Hwarang boys prepared for their music and dance presentation.  The aftermath of their night out yielded a blooming romance from Silla’s famous opposing families as Ah Ro’s suspicion on Sun Woo kept bothering her.
Sun Woo averts Ah Ro’s eyes when she discloses that their mother was mute.  Ah Ro cushions the situation by stating how he must have forgotten about it considering it happened for such a long time and even her knows it only because of their father’s stories.  She pushes him to go back to the camp and walks away in that awkward moment.
Pa Oh nags on how the other young masters are still not in the meeting place.  He expresses his distaste on the thought of the King sharing a room with the rowdy boys when he is of different level.  Ji Dwi replies he is nothing since he has not proven anything yet, ergo he does not have any level to boot.  But his warrior goes on his loyalty speech that even the stars and the moon know that he is the King of Silla.
Ji Dwi mutters how he must write down the names of his roommates since they have mistreated him a lot.  He mentions the punishments in store for the young masters from breaking limbs to boiling them in the water and made sure Pa Oh carries on his wishes.  The servant agrees as Ji Dwi beams jokingly. 
They sense someone approaching and Sun Woo heads to their direction so Pa Oh climbs the wall to escape.  Ji Dwi whines on why he came in late and how he is not the kind of person that waits but the latter remains stoic to his griping.  Sun Woo mumbles if it is possible to forget the childhood memories of one’s own mother which made Ji Dwi caught of guard having had a mostly sour memories with his Queen Mother.  He responds how he wishes to forget the memories of his mother as much as he can.  The rest of the boys arrive with Ban Ryu carrying Soo Ho on his back.  Yoo Wol encloses the two in his arms urging them to proceed first as they wonder what happened between the two enemies.  
Just as they thought that the coast is clear, the resident burly guard greets them in the gate and we see the boys in the morning exhausted in carrying Master Wi again while they hike the mountain.  He remarks how at their slow rate, they won’t finish 100 lapses and jokes on how they have gotten close to conspire breaking the Hwarang house rule.  Ban Ryu blames Yoo Wol on the promise of the strong whine he boasted, but Yoo Wol counter-attacts that the delay of going back was their fault.  
Soo Ho murmurs how he cannot remember what happened the night before and Ban Ryu misleads his thoughts for him not to retrieve his memory.  The good Hwarangs sit and talk about the dying fate of the mischievous roommates in completing their punishment as Han Sung comments on the grapevine gossip of Ban Ryu’s sexual harrassment to Soo Ho’s sister which the rest of the boys are not aware of.
Indeed the wine was so strong that the aftermath leads to Master Wi showering the Hwarang boys with his awful vomit.
 They shower together to no avail because the smell won’t go away.  Ji Dwi speaks about how they deserve to die in letting him experience that ridiculous thing for the first time.  Soo Ho still lingers on his lost memories as Yoo Wol coughs and gives a knowing look to Ban Ryu.
After bathing, Ji Dwi picks up his bracelet that Sun Woo kept in his possession and mutters how the bracelet looks unique and if it has a meaning.  Sun Woo replies that it does not belong to him and refuse to give it to Ji Dwi when he asks if he can have it.  Sun Woo asks him if he meant it when he said that he likes Ah Ro and he throws back the question on his opinion if he really does.
Soo Yeon feels the eyes of the people on her and hears their opinions on the upcoming fight between the young masters because of Ban Ryu.  She feels guilty and flees the scene.  She seeks store owner Joo Gi’s presence and hands him a letter to give to Ban Ryu.  She begs him to make sure it will be delivered as it will save Ban Ryu’s life.
Meanwhile, Ban Ryu hands Soo Ho a towel and when some of the boys walk in the locker room, they speed right away thinking the two might end up in a brawl.  Soo Ho is baffled on what just happened and curses on how he became sensitive due to his lost memory.  Ban Ryu suddenly tells him to remember that everything is a misunderstanding confusing Soo Ho even more.
Joo Gi gives Soo Yeon’s letter and reads it on the spot.  She wrote her formal apology and gave him a tip on how to survive her brother’s wrath which is to survive if he can until she can explain it in person upon his return.
Sun Woo finds Ah Ro in a pensive mood washing some clothes in the stream.  She replies how she has a lot to wash so he takes it away and proceeds on cleaning it.  She tells him how it is normal for a child who got lost to lose his memory so he must not dwell on not remembering that their mother did not speak when she was alive. Her understanding warms his heart so in return he playfully splashes the water in her direction and she returns the favor which made him smile.  He pats her head and reminds her to be safe while going home.
Soo Yeon blocks the path of the still ruminating Ah Ro and interrogates if a murder case happened at the camp already.  She replies that her brother has not killed Ban Ryu yet.  They head to drink some wine where they reminisce on how they became close because no one wanted to play with them when they were young.
Ah Ro gloomily utters how she likes her brother so much.  Soo Yeon who harbors a girl crush on her brother casually declares she likes Sun Woo as well.  But then Ah Ro becomes serious and tearfully holds her necklace whispering how she wants her to be her brother and not to be her brother at the same time.
Queen Ji So contemplates on her recent conversation with her son.  She almost fainted and orders Master Ahn Ji to check her condition.  Master Ahn Ji is forcedly summoned due to the Queen’s order.  He feels the weakening condition of the Queen probably due to poisoning, but advises her that she needs to find peace to restore her energy.  
She validates if there is really nothing wrong with her so he directs her to call for the royal physician, but she whispers how she cannot trust anyone in Wolseong palace aside from him and how she has been wanting to go back to those times she had with him in the past.
QUEEN JI SO:  I keep thinking about the past.  When I had no doubt of marrying you.  We ran in the fields like children in a clear blue sky.  I could see only my reflection in your eyes.  Do you still hate me that much?   If I still want you, would you come back to me?
The evil old masters meet Joo Gi to interview him about Sun Woo so he tells them how is a wild and strange, and far different from the other boys in the camp, confirming Master Young’s assessment that he is nothing like his father.
Ji Dwi surprises Ah Ro and puts a case with acupuncture needles on her palm.  He shows a James Dean smile and retorts how she has to find out the reason why he gave it to her.  She mumbles how he must want free treatment from her and was surprised when she checked on the pretty golden needles.
King Charming Ji Dwi did not stop from his i-like-you dowry with the pricey needles as he ordered Pa Oh to decorate the clinic luxuriously like a princess’ room.  Joo Gi made her understand how someone is trying to win her over.  She growls like a beast Joo Gi tells her the possible cost of the decorated room and grumbles on how that lunatic should have given the money to her than spending it like that.
Her angry scream alarms the eavesdropping Ji Dwi and Pa Oh.  Ji Dwi gripes on his failed idea to please a woman, but the latter responds how the woman must have a weird taste to not like it.  Ah Ro appears behind their backs scaring Pa Oh who left them quickly.
Ah Ro demands the reason why he did such a useless thing, and he responds how spending gold deems not fit for her harsh words.  She castigates him for not using the gold for donation to feed the starving children and asks him what crazy thing he is doing.  He replies how he wanted to do it for her, and even if those are useless, he wanted to give him those pretty and nice things.  Ah Ro still not understanding the boy standing infront of her likes her, asks him why he did it so he complain on how she is really not smart.  He tells her again that she likes her and it is her call whatever she wants to do with his gifts.  
It’s fighting lesson with Hwarang’s resident warrior-teacher and most of the boys barely manage to block his attacks.  Soo Ho rises up to live up to the expectation as the best fighter in the capital but fails to defeat him as well.  Ji Dwi comes in next and he surprises the techer warrior and the class with his impressive sword wielding skills.
The government officials are at their usual spat on their coccus for the preparation of Thanksgiving Festival.  Master Wi cuts them up and chastises them on how instead of supporting the lacking Royal Family they initiate additional trouble for the country.  He then proposes a special performance of Hwarang on the day of the festival.
Master Wi explains to Queen Ji So that Hwarang’s performance will announce to the whole country that the boys belong to her since the focus of the festivity is the Royal Family. 
Master Young and Master Ho brood over how to stop the intention of the Queen and Master Wi.  They barge at the Hwarang camp and Master Young calls in Sun Woo for a private conversation.  Master Ho tells Ban Ryu not to worry as everything they are doing is for his own good.
 Master Young throws a bait when Sun Woo decides to end their talk by mentioning Mak Moon’s death.  He hints him on how his death came to be because he saw the King which brings back flashes of memory from the night his friend died.  Master Young inquires if he can be of help since he and even his own father hold a grudge to the Queen, but Sun Woo replies that he knows nothing about the King’s face.
Sun Woo meanders on his thoughts as he peers on the King’s bracelet and vows to his friend that if he died because of that reason, he will not forgive the King, and he will make him pay back for it.  His reflection was interrupted by the very secret King he is thinking of, as Ji Dwi wonders why the Prime Minister sought him.  He ignores his presence and walks away from him.
The sound of drums reverberates in the camp the next day waking up the boys from their sleep.  Sun Woo recognizes the familiar drum beat and he confirms that it is his foster father who was making the noise when they enter the study hall.
Master Wi announces their upcoming presentation on the Thanksgiving Festival.  Ban Ryu disagrees immediately at the thought of performing dance to the Queen, but Master Wi corrects him that they will perform for the people and not for the royal family.  Master Wi stamps the plan by declaring it as the second assignment.  He formally introduces Master Woo Reuk who will teach them music and dancing and tells them that they should feel honored to learn from him.
Han Sung narrates that Master Woo Reuk is the Master of Instruments as there is no instument that he cannot play.  Sun Woo chats with his foster father to explain what just happened and he replies that he won’t live like a peasant anymore.  He tells him that he met Master Wi since they both like music.  He wishes him luck on the second assignment.
Off Master Woo Reuk in showing the boys his mesmerizing music as he teaches them what feelimg the rhythm is about.  The boys stand up to display their skills and only Sun Woo seem to need a lot of dance practicing as Ban Ryu messes up his drums exhibition.  
Master Wi hears the news of the cozy clinic and sits down for a tea with Ah Ro.   He reveals to her that the Music Master raised her brother.  The five roommates and Han Sung are selected for the special dance, but Sun Woo seems to be having problems following the steps.   
Pa Oh covers on Ji Dwi’s laundry as he practices the dance routine.  He tells him that he is afraid that he might end up the worst dancing King in the history.  Ji Dwi refuses to believe his opinion claiming he is handsome and dances well so he will become the best King in the history.  Ji Dwi teases his warrior that he seems to be that type that women like that is why he is still a bachelor, but he refutes that his loyalty to serve him inhibits him to wed.
Ah Ro chuckles at her brother’s stiff body practicing the dance routine and murmurs if he is a piece of wood.  She reminds him that he must complete the second assignment and takes away his stick to demostrate how it should be done but her stiff body does not help him at all.  He smiles at her persistence and Ah Ro beams seeing his happy face.
Ah Ro leaves the camp but Joo Gi’s recent comment about Sun Woo mentioning that his friend owns the necklace and Sun Woo not remembering that their mother is mute bothers her.
 Master Woo Reuk and the boys assigned for playing the instruments are still on practice leaving the rest of the boys unable tolerate the noise.  Soo Ho comments on how Ban Ryu dislikes the event but his effort is clearly showing.  He jokes that at least he is a lot better than Sun Woo.
Han Sung opens their door and squeezes in to Yoo Wol’s spot but changes his mind when he touches his face.  He moves to Sun Woo and begs him to sleep beside him as he is the most normal among the guys in the room.
The boys carry on perfecting the sword dance the next day and they have subconsciously keep to the rhythm while studying and even bathing.  Joo Gi grabs Ban Ryu and delivers two letters for him.  He reads first Soo Yeon’s letter and she wrote about her intention to clear what happened between them to Soo Ho on Thanksgiving festival.  
She also requested to meet him to apologize in person and encouraged him to hang on in keeping himself alive.  She ended her letter by telling him how she looks forward seeing him in Hwarang’s special dance production.  Ban Ryu who has not realized yet that he is having a girl crush ala romeo-and-juliet beams like an idiot only to find out that his adopted father’s letter has tasked him to not attend the festival.
Ah Ro interrupts Master Woo Reuk’s reverie which surprises the latter.  She introduces herself and thanks the Music Master for raising her brother.  Ah Ro brews some calming tea for Master Woo Reuk and they converse about Sun Woo.  She speaks about how she wants to ask a question to the person who raised her brother if ever she meets him.  She looks in his eyes and silently whispers if her brother missed her when he was away from her.
Sun Woo sees a chrysanthemum field and remembers the tea Ah Ro gave him before.  He picks some flowers and make a bouquet and heads to meet her.  They meet at a hallway and he gives him the bouquet.  She peers at the flowers as tears well in her eyes.  She tells him how she is happy that he is her brother, when he is really not.  The flowers fall on the ground as Ah Ro looks in Sun Woo’s eyes and asks him to reveal his true identity.
Hwarang Episode 8 Quick Thoughts
 Waaaa!  How can you not love these boys?  The development of the supporting cast’ stories are so far as entertaining as the main plot.  I like how even with the historical premise, Hwarang is oozing with modern vibe.  I can’t wait to see the sword dance.  I bet that would slay even the kpop idol dance these days.  The BanRyu-SooYeon blooming love looks cute and promising.  I would gladly give Ah Ro to Sun Woo so I can take the King.  *chuckles
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