Welcome to Dobong gu, home of Do Bong Soon who lives in Dobong dong.  Here we will get to know a heroine with superhuman strength as she conquers her colorful life and her journey on finding love.

Strong Woman Do Bong Soon Episode Recaps

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Strong Woman Do Bong Soon Episode 1 – “Ridiculous Punks”
A young man in high school uniform cradles a bouquet of flowers in his arms as he sits on bus en route somewhere.  His reverie is cut off when the one of the bus tires suddenly burst and he nervously holds on for his dear life as the public vehicle swerves from left to right.  The bus driver tries hard to keep the bus on the road, but it moves toward a mother and her child walking on the sidewalk as the people inside the bus are thrown everywhere.
Just then the berserking bus miraculously stops in the brink of the collision.  The young man crawls back to his seat and spots a small framed woman emerging from the back of the bus and walking away from the scene.  
He stares intently at her to see her face, and just as the wind blows to show her face, the same high school boy who appears not young anymore wakes up from his dream to grumpily answer his ringing cellphone and introduces himself as Ahn Min Hyuk – the CEO of Ainsoft, a famous game developing company.
The robotic sounding caller warns him to halt “Albertine Chronicles” which is a famous game Ainsoft launched or he will face death.  Unfazed of the blunt death threat, Min Hyuk responds how the psycho should have at least called him when he is sober so he could at least feel fear, and not when he interrupted his sleep.  *chuckles I like your character already Hyung Sik  The psycho continues with his bluff but the whining Min Hyuk hangs up and curses at the sleep invasion that just happened.
A woman stuffs her mouth with ramyun to open her day.  She receives a text message of her failed job interview and gloomily works on filling out her resume for another job seeking adventure.  Her name is Do Bong Soon of Do Bong neighborhood in the district of Do Bong. *wink She answers the self-introduction essay and chirpily writes that she is a very special individual.  She narrates the secret about her  herculean strength which is a special power that is passed on to the female line of her family from her mother side.  However their special power cannot be used for personal greedy interest or they will suffer a misfortune.  Her mother suffered that ill fate after using her ability to bully people and coaxed money from them.  She used to be a prolific weightlifter but she woke up one day unable to carry the heavy barbel anymore.  In her loneliness, her father who is an average wrestler came to her mother’s rescue to appease her on her failed dream.  The rest is history and twins were given to them, with the first born baby girl greeting the doctor who delivered them from her mother’s womb with a strong punch announcing the power she inherited from her mother.
Bong Soon shares her sentiments on how she strives to hide her power even when she sees social injustice over the years to avoid being put on a spotlight.  Landing a permanent job has also been a struggle for her, but she is positive to fulfill her dream of developing a web game that will showcase her true to life character.
Bong Soon listens to the instructor in the game developing class she attends to about how creating games is no easy task as you have to make the game interesting to keep the interest of the users going.  He cites Ainsoft’s “Albertan Chronicles” and gossips about how the CEO of that company enjoys his life well to keep his mind fresh so he can conceive business strategies without any problem.
On cue, Min Hyuk the CEO cozily zooms in a park on a hoverboard  and notices a man furtively watching him.  Instead of running away from him, the adorable CEO chases him, but was not able to get him for questioning.  Frustrated of the recent annoying privacy invasion he is getting, Min Hyuk orders his secretary to find a bodyguard for him.
Bong Soon rides her bike on her way home not knowing that all those years of hiding her identity will be exposed that day when she witnessed a bus driver being bullied by thugs who blocked the road with a big truck and not letting the driver with kids on his bus to pass through.  The gang leader catches on Bong Soon’s attempt to report the incident to the police and takes her phone away.  Gang leader tries to scare her but she bickers back on how unfair it was to harm an old man.  He gets annoyed at her cheeky righteous citizen act and throws her phone to the ground.  Her phone gets broken but she maintains her sanity and bargains a last offer to replace her new phone, but the gangster responds with a slap on her face whining on her guts and her glare.  Min Hyuk’s car comes in the picture and calls the police about the incident. Bong Soon finally reaches her limit and disregards the jinx that might ensue if she uses her power.  She slaps his face back and we see her hand marking his face with some of his teeth falling off because of the immense pressure.  The other troublemakers come to help out the gang boss so she pushes them to a nearby sand truck.  
Min Hyuk is bewildered on what has been happening as Bong Soon deals with the rest of the thugs dislocating bones here and there and sending them up in the air but still trying to negotiate the compensation for her mobile phone.  The children cheers on Bong Soon for defeating the bad guys as Min Hyuk wonders if the police is still necessary on what he just saw.  Bong Soon’s anthem plays as she poses cooly after pulverizing the brawl hungry men while Min Hyuk marvels at the supergirl his eyes just laid on.
The children, villains and heroine meet at the police station where Bong Soon’s childhood friend In Gook Doo works as a detective.  He is an insufferable upright law officer who works by the book in upholding the law and justice system of the country.  Min Hyuk walks in the police station and finds Bong Soon debating whether she will enter the room or not.  She freshens up her breath and practices a small talk meant for Gook Doo.
 She enters the noisy room silencing the complaining injured men.  Gook Doo starts to question Bong Soon who seems to be in another dimension as her eyes shoots heart to the glowing man of her dreams.  He asks about her details but he answers all his questions before she can even utter a word.  awww I think Ji Soo will give a cute fight as a second lead 
Gook Doo summarizes the impossible premise told by the children and the gang members on how the seven burly thugs got beaten singlehandedly by her. He narrates all the injury incurred by the gangsters who are still agitated on what happened, but they cower meekly whenever Bong Soon turns her back to face them.  Gook Doo tells her that they need another testimony from a witness and worries about the consequence of what will happen to Bong Soon if the weird case is proven true, but she cannot come up clean in revealing what really transpired.
 Enter Min Hyuk who presents himself as the witness and the one who made the call to the police.  He chuckles on the fictional story of the children and discloses how the men fought with each other and how the children might just be disillusioned of superhero movies they have watched before.  The thugs make an appeal to Min Hyuk’s story but they turn to a cocoon every time Bong Soon faces them.  This police confrontation will crack you up.
Bong Soon’s name is cleared and she meets Min Hyuk with his secretary, Secretary Gong, outside the police station.  He coaxes her to utter some grateful words for her savior but she ignores him hinting how he was not man enough to help out in the situation they were in earlier if he was really there.
 She walks away leaving them perplexed.  Secretary Gong mutters her ungratefulness, but Min Hyuk mumbles how she acted so sexy.  lol  They head back to the company and we see his cheerful interaction with his employees warming up the office.
At Dobong Walnuts, Bong Soon’s mother bosses her husband while getting the store proceeds of the day.  Bong Soon arrives and mom picks on her and reminds her to marry a dumb person with lots of money if she cannot get a job.
Back at the police station, Gook Doo explains that he knows Bong Soon because they live in the same neighborhood.  One detective mentions that Min Hyuk is the CEO of Ainsoft and is also a son of a chaebol family.  Meanwhile in the hospital, the gangsters are still fussing about their fate and curses Bong Soon on their battered bodies.  
Bong Ki, Bong Soon’s twin brother who is a doctor in training at the hospital listens on the recent case of dislocated bones being discussed by the orthopaedic surgeon.  He points out how monstrously strong the culprit was for breaking the bones and then putting it back on the same place.  One doctor mutters how they should transfer the thugs to the psychiatric ward for claiming that a woman did that damage to them and Bong Ki goes back to memory lane when they were abducted by a bad ajussi and Bong Soon took charge in defeating the kidnapper through her powers.
Back at their home, Bong Ki tells his noona how she destroyed completely the patients while she peels the walnuts with her bare hand.  She replies to not worry about her powers jinxing her since she she used her powers with good intention.  Worried on the repercussions of the chaos from yesterday, Bong Soon wakes up and is relieved that nothing serious happens to her face and that her power is still in full swing.
Min Hyuk opens his day warming up with his punching bag and contemplates on his encounter with his stalker the day before.  He goes to his company in a sunny mood and scans the files of the prospective bodyguards to choose from, but no one fits his preference.  Just then he remembers the bizaare woman with extraordinary strength and orders Secretary Gong to get her.
Secretary Gong reports to Min Hyuk that Guk Du refused to provide Bong Soon’s details citing laws that they will violate on that request.  The very same uptight attitude earns Gook Doo a post transfer when his undercover mission involved an assemblyman who ordered a lesson to be served for him.  He got transferred to Violent Crime Team 3 who likes watching old school crime tv shows to aid them in their investigation procedures.
Min Hyuk pays a visit to a police official who is his father’s friend to get Bong Soon’s information.  The police official praises him for his hard word in setting up his own business but advises him on how he still needs help if he wants to achieve something in the future.
Bong Soon blurts out how she should just do manual labor work to make use of her power but her mother reminds her of a punishment that awaits her if she abuses it.  Her phone rings and she meets up with Secretary Gong for a job offer.
Bong Soon is almost tempted to bite the offer but knowing that she will be guarding the arrogant man from last time, she declines the offer and motions to leave.  Secretary Gong throws in a huge amount plus benefits so Bong Soon goes back to her seat. When she learns that the company the CEO owns is Ainsoft, it’s a done deal for her as it is also the dream company that she is intending to work for.
Back at Do Bong Walnut cafe, Bong Soon’s mother and her cronies discuss filing a petition to prevent a high rise project that will be done in the neighborhood.  They spot Gook Doo’s mother approaching in the cafe all pretty and pompous in her writer persona.  Bong Soon’s father chummily raves about him being her fan and mentions her recent work that he likes.  Gook Doo’s mother brings out Bong Soon’s recent trip to the police station surprising Bong Soon’s parents.  
Bong Soon is interrupted by her mother with the house chores and interrogates her on why she was at the police station.  Bong Joo assures her mother to not worry about the mojo and boasts on how she has gone through using her powers a lot but was never punished at all.  She adds how the genes she passed on might have been tweaked over the years that’s why her power is not carrying a curse anymore.  She happily declares securing a new job and proceeds to prepare food for Bong Ki who almost got hurt by his noona’s reckless neck lock on him.
Bong Soon’s family sits on the table for the bibimbap she prepared for dinner.  She takes on Gook Doo’s phone call and savors the one-sided love she is having as he goes on his reminder of her taking extra precautions since the bad guys are known to be famous gangsters.  He lets her know that he will drop by to bring a taser for her protection.  Before she can tell him the good news of her getting a job, he hangs up disappointing Bong Soon a bit who was more than happy knowing how Gook Doo worries about her.  Her happiness translates to a little rolling on her bed until she fell from it causing a quick earthquake in their house and I giggled on how the family takes it as a normal occurrence in the household.
The next morning Bong Soon meets Min Hyuk at Ainsoft for her job contract signing.  He learns how she previously submitted to work for the Game Planning and Development team and comments on her courage to work there when she lacks skills and experience.  She counters on how the company does not discriminate as per the projected image that is why she tried her luck in securing a job there.  She inquires how a healthy man like him needs a bodyguard and he responds how enemies line up to harm him and assures her that he is not an evil person.
Bong Soon raises questions about her benefits, retirement plan, cafeteria, yoga classes and mixes up stock options to stop motions.  Min Hyuk is bewildered on the demands of her soon to be bodyguard and remarks that he will think about the stock options and the rest of the benefits she wants depending on her abilities.  She mutters the weak offer she is having which ticks Min Hyuk’s anger.   He clears the table between them and taunts her to arm wrestle with him to check on her skills.  She obliges and counters that he should try to pin her down instead of her initiating it.  
He attempts with all his might but was unsuccessful.  She encourages him to use both his arms but gets the same result.  Bong Soon finally pins his arm down causing all his arm nerves to break down.  hahaha
Min Hyuk orders Secretary Gong to bring the contract and Bong Soon is surprised to be offered such a big amount of money.  
 Secretary Gong communicates with Min Hyuk on his impulsive mood so he orders them to do a chicken fight to prove that she is worth the job.  
The former refuses to fight with a woman but changes his mind when Min Hyuk throws his car as a prize if he will defeat his new bodyguard.  The fight commences but Bong Soon requests a quick stop asking for a helmet to protect Secretary Gong.  Min Hyuk orders jajangmyun and buys the helmet of the delivery man for the secretary to use.  
The chicken fight of the century continues with Secretary Gong murmuring his annoyance and boasting at the same time.  Min Hyuk signals to begin and he attacks her right away.  Nonchalant Bong Soon gives a quick, soft nudge and on a classical music background, Secretary Gong zooms back to the wall behind him breaking it hard and then falling on the ground.  Bong Soon checks if he is alive and he luckily wakes up from fainting.  Bong Soon and Min Hyuk stares at the broken wall as Secretary Gong heads to the hospital.
Min Hyuk checks if she is okay and tells her to proceed with what she was about to say.  Bong Soon makes an earnest appeal for a chance to work on the company’s game development and planning team if she does a good job protecting him.  Min Hyuk hesitates citing how he offered the job right now because of her skills, but agrees for the “chance” request if she will really do a good job.
Bong Soon goes home and feels weird walking on their neighborhood.  She googles on key points to help her out with her new bodyguard job and beams when she receives a text message from Gook Doo to meet him quick for the taser he promised to give.  He reminds her to put it in good use.  He orders her to go back inside as she tries to open a conversation with his love relationship but his attention shifts to the timely phone call of his girlfriend.  She chases him to tell him about her new job but he hurriedly walks away.  
Late at night Do Bong neighborhood’s quiet night is suddenly filled with police siren after a woman was discovered killed.  In the morning, the people flock to the murder scene as Gook Doo’s team convenes to work on the case.
Bong Soon takes her first day at work and is surprised when a digital death threat shows on a TV screen at Min Hyuk’s office.  They sit and he confesses how he is getting those life portents left and right each day.  He insist on not getting help from the police since he does not trust them and divulges his intention of them working together in catching the psycho just like they are in a game.  
He pitches an offer for her to move to Development and Planning if she successfully captures the culprit to which Bong Soon agrees.  Min Hyuk turns on the TV and the news on Dobong neighborhood murder case is on.  Just then he picks up his ringing phone and his stalker gives another scary warning to Min Hyuk.
EPISODE 1 Quick Thoughts
We have a solid love triangle, vivacious main cast, cute storyline, and exciting pacing.  Need we ask more?  Strong Woman Do Bong Soon will surely stride for an amazing spectacle seeing the great chemistry of the trio and how the storytelling is neat and funny so far.  I love the character sketches.  I love how our hero has figured out all the answers to his illustrious life and how he lives to his gaming company owner persona and treating every life setback as a challenge to overcome for him.  Oh and Bong Soon’s one sided love to Gook Doo is cute as hell.  I can’t wait to see the two guys fight for her heart already.  I love how the premiere week already laid the premise of Bong Soon’s power’s back story.  Park Hyung Sik is my happy pill these days and I am just a happy fan seeing him devote so much for his character.  Ji Soo is also doing a great job that if he continues like that we will get another taste of what Goblin and Reaper bromance left us.  I can’t wait for next week to happen and I hate that I have to count days because I have not been doing that at least since last year even with the influx of amazing kdramas.  At least there will be an alternative romcom cutesy to neutralize the heavy hitters airing these days in kdramaland.  -jediprincess

6 thoughts on “Strong Woman Do Bong Soon Ep 1 Recap

      1. kamusta na pakiramdam mo? ok kana? FRIDAY NAAAAA hahahahahaa!!!! Ji Soo!!!! I’m rewatching The Heirs now. ang layo talaga ng hitsura ni Hyung Sik dito kesa sa SWDBS!!

      2. naku sis eto maliit pa din ang butas ng air passage ko paminsan umaatake pa din pero free na ako from steroids and antibiotics puro spray na lang….struggle is real talaga ng summer… ung high society ni hyung sik okay na siya dun ^_^

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