I want to bask in Bong Soon and Min Hyuk’s romance, but this drama is about Do Bong Soon and her life and love journey so I’m willing to wait for the fan service in the future episodes.  We got the blackmailer reveal and Bong Soon’s training camp’s continuation.  If the sparks in the training is already like that, fireworks are expected in the near future.  Gook Doo and his team still struggled in the case and he is having a dejected mood as he is finally admitting the one great love he ignored.

Strong Woman Do Bong Soon Episode Recaps

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Strong Woman Do Bong Soon Ep 7 Recap – “Change”
Bong Soon’s scream from her Romeo and Juliet nightmare breaks in the night disrupting the house intruder.  In her dream, she happily dances with Romeo until she stepped on his foot causing him pain, and making him run away from her.  She gropes for the glass of water but finds it empty so she heads to the kitchen to satiate her thirst.  
The intruder makes a sudden attack, but Bong Soon’s quick reflex blocks the frying pan with her punch.  At Min Hyuk’s room, another intruder points a knife to him, but got distracted with his companion’s scream of pain.  Min Hyuk takes the opportunity to subdue the burly man as Bong Soon comes to his rescue hitting the bad guy in one shot with the frying pan.
Thug boss Baek Tak and his sidekick Jaw heads to a golf club to play and talks about the men they sent at Min Hyuk’s house.  Jaw assures his boss that they sent the best men who had special muay thai training overseas to take care of their commissioned job. Baek Tak still feel uneasy on how Bong Soon will be overpowered and true to his woes, we see powergirl back at the house bundling up the sent intruders neatly.
Min Hyuk joins Bong Soon and recognizes one of the intruders.  Bong Soon worries about the bad guys sleeping on the cold floor to Min Hyuk’s amazement.  She caringly set up the knocked out men on a bed cushion packed by omma. Satisfied at the work she did, she heads to where Min Hyuk is not knowing that the blanket is powered by a talisman that will harmonize romantically those who will sleep on it.
Bong Soon sleepily asks Min Hyuk if the men will not be handed by the police, but he replies that he will do the interrogation himself.  They sleep the remaining hours of the night in the living room and wakes up to the sounds of their phones ringing.  Gook Doo checks on Bong Soon while Min Hyuk answers the call from the intruder’s phone who turns out to be thug boss Baek Tak.
Baek Tak checks if the two are secured since Min Hyuk is not supposed to attend the share holder meeting.  Thug boss is caught off guard when he hears Min Hyuk’s reply on why Bong Soon is important to be caught.  He reveals that Bong Soon defeated his men and proposes that his only way out is to reveal who has been behind his death threats or he will spill everything to the police.  
Halmoni eats breakfast with the family and dotes on Bong Ki.  She wonders when will Bong Soon be coming home who is busy at Min Hyuk’s house with the captives.  The talisman enchanted thugs wake up in loving gazes and morning skinship to Bong Soon’s surprise.
Min Hyuk dressed up in a dapper suit and styled his hair so sexy sending me straight to a sweet bliss as he preps to go to the Annual Shareholders Meeting.  The attendees are already in ruckus so they commence the meeting with Min Hyuk’s nomination as the CEO in agenda.  The host informs that the meeting will be postponed which the shareholders are unhappy about, but approaching Min Hyuk shut them up.  He apologizes for being late and explained the unwanted guests that he had to tend to.  
Bong Soon anwers the call and feeds the video of the tied intruders to the meeting.  Min Hyuk reveals the threats he has been getting in the past few months because there’s someone who does not want him to be the next chairman.  He cites how the recent rumors are most likely a ploy of the same person.  He expresses how he does not want to get the helm of the company as he has managed his own company well, but he does not want Oh Sung group to be led by an immature person.  He motions to meet again once he gets hold of the identity of the blackmailer to which everyone agrees.  Before he leaves, he clears that he is a healthy man who likes women so they should not worry about baseless rumors questioning his sexual preference.
Baek Tak receives an angry call from his client and got furious about it.  To make his day worse, news of his boys beaten by a grandma reaches him.  Min Hyuk tells his father how one of his brothers is behind the threats he was getting, so he has to act cautiously as it will reflect badly on him as a father on how he has raised them.  I love aboji’s magenta shades
Baek Tak scolds his men on the string of humiliation they are getting recently as Bong Soon feeds the thugs so kindly.  She realizes not to feed them a lot because it will require them to use the bathroom as Min Hyuk is upset to learn that she is feeding the intruders.
Baek Tak visits Min Hyuk in his office and give the identity of who hired them for the job and gives his two cents of how Min Hyuk should handle his family affairs well.  Baek Tak advises how his brother specifically wanted to just scare him as Min Hyuk lets go of what his company did just that one time for old time sake.  Baek Tak asks if he can recruit Bong Soon, but he gives him a you can now leave answer.
Like what we all guessed, it was his second brother whom he considered to be faithful to him who commisioned the blackmailing job.   It broke Min Hyuk’s heart that the brother he trusted most betrayed him.  *sniff *sniff
Bong Soon arrives in the office and looks for his boss who is in a despondent mood staring blankly at a glass window.  She asks if he is okay, and he replies that he is not.  She guesses who among the family members was the culprit, and he denies everyone she mentioned.  He mutters how he knew she would have not thought about it either, and it dawned on her that it was the brother he was closest to.  Min Hyuk voices out his disappointment about his brother not trusting him so he could have helped him if he wanted that position badly.  He sighs and wonders who else can he trust.
Bong Soon steps in to relieve his dejected spirit and drags him to a theme park to wash away his frustrations.  They ride on bump cars, scream loud on board the vikings ride, and eat ice cream leisurely. 
When she exhausted their energy, she invites him to eat at a nice place she knows and orders everything in the menu.  Min Hyuk remarks how she is familiar around and she retorts how she goes around everytime her mom scolds her.  The food came and Bong Soon lets him try a dish he initially dislikes.  His eyes go bigger when he realizes it is really yummy and she spills the secret that in her hometown that’s how it is eaten.
Halmoni plays go stop with omma and friends and blabs about his successful children.   Meanwhile at psycho’s lair, he takes care of the new victim. The first victim gets acquainted with the second victim and advises her to just relent to the psycho’s craziness so he will at least free her legs.  The mother of the fourth victim visits Gook Doo’s team to report her daughter is missing.  The victim’s mom narrates her daughter is doing an early morning prayer in the past few days and was not listening when she begs her not to do it since the neughborhood is dangerous these days.
Min Hyuk and Bong Soon ride a bus and he narrates how it has been a long time since he has ridden one.  He tells her how he once almost had an accident if not for someone who prevented the bus from falling in a cliff.  He thinks that it was his mother who sent an angel to protect him.  A call from her grandmother disrupts their conversation as she happily assures her grandma that she will be arriving soon.  Bong Soon confirms that it was her grandma who called.  She inquires when she will start to work in Game Development team, but he tells her that she has to complete her training first until she can have full control over it.  They seal it with a pinky swear and exchange reminders on him not wallowing in sadness and her not walking alone in her neighborhood.  He agrees to let her home that day as he is also going home to settle the issue with his brother.  Bong Soon cheers him up cutely to not take life’s problem seriously.
Halmoni and omma spots Bong Soon who is walked home by Min Hyuk.  Omma murmurs how she wants him for Bong Soon.  He goes to their direction and greet them.  He introduces himself to Halmoni as Bong Soon’s officemate.  Halmoni welcomes him and calls him son-in-law putting them in awkward situation while omma beams about it.  Bong Soon chides her mom on how she raised her to be conservative only to be this liberal now.  Mom counters how she was waiting for the right time to free her, and now is the right time with her CEO.
Bong Soon sits and bonds with her omma and halmoni and listens to halmoni’s wise words about being a mother, a daughter and a grandmother… a cycle that runs in a woman’s life and their family.  Bong Soon asks if it’s possible for the power they lost to be reclaimed again, but omma answers how it did not work for her no matter how she tried before.  Omma wishes for Bong Soon to have a daughter as well in the future and they rest their heads on halmoni’s shoulder.  
Bong Soon suddenly remembers how when she was staring at Gook Doo in High School, she dreams of getting married with him giving him three sons, because she does not want a daughter who will become like her.  After her heartfelt talk with her mom and grandma, she now considers having a daughter is not a bad idea.  this is such a sweet scene
Min Hyuk enters their house and sees an epiphany of him and his favorite brother playing together when they were young.  He was a good brother who took care of him so well and even gave him his favorite toy.  He confronts his brother who apologizes right away.  Min Hyuk utters how he was glad that it was him because he was really thinking of killing whoever it was.  His brother responds how his memory of him was the coward Min Hyuk whom he always protected, that’s why he did those immature tactics.  He adds how when he scared him before, he would always stop so he was meaning to just scare him to halt getting the CEO position.  Min Hyuk calls it even for them considering all the love and protection he received when they were young, and made him promise not to do it anymore.  
Gook Doo’s team is in hot seat and gets a pretty bad berating from the police chief.  Bong Soon bumps with the high schoolers who were on the way to skip school.  She reprimands them to go back and one of her mom’s friend tells omma about it.
Bong Soon and Min Hyuk goes to training again and this time it is with a rope.  He tasks her to go up without breaking it.  Bong Soon mounts and zooms up high in no time leaving Min Hyuk speechless at her ability.  Min Hyuk lectures her that they will focus on controlling her strength to which she acquiesces.
Next they head to punching bags as he coaches him to control her force.  She strikes a punch and breaks the bag in an instant.  They try it again with him holding the bag, but she ends up boring a hole on it.
They do shadow boxing and ducking drills after and then Min Hyuk urges her to escape from his grasp without hurting him.  She successfully freed herself so he locks his arms around her.  She is momentarily lost so Min Hyuk reminds her to focus and not feel something.  Bong Soon plays around and tickles him with her body and launches a swift move to make him kneel on the floor for taking advantage of her.  
Min Hyuk regains the momentum and grabs her leg to pin her on the ground.  He gazes at her face and she stares back at him as Min Hyuk whispers for her not to use her strength. He tells her that they will continue training together and gets up to hide the building feelings he has from her.  Pink hearts fly everywhere as fireworks explode while all the girls including me squeal in unison and punch their pillows to exhaustion
Finally they reach the last leg of the training where they flick stones.  Bong Soon readies herself for her first try and sends the stone straight to a cabinet like a bullet.  Min Hyuk strategizes and orders her to reduce her strength by 30% but her next stone breaks the television screen.  He remains patient and lets him try 50% but they yield the same result.  On the 90%, she successfully let the stone stay on the board which earned her entrance to Strategy Department of Ainsoft.  She is so happy she accidentally breaks the board so Min Hyuk takes back what he promised.
Baek Tak visits his men in the hospital again where one of his squadron leader is set to be discharged.  They meet the other guys who were beaten by grandma and the two brokeback gangster-lovers who were enchanted by omma’s blanket, and knocked out by Bong Soon’s frying pan.  Omma and friends consult the Shaman about the fate of the redevelopment plan and gets a surprise number when the Shaman is possessed by omma’s ancestor’s spirit warning her how no matter strength she has, a person with a knife can defeat her.
Omma and friends head back home after the weird encounter and her friend speaks about the incident when she sees Bong Soon with high schoolers bowing on her.  Omma rushes home to meet Bong Soon who just came home shopping some shampoo.  She finds a letter from halmoni but set it aside when she heard her mom looking for her.
Omma nags about her bullying high school students and throws in harsh words of not being good like her brother and not excelling at anything at all.  Omma calms down but Bong Soon has had enough of her mom’s treatment to her.  She rants how even when she is physically strong, her heart pains a lot when she sees her care only for Bong Ki.  She pours her heart out on how she feeds Bong Ki well and hides yummy food for him to eat.  She asks omma why she always choose to hurt her and why she treats her differently.  Bong Soon goes back to her room leaving omma feeling guilty and unhappy.
Gook Doo and another team member investigates on the owner of the shoes left on the crime scene.  They seek three men where the first two does not fit the profile.  They head to a playhouse to meet a theater actor starring at a play about a man who are collecting women as his brides, not knowing that psycho is also watching in the audience.  After the show, they meet the actor who informs them that the shoes they found were stolen in the dressing room and that he has a show on the date of the incident.  
Bong Soon dresses up to visit Kyung Shim and bring some food for her twin who has not been eating well.  Omma stares at her with a guilty face as she pours the soup on the container.  
In the hospital Hee Ji blurts her feelings to Bong Ki as he respond that he is friends with Gook Du.  dear psycho can you kindly take this girl as one of your brides? we are all willing to give her to you Hee Ji retorts how she fervently contemplated about her problem but she cannot just stop her emotions.  Bong Ki mutters that his sister has liked Gook Doo for a long while, just in time for Bong Soon’s arrival.  
She clears her throat and moves to where her brother is.  Hee Ji motions to leave but Bong Soon stops her and gives them a quick pep talk on what they have been doing behind Gook Doo’s back.  She tells Hee Ji how emotions are hard to control, but people can still learn to be considerate to what other people feel so as not to hurt them.  She faces Bong Ki and scolds him for meeting a woman who is already taken hence it is confusing her heart even more.  She hands down the food and reprieves on prying about their business because she does not want someone to be hurt.  She tells Hee Ji to leave his brother alone and not to hurt Gook Doo and walks away from them.
A fire breaks out near Kyung Shim’s room causing a panic for the people.  Psycho takes advantage of the diversion to enter the room but Bong Soon arrives in time when he is about to inject some drug to Kyung Shim.  She recognizes the villain so he runs to escape.  Bong Soon calls the guard detectives to chase after him but he was quick to flee away.  
Gook Doo hurries to the hospital furious on why Bong Soon chases after the psycho.  She counters not to worry about her and take care of her girlfriend instead.  Kyung Shim tries to calm them and asks Bong Soon to go home and rest, but she won’t budge since the psycho got in even with detectives guarding the door.  
Gook Doo gets mad again when he learns she is not staying with Min Hyuk.  She reasons that her grandmother is visiting, but he rages on how she does not listen to him when it is so hard for him to think that she is staying at her boss’ house.  He tells her that he will drop her off, but she picks her bag and leaves her friends alone.
Min Hyuk visits the walnut bakery to buy some egg tart and pies but aboji informs him that it is already sold out.  Aboji stops him from leaving and packs some walnut cakes for him to munch.  He finds his wallet to pay but aboji disregards it and just made him promise to take care of his Bong Soon as she is his most precious person in the whole world.  Acknowledging aboji’s wishes, he politely calls him “father” and vows to protect Bong Soon.  He tells aboji that he too cares a lot about Bong Soon.  ahhhh i like boys who gives an effort to the girl’s family
Bong Soon walks home with a heavy heart because of her earlier fight with Gook Doo.  Unaware that Baek Tak and his men are waiting for her to avenge their humiliation.  Min Hyuk spots Bong Soon from a far with the Squadron leader who trailed her and is about to brawl with her, but Gook Doo enters the picture to take down and beat the ajussi to a pulp.  Bong Soon rushes to push Gook Doo from the attacker subconsciously using her power in the process.
Episode 7 Quick Thoughts
Strong Woman Do Bong Soon is raking ratings because we get to taste a simple storyline with 2-3 major and side conflicts.  The uncomplicated and yet lively tone along with the endearing characters drives us the followers a moment of weeklong sadness while waiting for the next episodes to air.  We closed one side conflict this episode as Min Hyuk learns the covert grudge his favorite brother has with him.  He started rearing Bong Soon to optimize her abilities while making us melt with the almost kisses and furtive love he is already manifesting towards her, but Gook Doo is also in the brink of finally admitting the love that has been there all along.  sigh  About the psycho conflict, it is inevitably going to the direction where he would want to collect Bong Soon to wrap up the story. I am curious how Bong Soon’s men will rise to the occasion whe she will be hindered to protect herself.

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