Hitting the 6th episode calls for the story to reassure and engross the audience by turns so I’m happy that love plots and conflicts are settling in and building to a more solid frame.  Gook Doo and his team worked on the leads to pin the psycho.  Bong Soon came to terms with how she can use her gift through Min Hyuk’s encouragement. Min Hyuk and Gook Do were starting to see her in a romantic kind of light.  And we get a late frame surprise that I did not ask to arrive early.

Strong Woman Do Bong Soon Episode Recaps

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Strong Woman Do Bong Soon Ep 6 Recap – “Happy Together”
Min Hyuk complains on Gook Doo’s appearance when they already agreed of the arrangement as Bong Soon goes to her usual Gook Doo love trance.  The police meets Kyung Shim to check on the mask the culprit probably used, but she denies all the samples brought.   Omma lectures them like a police profiler citing how the culprit is not confident of his appearance hence he uses mask to cover up his face.  
Gook Doo comments how Min Hyuk’s place is big and he can just sleep on the sofa.  Bong Soon refuses strongly at the thought of her one-sided love sleeping at her boss’ room ergo she blurts that he is gay that’s why she does not care staying in his house.  She urges Min Hyuk to back up her claim, but he is perplexed on her supposition about him.  
He responds to her request and voices out revealing the truth that she is her bodyguard which earned him a quick superpower girl attack.  Gook Doo does not want to believe him citing how Bong Soon is a weak woman.  Min Hyuk rolls his eyes and is about to battle it out, but Bong Soon is quick to reason out how she has to do the bodyguard job to protect his image and ward off the possible rumors about him being gay.  
Gook Doo is forced to believe the nonsense they are talking about and requests if he can sleep in one of his rooms.  Min Hyuk processes his thoughts and thinks of Bong Soon gazing at Gook Doo’s sleeping face.  Gook Doo is having the same weird thought of Min Hyuk motioning to kiss Bong Soon.  Bong Soon also thinks of Min Hyuk taking advantage of Gook Doo.  The three shake their heads to dismiss the strange ideas.  Gook Doo suggests not sleeping separately which the two acquiesce to. 
Min Hyuk proposes staying up all night to kill time so they head to a pub and play pool and darts.  Min Hyuk struts his billiards prowess and teases how Gook Doo was such a good student who studied well and never played around hence he cannot pocket the balls well in their game.  Min Hyuk slays the game while Bong Soon fights to stay awake.  
Next up the boys hit the dartboards and Min Hyuk struggles hitting the marks properly. Gook Doo smirks and clinches every pin to the center.  The male ego contest between them is tied so they settle for a drinking game.  
Bong Soon whines on their competitive streak and insists on joining the game, but the boys say no in unison.  They pile up the glasses of alcohol they drunk as Bong Soon constantly urges for them to stop their stupid game to no avail.  None of them wants to concede which ends in a draw as both of them collapse with intoxication facing each other on top of the billiards table.
Aboji nips at omma’s being hard on Bong Soon reminding her that no matter how strong she is, she won’t be able to protect herself if she will be attacked by weapons.  Omma replies how she will be safe at CEO’s house.  She shuts aboji’s whining of sending their daughter to a man’s house by reiterating that Min Hyuk is homosexual.  Kyung Shim cuts to their conversation by voicing out how she thinks Min Hyuk is not a gay which delighted omma who thinks the same way.  Aboji flares up but omma is quick to cool him down by assuring her that she knows what is best for their daughter.
Bong Soon stares at the two boys slumped sweetly on the pool table.  She checks the pub attendant and quickly grabs the boys and carries them out.  She throws Min Hyuk on a corner while carefully placing Gook Doo beside him.  She tells Gook Doo that she will buy something to help him sober up and marches to leave.
Just then late night opportunists spot the drunk boys and grope on their wallets for their bounty.  Bong Soon calls their attention but they spurn her protest.  Bong Soon is left no choice but to teach them a lesson so she summons super powergirl bong soon and sends them flying in the air while the trailing thug boss and his right hand witness the commotion.  They are perplexed seeing Bong Soon in action who fussed about her hard work that day thanks to the two alcohol battered men.  
Bong Soon drives them home and sneers on their earlier vows of protecting her.  She hoists them to Min Hyuk’s living room where she throws her boss carelessly while cushioning Gook Doo’s head and placing his legs on Min Hyuk’s body.  Over at Dobong neighborhood the police and thug volunteers monitor and patrol the area from the psycho.
Min Hyuk crawls from the floor to the sofa and finds Gook Doo cozily sleeping with a blanket on.  He gripes on how Bong Soon took care of her crush very well and disregards him at his very own house.  He removes the blanket and pillow and sighs on almost seeing the face of the girl who saved the bus if only his dream lingered.  He checks on sleeping Bong Soon and remembers the girl in pink sweater but dismisses the idea.
Omma wakes up aboji who was tending Kyung Shim and smiles brightly at the thought of her future son-in-law.  When Kyung Shim spills that Gook Doo also stayed in the house, aboji is happy while omma complains on why he is working so hard instead of helping out catch the loose madman.
Bong Soon prepares a hangover breakfast for the boys and turns the stuck chopstick to a cute South Korean flag.  Min Hyuk feeds his curiousity and explains that he thinks of the country while eating breakfast.  Gook Doo pretends Min Hyuk is non-existent and thanks Bong Soon for the food.  
Bong Soon responds that they walk to the house last night when Gook Doo asks how they got home.  Bong Soon cutely pretends having a hard time opening a jar so Gook Doo reaches for it and helps her. Min Hyuk rolls his eyes at her sly girl crush move and just tackle the food in front of them.
The two resumes their bickering on who won the male ego bout last time.  Gook Doo reminds the two of them to stay of limits as Min Hyuk says the same between them.  Bong Soon heaves a sigh and straightens them up by narrating the events of last night when they were drunk and chummy like hobbits.  She lets them know how Gook Doo went on a quick Magic Mike session, and how the two of them were cuddly and mushy like real lovers if not for her intervention.
Bong Soon munches on some chocolates as Min Hyuk is attacked by her spicy hangover soup.  Gook Doo pretends how the soup is okay as Bong Soon takes away her chocolates from Min Hyuk.  She coaxes them to eat a lot and offers a piece of chocs to Gook Doo who just want to pass on the food by claiming he normally does not eat breakfast.  
Just then Min Hyuk’s stalker calls for his morning death threat and orders him to denounce his successor agreement on the upcoming board meeting or he will destroy him and Ainsoft.  Min Hyuk counters for him to try shooting him with a gun, but he will sure catch him first.
Gook Doo urges Min Hyuk to seek help from the police regarding his blackmailer and not get a bodyguard, but he politely declines.  Gook Doo receives a call from the station to proceed somewhere for a lead in the case.  He turns to Min Hyuk and humbly requests to protect “his Bong Soon” which made our heroine feel blissful.  Bong Soon taps Min Hyuk as soon as her friend leaves and assures him to not worry as she will be by his side for his protection.  
Min Hyuk grouches on how she just committed a breach of contract with the extremely spicy soup she made by attacking his tummy, but she counters that it was not her fault they drank a lot last night.  He continuously grumps on how ever since he met her he has been to all sorts of pain, but he stops when Bong Soon threatens him of where else she can induce a new pain for him.  
Gook Doo and his team locates the burner phone owner that was used by the psycho when he abducted the third victim.  They secure the suspect and brings him in the station, but he appears not to be the man they are looking for.  Gook Doo and team leader deduce how the psycho must have stalked the victim and learned that she booked for an on-call driver.  Another team member arrives and reports that the doctor-suspect and the on-call driver are the same as reflected on the CCTV they just analyzed.
Secretary Gong reveals to Min Hyuk that the company suffered a blow in the stock market because of a rumor of him being homosexual. Bong Soon cheers him up by saying her video scandal was wiped out completely last time so the tabloid write ups will disappear too.  Min Hyuk ignores her and calls someone to have his name be cleared in the world wide web just like how the drunk girl video vanished.  
Bong Soon finally learns what he did for her and thanks him for it.  Min Hyuk tells him that the motorcycle thief was found and introduces a website where you can buy motor or car parts.  The dumb thief did not destroy the license plate so his men were able to track him.  It turns out he works in thug boss company who used to work under his father’s company.  Bong Soon gets up determined to catch the thief so Min Hyuk is left no choice but to follow her.
Bong Soon drives steadily but suddenly halts because of the cars in front.  They see a man arrogantly bullying a woman and demanding her to step out of the car.  The woman profusely apologized and promises to have everything be settled by her insurance to no avail.  When the jerk forces the woman out of her car and throws a tantrum, Min Hyuk can’t hold up any longer and as he motions to tell Bong Soon to stay, he finds her already walking towards the man and the woman.  
Bong Soon stops the ajussi from his bullying but he carries on his foul mouth blabbling spiteful words to the ladies.  Min Hyuk shoves him out of the way and tells him that it was his fault that he braked suddenly that’s why she collided.  The bad ajussi backs off as Min Hyuk lectures the woman to close her window and call the police when something like that happens in the future.
 Min Hyuk walks back to the car and finds his bodyguard missing on the front seat.  Bong Soon’s small head appears behind the still screaming foul words ajussi who brags his martial arts abilities.  She tells him to pull over somewhere quiet so they can have a quick chat to which he agrees.  
Min Hyuk nervously trails them and sees Bong Soon leaves the car and scolds ajussi nicely of how he took advantage of the weak girl in front of her.  She walks in front of the car holds it and pushes it for a spin dropping Min Hyuk’s jaw at her incredible strength.  Bong Soon gives a useless pep talk to the ajussi whose brain already fled in outer space to work on his bad atitude and foul mouth.  Min Hyuk who witnessed power girl Bong Soon gropes on how he will respond when she notices his presence and acts like she did not spite a man  and ruin his car to pieces just a few seconds ago.  
Min Hyuk and Bong Soon goes to see the sunset and the former narrates how there is a scene in the movie King Kong where the heroine and Kong see a sunset and they both say it was “beautiful”.  Min Hyuk takes that scenario and mutters how he feels like the heroine which angers Bong Soon thinking he is insinuating that she is King Kong in his analogy.  Min Hyuk appeases her heart and tells her that she is a special kind of King Kong and wonders how an immense strength comes from her small body.
Bong Soon reveals her secret of being born with super strength and how it runs in the female line of the family.  Min Hyuk confirms how “theoretically” if they will get married their daughter might inherit her power to which Bong Soon affirms.  Min Hyuk is amazed at the truth he just learned and encourages her not to feel bad since it is not her fault that she was born with it like how it is not his fault that he was born handsome.  yeah right Bong Soon smirks on how every conversation they have ends up with his boasting.  Min Hyuk proposes to help her use her power in good use as what she yearned badly last time and suggests how they will optimize her talent and use it properly.  He looks in her eyes and whisper, “I will help you evolve”. ladies and gentlemen that is our first sweet one-liner this year and it is so far away from the word “love” hahaha am I weird that I found it so sweet?
Hee Ji waits in front of the police station as Gook Doo rushes to see her.  Hee Ji declines his offer to eat dinner and go straight to her agenda. She voices out how her heart is wavering to another man, and apologizes for being selfish of her own feelings.  She left Gook Doo in a brooding state until Bong Soon calls his handphone.  
He reminds her to lock her doors and advises her that he will be on duty for the night.  Bong Soon tells him not to worry much about her since she can take care of herself well, and she is stronger than what he thinks she is.  Gook Doo responds how he cannot help but worry about her being a weak woman.  They say goodbye leaving Bong Soon beaming, Gook Doo back in deep contemplating and Min Hyuk annoyed about their talking.  
The two head to Min Hyuk’s family’s house dinner.  Min Hyuk’s father breaks the silence and orders him to get married as it will resolve the unpleasant rumor about him and will strengthen the family business as well if they marry to a good family.  Min Hyuk rejects his dad’s offer, grabs Bong Soon’s hand and declares she is his girl friend and they are living together in the house already.  Bong Soon confirms their set up as it is really the case for them as dad bombards her with family background check questions.  Min Hyuk rescues her and advises his father not to look for a girlfriend since he has one.  He promises him they will have children soon.
The two fight in the car about Min Hyuk’s violation of contract, but he shields himself by how the situation required him to do it. She complains why how of all people he used her and how her mother will freak out about it.  On cue, mom calls and check her Cinderella progress so she has to make up lines to hide the truth on how omma likes her and Min Hyuk to be together.
In the morning, Min Hyuk wakes Bong Soon up to start her boot camp.  They head first to a wall climbing place where Bong Soon easily strides to the top of the wall in quick minutes.  Next Bong Soon runs a few lapse with big wheels attached to her without showing any sign of being tired which freaks out Min Hyuk trying to decipher the extent of her ability.
Meanwhile omma and friends hike a mountain and talk about the talisman hidden in the blanket that will harmonize her relationship with Min Hyuk.  At the police station, the team secures the sketch of the culprit and a lead to his shoes found in the crime scene.  Team Leader concludes how Gook Doo is suffering from a heartache with his recent troubled spirit.  Gook Doo enters the station and notifies that Bong Soon is on her way to give her statement.
Bong Soon arrives and spills what happened during the incident but hides how she stopped the psycho from his evil plan by sticking on how she screamed so loud for him to run away.  Bong Soon discloses a key detail from the psycho of how he smelled some kind of oil.  He probes and she searches her memory and blurts the scent of asphalt to be what was emanating from the psycho.
Bong Soon notices her friend’s sullen mood so she asks if there’s something wrong.  Gook Doo speaks about his love problem and how he does not feel sad about it at all.  Bong Soon replies how pain does not sink right away, but as time goes by you will feel the pain.  She assures him that Hee Ji will come back.  Gook Doo tenderly peers on her and whispers why they were just friends?  awww  The momentary trance ended as Gook Doo recovers and heeds her of the precautionary measures against her boss.  Bong Soon smiles and walks away to go to her waiting boss who remarks how he hates the police station, and how he specifically hates Gook Doo’s station.
At Dobong-dong, the thug volunteers scare the women instead of patrolling peacefully causing distress to the mothers who are worried about their daughters’ safety.  Bong Soon’s self-appointed underlings continue on their quest to clean up the neighborhood but are disrupted when the thug-volunteers arrive spitting the gum carelessly.  The high schoolers warn them not to mess up with them or their boss will kill them and walk away proudly together.
The thugs spot a lady going home and block her path for her to sign on the citizens’ list.  The lady tries to let go of her hand and cries for help, but the crude men continues to harrass her.  Just then bags are thrown on the thugs faces as a grandma struts some martial  arts tricks in knocking them down.  
Omma and aboji close the store and waits for an expected guest who turns out to be streetfighter grandma.  Omma greets her mother and falter on the impact of the embrace just as abogi cringes in pain shaking his in-law’s hand.  While heading home, grandma mentions the alarming news about their neighborhood recently and how she taught some rough boys a lesson earlier.  can’t wait for the boys to meet streetfighter grandma hahaha
A pharmacist welcomes a customer and checks on his recent headache.  She gets his prescription and processes his order.  She invites him to go to the church for early morning prayer and blabs about how praying has helped her cure her insomnia so she’s on her 21st day tomorrow just like Prophet Daniel did. The customer retorts how the neighborhood is dangerous these days for her to do her ritual, but she replies that someone above will protect her.
Psycho is miffed while staring at the steel rod from the memory of his recent failed abduction attempt.  He goes to the ballerina’s cell and mumbled that she will not feel alone anymore since he will get her some more friends.  He removes his mask and finally reveals his face as the customer from the pharmacy earlier.  i have to admit the psycho looks rockstar hot is that the trend for kdrama serial killers these days?
Bong Soon prepares to sleep after locking her door well.  She leers at Gook Doo’s protection bracelet as Min Hyuk is perturbed on thug boss Baek Tak’s role in his recent troubles.  
Meanwhile, the pharmacist heads to the church to complete her 21 days morning devotional but was attacked from behind by the psycho.  At Min Hyuk’s house, an intruder seeks entrance on Bong Soon’s room while Min Hyuk wakes up to a knife pointed to his neck.
Episode Quick 6 Quick Thoughts
There were a lot of things that happened this episode, but I am not complaining since the story places the humor and the sweets well so far.  Just like I am thankful for the big blessing and small ones, like my family to chocolates, I would embrace the fillers intention in the drama so far.  I think their purpose is for me to miss Hyung Sik and Ji Soo for a minute or two.  So I think I will just buy the side character scenes as long as it won’t drag longer.  If worse gets to worst, my contingency plan is to call Detective Jin Hyuk and Golden Time team to help out in pinning down the psycho.  But so far, I think we are moving steadily and excitingly while dealing with the romance and thrilling concerns of the story.

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