Bong Soon’s encounter with the psycho warranted her boss and her one-sided love to work on her protection.  Neighborhood psycho almost kidnapped Kyung Shim for his new victim, but Bong Soon came in time to stop him.  

Strong Woman Do Bong Soon Episode Recaps

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Strong Woman Do Bong Soon Ep 5 Recap – “Seems they’re a friend, and yet not”
Bong Soon steps in the subway and ponders on her chance encounter with the psycho.   She tries chasing after him but he is nowhere to be found, but she remembers how he smelled of gas and rust.  Her musing is interrupted when she got distracted by another subway pervert taking advantage of a woman.  Bong Soon has had enough and takes justice in her staunch hand as she steps out of the train smiling mischievously.  We see the pervert on the floor writhing in pain as the fingers on his hand got dislocated.
Bong Soon arrives in the office and stares at a game she-warrior image on a wall.  She broods on how the world could be a better place if a female justice champion really exist.  She imagines the magical staff from the she-warrior going to her direction and reaches to it, but the mirage vanishes as Min Hyuk lets know of his presence.  
Min Hyuk checks if she slept well and she hands him an energy drink with a smile that put him on a quick sweet daze.  He snaps back to life and tells Bong Soon to follow him and head out to eat some hangover soup.  Min Hyuk notices the bracelet and ask what is that about.  She fumbles on the correct term again, and as usual Min Hyuk figures the wearable she is trying to explain.  She goes on her gook-doo-love-sphere face again and mumbles that Gook Doo gave it for her protection.  She mentions how she almost pressed it earlier and narrates her encounter with the neighborhood psycho which startled Min Hyuk.  
He mumbles the need for a bodyguard to protect them but she look in his eyes and tells him how she will do everything to protect him.  Min Hyuk brings out her drunken rant last night which shut her up and reminds her to not get drunk ever again.  He tells her that Secretary Gong will be back that day.  She asks what she will gonna do then and retorts she will remain his bodyguard as it is really what she is and has taken care of her spot in his office.  
They enter Min Hyuk’s office and he presents her study table and gives her and English grammar book for her to study.  Her ears perk up when she heard him mention a new game Ainsoft is developing.  She poses a candy smile to him and attempts an opportunity to join the team.  He smiles back and remains firm to their initial deal that she has to catch the stalker first.  He pushes her to study as he nips here and there on the initial proposals of the development team.  
Bong Soon listens to Min Hyuk as he conducts the meeting with his staff and pretends she is a member of the team as well.  She peeks on Min Hyuk’s computer when he stands to call someone and gleams at the sight of the new game sketch.  Min Hyuk catches her sidetrip and she hurries back to her spot pouting.  He fondly stares at her as she sulks on her study spot.
Bong Soon omma and the ajummas chat inside the cafe and gossips about the recent missing ballet school owner.  They talk about how skinny women are being targetted so Bong Soon came in their woes since she is petite and skinny.  But there is more to worry when Bong Soon’s pole-plucking-drunk-dancing hits the world wide web.  Bong Soon omma calls her daughter who does not know she is already trending online and mentally breaks down when she sees the viral video her mom was talking about.  
Min Hyuk wraps up his meeting with his staff and wonders Bong Soon’s empty spot.  He walks to check where she is and finds her slumped under the table.  He takes her phone, sees the video and teases how she will become popular even to Africa.  True to his words, Bong Soon’s high schooler recent minions and the thugs in the hospital tended by Bong Ki ogle at her video as well.
Bong Soon still wallows on her embarrassing video when Secretary Gong enters Min Hyuk’s office.  He whines at his recuperating injury and mumbles another Bong Soon’s monstrous strength story and rumor mill tidbits of Bong Soon being a North Korean spy or an alien.  Min Hyuk tries to signal that Bong Soon is inside the office, but he continuously blabs on how he should stay away from her.  Suddenly Bong Soon rises surprising Secretary Gong who looks like his soul left his body already as an ethereal judgment music airs on the scene.  Min Hyuk tells Bong Soon to endorse the reports he missed as Secretary Gong gives a pleading look to Min Hyuk to not be with her alone. 
As soon as they left the room, Min Hyuk calls someone to take down Bong Soon’s viral video.  Gook Doo receives a call from Min Hyuk while he works on surveilance videos of the case.  Min Hyuk reveals Bong Soon’s recent encounter with the psycho on her way to work and advises him to put a more secure protection on Bong Soon when she is not in his company’s premise.  Frustrated at the news, Gook Doo steps out of the station and tells his team members that he will go out to protect a witness.
Secretary Gong apologizes for spouting nonsense earlier which Bong Soon disregards since he won’t be saying those in her presence anyway.  She briefs him of what he missed which was technically the family dinner since their boss does not do anything that much at all.  Min Hyuk spots Bong Soon dozing and walks silently towards her.  
He ardently gazes at her face (i melted), and remembers how she babbled like a baby her woes about being physically strong when she was drunk last night.  He motions to touch her sleeping face but Gook Doo enters the office unannounced looking for Bong Soon.  Min Hyuk tries to hush him but he calls Bong Soon who wakes up from her nap.
Gook Doo fumes when she confirms bumping with the psycho earlier.  He scolds her for not looping him in right away and advises that he is done with the witness protection request and announces that he will pick up Bong Soon after her work ends later.  Min Hyuk negates his plan by declaring he will drop her off since he knows her working hours.  
They bicker on who gets to escort Bong Soon home which made her fall on a delusion and happily flaunts how having two guys fight over her is distressing her.  The two wince on her wishful thinking, change their minds, and fight over who should drop her off her house later. hahaha i lurve these two male leads
Min Hyuk gripes on how Gook Doo seemed the busiest police in South Korea as Bong Soon shuts him up on his whining.  Gook Doo narrows down the missing woman’s car’s last location and the team heads to investigate.    They head to a junk car garage and inquires if the missing car was seen there.  The person in charge denies the appearance of the car and discloses that the owner of the place is not around.
Min Hyuk orders some pies and tart just in time for Bong Soon omma arriving with the ajummas.  He greets her and she hands the boxes to Bong Soon refusing to accept his payment since she considers him a family.  Omma clarifies her reasoning to Min Hyuk’s startled face by saying since Bong Soon is her daughter and she works in his company so she is his company’s family ergo they are family.  
Bong Ki listens to the thugs of their usual sourgraping about Bong Soon.  Thug leader boasts on how he will see to it that he will exact his revenge by destroying and splitting her in half causing Bong Ki to wrap his face to shut him up.  Hee Ji stands up when Bong Ki approaches and remembers her appointment.  She mumbles how she might not be able to see him anymore once her fingers are healed so he retorts that her rehab may take awhile.  She expresses interest in meeting him again the next day and ignores Gook Doo’s text message checking if she is done with her check up.
Unaware that Min Hyuk summoned his power for the viral videos, Bong Soon is surprised that her videos were taken down and Kyung Shim steers Min Hyuk’s involvement.  Bong Soon counters how her prickly boss will not do such thing so Kyung Shim is surprised that she is back to a hate relationship with her boss again.  Kyung Shim again mentions her observation that her CEO is not a gay, but she had her knowledge of Min Hyuk’s penchant for Gook Doo’s juicy butt to back up her claim.  Bong Soon sullenly grumbles on how hard the competition is for Gook Doo’s heart, and to lighten up her mood, Kyung Shim suggests for them to munch a yummy stew.
Bong Soon wonders what is taking Kyung Shim so long when the supermarket is nearby.  She tries calling her but Kyung Shim is being hunted by the neighborhood psycho.  Kyung Shim is cornered and receives the psycho’s beating as she squirms in pain.  The psycho launches for his knockout blow but Bong Soon stops him and kicks him hard in fury.  
Bong Ki assures his twin that Kyung Shim is safe from danger.  Bong Soon apoligizes fervidly to Kyung Shim when she regains consciousness and blames herself for not going out instead of her.  Kyung Shim appeases her best friend’s heavy heart by warning her not to eat something yummy without her.  
Dobong-dong people hold a caucus on how they will work on the recent peace and order situation of the neighborhood.  They try to come up with rules but face disagreement on whether the chubby women need to be part of the plan.  Enter thug boss and his minions who officially introduce himself as the CEO of the construction company that is overseeing the Redevelopment project of Dobong neighborhood.  He boasts how his employees are skilled martial arts experts so they will be in charge of the women’s protection.  
Bong Soon promises to break psycho’s body once she catches him again as she wipes on Kyung Shim’s wounded face.  The latter complains that her nose seems to be broken but Bong Soon blames it to her still swollen face to shut her hinting of taking advantage of a nose job.  Kyung Shim whispers how she was so scared yesterday so she can only imagine the fear the previous victims had to endure because they did not have a strong friend like Bong Soon who was able to rescue her.  Bong Soon omma arrives to bring some food and curses when she sees Kyung Shim’s beaten face.  She scolds Bong Soon for not doing that errand knowing the situation in the neighborhood and for losing the opportunity to catch the culrprit.  Omma assures Kyung Shim that per her request she did not tell her mother what happened.  
Gook Doo assembles with his team and talk about the recent psycho’s attack.  They are baffled why he ran away when he could have easily managed the two petite girls so Gook Doo assures them that they will head to the hospital for the statement.
Product placement scene for Royce chocolate company strides on the screen as we see Min Hyuk buying some and complaining why chocolates have different kinds.  He arrives in his office and shoots a blank missing-her gaze at Bong Soon’s table as he wonders what he will be doing with the chocolates he bought since she will not be coming to work.  He resolves it by calling Secretary Gong and ordering him to just stay and not do anything but sit at Bong Soon’s table.  He gives him a melting gaze and mutters how it is true that absence of a person makes one’s heart grow fonder.   Secretary Gong perceives Min Hyuk’s speech as his way of telling him he missed him when he was gone while the latter murmurs when Bong Soon will be coming back.  
Gook Doo visits Kyung Shim and they have an instant high school reunion.  Kyung Shim narrates the events of last night and almost slips on revealing Bong Soon’s super power.  She tells him instead that Bong Soon screamed so strong preventing the abduction to which the twins back up.  Kyung Shim adds that the psycho does not have a face as it is covered by a mask and we see the pervert wraps his wound with a bandage and stares at the metal pole that Bong Soon bent.
Bong Soon pouts as Gook Doo nags on why she left the bracelet at home and how she has always been forgetful of important things even when they were in high school.  He cools down and asks if she was not feeling any pain and mumbles how he is going crazy worrying about her since she has been exposed too much to the psycho.  Against his will, he suggests for her to stay at Min Hyuk’s house for the mean time.  She calms him down and voices how he should not worry as she has something that she’s good at, but he is resigned to his decision to let her stay with Min Hyuk until he gets the psycho with his hands.  awww my heart is already breaking for you Gook Doo ya
Gook Doo heads to meet Min Hyuk and requests to hide Bong Soon for the mean time as it is dangerous for her to stay in the neighborhood.  Min Hyuk smirks how he knows little about his friend and asks if his concern towards her is just because of their friendship and nothing else more.  Gook Doo evades the question and marches to leave, but holds his horse and queries why he talks informally to him when they are about the same age.  Min Hyuk is baffled why he dig his information and lets him use banmal as he pleases just as long as he will not tell Bong Soon that they are about the same age.  Min Hyuk muses how Bong Soon’s one-sided love seems to be not one-sided at all.
Bong Soon wakes up excitedly and spots Gook Doo waiting to drop her off at work. He complains about her short skirt and make-up so she asks if she looks weird.  Gook Doo averts her eyes and grumbles how she should not go out looking pretty like that.  Clouds sweep Bong Soon’s feet who cannot believe what her crush just told her.  
Min Hyuk peers at Bong Soon and Gook Doo saying goodbye to each other as she dances in the air so happily while she heads to the office.  He tells her to stop feeling giddyish, but she ignores him and goes to the wash room.  She summons another shining Gook Doo epiphany of him telling her again that she is pretty.
Min Hyuk tells Bong Soon that he is yielding to her friend’s request to let her stay in his house.  He goes back to his conversation with Secretary Gong, but high on  Gook Doo, Bong Soon gleefully mumbles how Gook Doo is overreacting because he is worried about her, but she is really okay even when he might be chased by a psycho with a steel club.  Min Hyuk mutters how she looks so weird saying scary things like that and beaming at the same time but Bong Soon is on an unimaginable Gook Doo love trance.
Omma packs some sexy outfits for Bong Soon and praises Gook Doo for suggesting the temporary hide out.  Aboji castigates his wife for not being troubled in sending her daughter to a man’s house.  Secretary Gong picks up Bong Soon’s clothes and omma blabs how since they are a conservative family, was hard to agree to the set up but she trusts the CEO who cares deeply to his employees.
Min Hyuk and Bong Soon are speechless on the clothes prepared by omma when they unpacked her things.  The room heats up as Min Hyuk’s eyes automatically got transfixed to a skimpy number and escapes the awkward moment my mumbling how Bong Soon’s mom has a weird taste in clothing.  Min Hyuk tosses and turns that night and wonders if Bong Soon is still awake.
Bong Soon who is also sleepless keeps being bothered by the guilt and rage of what happened to her friend.  She gets up and goes to the neighborhood where she walks around.  She finally feels someone trailing her, and when the man reaches for her shoulder she gets surprised seeing Min Hyuk’s face.  He explains how he thought she is sleepwalking that is why he looked for her.  She tells him that her intention to catch the psycho, but he rolls his eyes and urges her to convene first at home.  Min Hyuk walks back but stops when Bong Soon silently utters how she has hidden her strength all her life, but this time she will use it for good.   Min Hyuk stares at her eyes as she returns his gaze.
They arrive home just as the doorbell rings.  Min Hyuk opens the door and Gook Doo rushes inside to declare that he will also be staying in that house.
Quick Thoughts Episode 5
Obviously Gook Doo keeps Bong Soon in his heart, why he did not make a move to go beyond the friend zone is one o those things we should look forward to.  I like how our creepy conflict functions as a neutralizer to the witty and slapstick comedy we are being high so far.  
This love triangle premise is slowly breaking my heart, and it has not even happened yet.  I just can’t bear to think of it.  

2 thoughts on “Strong Woman Do Bong Soon Ep 5 Recap

  1. As we go forward, I do find myself a little annoyed with the side characters I don’t care about, but it’s kind of like eating Lucky Charms. You know that the filling bland parts are important to the general makeup of the experience, even if you kind of just want a bowl of the marshmallows. But the marshmallow parts are so sweet, I will put up with it!

    1. i can understand your point… the humor is a hybrid of slapstick and witty for the most part.. the witty part we credit our adorable trio for that, the slapstick the supporting crew… and yes i can’t wait for the love development soon

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