignment was not a positive one for the class.  Ah Ro started working in the camp and Ji Dwi revealed his growing fondness towards her.  The boys sneaked out of the camp after intoxicating the masters.  Ban Ryu and Soo Ho’s sister had an eventful encounter.
Hwarang Episode 7
Ji Dwi halts his kiss momentarily and goes in for a second serving but Ah Ro senses her brother is coming so she orders him not to make any sound.  Sun Woo enters the room and when Ah Ro thought he already left she rushes to go the physician’s room.  Sun Woo who is still there meets Ji Dwi and asks what he did to Ah Ro.  He warns him  not to talk or go near his sister but Ji Dwi responds that he cannot do those things and confesses that he likes Ah Ro.
Sun Woo heads to where Ah Ro is who is sweating from the run she made and tries to explain herself, but Sun Woo cuts her thoughts and informs her that they will rest that night.  He tells her to give him time to acquaint himself as everything is still new to him and promises her that he will become a good brother to her soon.
Joo Ki walks Ah Ro home as per Sun Woo’s request.  He innocently asks if Sun Woo is her brother as he remembers how Sun Woo/Moo Jeong told him that the necklace belonged to his friend.  
Sun Woo goes for some pondering but walks near a pond where Master Wi is also enjoying a quiet fishing night.  He reminds him of how he should be with his roommates but he shuts him up with his reason of wanting to clear his mind.  Master Wi smirks and tells him how he likes him as a person because his burning rage binds him even when surrounded with a lot of enemies.  He adds how he is having a good time teaching him.
Master Wi gives Sun Woo’s punishment the next morning as he sits on a carriage anchored by the five roommates and hints on the wandering member last night who caused all of them that trouble.  Hwarang boys greets the morning on top of a mountain as they welcome the sun rising from the east with Master Wi’s lesson of how they must shove away prejudice and arrogance so they can be renewed and passionate each day.
The boys head to the nearby river for their laundry and as usual Ban Ryu’s temper over the group punishment received made him pass his laundry to Sun Woo.  Soo Ho heckles how Ban Ryu is a hopeless rude which I totally agree and asks him his reason on his late night wandering.  Sun Woo remembers Soo Ho having a sister and the latter gives a quick pep talk on how to treat a younger sister.  
He teaches him about how a sibling love can grow when you are tough at each other.  He adds how he should slave his sister when he gets home and asks her to do this and that.  Sun Woo questions if he really has a good relationship with his sister and Soo Ho replies how as brothers it is their responsibility to make their sisters stronger so that they can fend for themselves in this cruel world.  
Sun Woo did not waste any time and practices his lesson right away and locks Ah Ro with his arms and pats awkwardly her head when they bump to each other.
 Meanwhile Queen Ji So is bothered on seeing her son slept on a woman’s lap and heads to meet Master Ahn Ji for a treatment.  She faints on Master Ahn Ji’s arms and the latter struggles if he will kill her with that opportunity.  Master Ahn Ji stops his thoughts just as Queen Ji So gains consciousness.  He puts on a needle on her wrist to calm her down and the Queen remembers the moment when she begs him to elope with her but he denied her request since he married their family’s servant after she decided to leave him.  Master Ahn Ji motions to leave but stops when Queen Ji So mutters how his daughter works at Hwarang house and resembles her mother a lot.  He asks her how she feels controlling his life like that and she responds how she cannot control everything.  He walks away with the promise that he will take something from her someday. 
Ji Dwi pays Ah Ro a visit to check if she slept well because he was not able to.  She asks his business in the physician’s room and he replies straight that it is because of the kiss they shared last night.  *swoons aigoo this guy is really cute  
Ah Ro urges him to apologize for kissing her without her permission and will let go of his childish act but he refuses to apologize.
Annoyed after hearing her request to forget everything that happened, he inches closer to her and did not listen to her warning of using her accupuncture skills on him.  She sneaks in the needle rendering his movement and gives an ultimatum to stop bothering her or she will really put a needle to disable his manliness next time.
The boys talk about the assignment given to them as Yeo Wool jokes on how Sun Woo’s studying spree will not help him survive anyway.  He shuts him up to mind his business as Soo Ho calls Ban Ryu a pine tree for being always rude.
It’s exam day for the Hwarang boys discussing the King as a water in Tao Te Ching principles.  They sure are all creative in their cheat notes that are strategically placed to their reach.  Yeo Wol and Han Sung worries about Sun Woo’s lack of knowledge and hopes for the best that he will not loose one of his three chances in surviving at the camp.
Master Wi checks on the answers for his assignment and only Ban Ryu gets the passing mark so far.  He calls in two boys who submitted a blank paper and an almost blank paper to explain their actions.  Ji Dwi and Sun Woo stand to give their comments.
Ji Dwi states how Lao Zi’s philosophy deviates from doing things by force while Sun Woo wants to express his thoughts by words.  The two expounds their rumination as the class listen to them.  
JI DWI: The law of Silla is the Bone-rank system.  The path of water.  The law is the path of water.  Hence it is the natural law defined by nature.  However there is not a path of water everywhere.  Some lands are dry while some are abundant in water.  Following the path that was formed by the flowing water, there is harmony and the power of nothingness that does not cause annoyance.  A King’s law and a King’s path are there.
Sun Woo breaks the silent applause from Ji Dwi’s introspection and starts his discourse.
SUN WOO:  A path of water makes water flow from highlands to lowlands.  Then where must something coming from lowlands finds its path?  A path on which low can become high, not only a path of water flowing from low to high but a path that is dry and desolate which you must carry water uphill just to wet it.  I could not find the answer in that Tao Te Ching.  No path started as a path.  Someone must walk on it for it to become a path.  You must pound and vreak the hard land and pierce through it for the water to flow out.  If the law is to ignore the dry land and that is the path of a King, that King must not become a King.
Master Wi quizzically beams at Sun Woo’s answer and proceeds in his deliberation of their answers while Ah Ro nervously awaits the result and seeks the comfort of picking sprouts leaves in calming her nerves. 
Master Wi prepares to declare the result and everyone fails but Ban Ryu. Then he goes to the last two boys who presented their homeworks through words. Ji Dwi passes and Master Wi remarks how he passed because he incorporated Tao Te ching but he did not like his answer.  He moves next to Sun Woo who unfortunately failed but he tells him his answer impressed him.  Master Wi adds salt to Sun Woo’s injury by reminding him how he has two left chances left and challenges him that he was right about his end game anyway. 
Master Wi ponders and utters Sun Woo’s answer while he patiently fishes and chuckles on the feisty argument of his student.  Ji Dwi walks in and questions why he failed Sun Woo.  Master Wi acknowledges his presence and inquires the progress of his plan to oust the Queen. He dodges the question by stating how Sun Woo’s views mirrors his distaste of the noble men and how he cares for the welfare of the people first.  Master Wi rebuts about what kind of King can understand the sentiments of the poor subjects and Ji Dwi replies how a King in hiding could.  
The Master smirks at his confidence on the faceless king and voices how it would be hard for the young King to face the evil government officials and might put Silla on trouble.  He adds how he created Hwarang to protect the future of Silla.  He lectures Ji Dwi to go back to him if he can find a way to protect Silla without the Queen.
Ah Ro finds the test papers being burned by the kitchen helper and rushes to see Master Wi who is on his way to pee.  She blocks his path and seeks understanding on how a blank paper passed when her brother’s paper with a bit of newly learned characters did not.  She gives him a warning of succumbing to government politics not realizing that the Master is on his brink of peeing on his pants which he eventually did.  *chuckles
Ah Ro also meets Ji Dwi and hands the money she owes.  She inquires why he asked her to tutor him when he has a great back up in the camp anyway.  She blames the time she spent with him should have been given to her brother to help him pass.  Ji Dwi teases her of how her thinking of him made him forget her brother and how those pleasant words made him feel good.  
Ah Ro straightens his line of thinking right away and explains that it is not about their kissing incident but how she pities him as he looks like the loneliest person in the world and how she can relate to it because she once felt that way too.  She turns her back but he whispers what he needs to do for her to see him.  Ah Ro faces him again as he mumbles how when he looks at her face he feels nothing and it is driving him mad. He forgets who he is and what he is bound to do because he only thinks of her.
Ban Ryu’s fathers wait in front of Hwarang camp and when the door opens, the resident beefy guard hands them a decline letter to meet Master Wi.  Master Ho laughs and proceeds to visit Master Ahn Ji and makes his move to lure him in joining hands to bring down the Queen.
Bothered by Ji Dwi’s sudden love declaration, she weighs in and enumerates his good points not realizing that her brother is trailing him.  He asks what occasion she is talking about on her monologue but she chooses not to elaborate.  He reminds her to stay safe going home and she tells him not to worry about the result of the exam.  He pats her head and turns his back but Ah Ro freezes his steps when she tells him that it is their mother’s death anniversary.  She assures him that she will take care of it.
Yeo Wool wonders on what happened on the sprouts they are eating but Han Sung responds that it tastes good like his mother’s cooking.  Yeo Wool asks why he sits on their table and he replies that he likes to be with them and it makes the table count even.  Ban Ryu of course picks on Sun Woo again and reminds him that he is only left with two chances.  Yeo Wool stands up for Sun Woo by muttering how everyone including him think dog-bird did the best answer in the test.  Sun Woo softly inquires if death anniversary celebration is important.  He reveals to them that it is his mother’s death anniversary and Han Sung urges him to go home since the schoolwork is done.
At their barracks, the boys cannot seem to sleep and conspire to sneak out of the camp.  Yeo Wool assured them that he already paved the way for their evil plan by offering the teachers a wine that will knock their souls out for good.  Ban Ryu refuses to join the plan but worries that squealing them will make him get the same punishment as theirs so all the boys climb on the wall and head to the town.  
Sun Woo joins his new family in remembering Ah Ro’s mother’s death anniversary.  Ji Dwi calls Pa Oh and they go to the palace and notifies the Queen to meet him.  She  meets his son who is sitting on his throne and dares him if he can already protect that seat.  He admits to his weakness but refuses to grant Queen Ji So’s wish for him to leave Hwarang.  He promises her that he will become stronger.
Soo Yeon sees her brother roaming around and wonders why he escaped the Hwarang camp.  She spots him and motions to play a trick for all those neck choke he gave her and surprises him by touching his bum only to realize that it is Ban Ryu’s bottom.  She screams as she clutches her body catching the attention of the public who thought Ban Ryu sexually harrassed her.  
Unfortunately Soo Ho is also there with Yeo Wool so he rushes to protect his sister who already slaps his enemy’s face and who seems to be on trance on what was happening.  He looks for something heavy to hit Ban Ryu but before he can act on it his sister knocks him down.  Soo Yeon touches Ban Ryu’s face and asks if he is okay and the latter can only stare at Soo Yeon’s pretty face.
Ah Ro reminisces on her mother and tells Sun Woo that it is actually her birthday that day but because they don’t know when she died, they commemorate her death anniversary on her birthday.  She speaks about how the wind and the chirping birds become her lullaby as she touches her hair and Sun Woo asks if their mother is a bad singer.  Ah Ro halts her steps and seriously gaze at him as she utters that their mother cannot sing because she was mute.  Ah Ro gives him a knowing look as Sun Woo stares back and is caught of guard on the situation.
Awww I look forward to a possible Romeo and Juliet love story of Ban Ryu and Soo Yeon and how Soo Ho will work on his impossible girl crush to the Queen.  That was one intense class discussion and Master Wi’s class is sure a fascinating watch.  The slowly building friendship is inevitable and I can’t wait to see how it will present itself when the main conflict surges.  I will officially finish this drama since it passed the first six episodes in flying colors.  ^_^

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