I’m in the process of catching up with “Defendant”.  Hopefully I will get to include it on my round up next week or just settle for my series review.


Chief Kim (Wed-Thurs 2 eps)

How’s that for a payback time?  So happy seeing Seung Ryung assume his Gunsan roots and brains to outwit Yul.  I am still on guard because Yul is no easy opponent to subdue so I expect Chief Kim to deliver well in the task on his hand.  We have the usual fun and perky week while we resolve the first stage of the primary problem.  I’m beginning to feel Yul’s eccentric end game and I hope it will really lean on a redeeming end for him.  As long as the Business Operations department is happy, I am happy too.  If Chief Kim wants to relieve the comic angst he has towards Yul, I will let him be.


Strong Woman Do Bong Soon (Fri-Sat 2 eps)

JTBC  scored a lot with its anniversary special with this bouncy gem.  The ratings are reflecting the effort the production team and the actors put together ro gift us with a feel good drama.  The synergy of the cast makes the trite premise so engrossing to watch.  I can feel the romcom plot will become thicker soon, and I can’t help but love it as a kdrama fangirl.


Tomorrow With You (Fri-Sat 4 eps)

The way this story withholds the future by furtively hiding the key turning points and yet presenting well the essence of the time-traveling plot on the romantic premise, has been making me on the edge of my seat trying to decipher the puzzle pieces that will help So Joon in case I bump with him in one of his sojourns.  I like the laid back we will not be rushing here tone, so I was surprised that the big reveal came sooner than I expected.  It is maintaining its wistful sphere thanks to our caught in between time bending love couple.  I can understand the urgency on So Joon’s end trying to protect Ma Rin, but how the latter responded to learning the truth was understandably confusing if So Joon keeps on hiding what their full story is about.  In a way this story is sort of intermittently detaching on its own accord, but will wake up to entice you again.


Voice (Sat-Sun 4 eps)

I was shocked on the recent development of the story.  I just am so affected with how Detective Jin Hyuk’s life has been since losing his wife so I just want him to be at peace once and for all.  Tae Gu as a villain really makes me cringe and that ending psychopath way of living scene was disturbingly awesome.  I like how attached and detached the cases are to the main plot of the story.  It gives us new cases that are tied up with the main case we are working on since Day 1, but at the same time the cases are closed as a stand alone event.  We are nearing the finale week, and I can’t get enough of the thrills “Voice” is so far giving me.




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