I can’t believe that I’m actually talking about this, but just for the fun of it, I’ll give you tips on how to effectively manage your kdrama following.

First, my extreme fondness and effort in spending time binge watching Korean dramas is not an “addiction”.  It is another destressing activity for me.  It has been working quite well in the past 15 years.  It is a great pill for relationship breakups too.  *wink

Yes 15 long years… I was actually more into movies on the early stages of this hobby hence my earlier blogs are about movies, but fun and fulfilling romantic comedy films slowly diminished in numbers so that’s when I transitioned almost full time to korean dramas.  I’ll be honest that due to my urges to watch dramas, I have learned to love being indoors and just have “me time” with the fictional oppas as much as I can.  I watched almost all dramas airing from 2007 until 2014, backtrack on the classic dramas from 2000-2006.  But I have to pay my bills and focus on my regular job so I have learned to balance my kdrama following with my real life.


So from 2014, when I started taking traveling and hiking mountains seriously, that’s how I learned to choose my kdrama battles.  *chuckles Yes, it is really a kdrama battle out there, consider you are forewarned.

Develop a first six episodes habit.  Some only give it two or four, but for a 16/20/24 episode dramas, it is a safe number to discern if you will go somewhere with the story.  If you won’t, drop it and move on to the next or place it on a parking lot to watch in the future, if there will be a languid kdrama season which based on my experience always happens everytime in kdramaland.  Make sure to take advantage of the off-peak season to go back to dramas that you have missed.

Check the history of the production team.  I pick my kdramas to watch based on the writer or PD.  I seldom based it because of the actor.  It’s the familiarity to the writer/director and vice versa.  Chances are the production team knows how to tickle and engross the audience, so you can never go wrong trusting them.  I’m not saying you should disregard the new kids on the block as who knows they might surprise you.  On that premise, you have to trust the “first 6 episode habit”.


Based on experience, you have to sleep when your eyes are signaling you to do so.  Just resume when you have gotten enough rest.  Before, since I work at night when I get home, I usually stay up until 12 noon which will give me roughly 4-6 hours of dreamland stay.  But now, I let my body decide, usually I sleep an hour after I hit my bed.  I will get 6-8 hours of sleep and when I wake up I will feel refresh to take on my watch list.  While I am sleeping the downloads are progressing so when I wake up, drama pills are ready for viewing.

If you can write about your thoughts, like what I did, it will help you in the future.  My blog has been my personal library when I want to remember the drama plot.  You have an option to make it public or private anyway.  But for me it’s a must that you make a kdrama diary if you don’t have an intention to leave this interest for a long while.  Trust me on this because it really helps me when I walk through a newbie kdrama follower to check on which dramas might suit his preference.

Love the kdramas but prioritize your health.  Everything should be in equilibrium.  Take it like maintaining a work-life balance program for yourself.  I know it is hard to have a balanced kdrama-life-work setting, but it is definitely feasible.  I go out with my friends for day tours, hiking and eat out.  I travel once every quarter alternating it to outside and within the country.  So yes, it is manageable.  

For students, prioritize your school works first or limit your viewing to 2 hours each day.  Trust me, oppas can wait and oppas will not run out.  *wink

I will be back to my regular writing since I’m done with this Friday night pep talk.  Happy Weekend yorabun!  ^_^



2 thoughts on “Managing your KDrama-Addiction Meter

  1. This is awesome! I definitely have to manage my Kdrama addiction carefully, lol! I’ve got too much going on to watch everything that comes out, so I have a 3 episode rule. Sometimes I give it more if it seems promising, but you are totally right–always know by about episode 6 if I will drop it or not! And then I drop it like it’s hot. (Do I get extra points for all that rhyming?)

    Awesome post!

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