Kim Rae Won as Kim Byung Soo
Yoon So Yi as Suh Young Chae
Yum Jung Ah as Cho Yi Na
Kim Sung Soo as Park Hee Soo



Byung-Soo and Young-Chae grew up together ever since they were little. They shared everything and have been helping one another to reach their dreams. They end up working in a film company. The film company is owned by Yi Na, who has been jealous of how the young couple’s happy life has been. She plotted a way to take Byung Soo’s attention, and was able to successfully take him from Young Chae. Young Chae then married Hee Soo, which shared a relationship with Yi Na from the past. How can you force someone to love you? How can you take back the one you love?  These are questions that this drama will amswer. Intriguing and heartfelt, this is a melodrama staple from kdrama classics, you should find time to watch. 


Say You Love Me Quick Review

The reason why I like Kim Rae Won is because he can easily adapt to whatever  character is fivem to him. He can be cocky, funny, and smart. In this drama, he was the typical boy-next-door. The guy who protects his girl and will not let his love suffer, but was put on a situation where his vulnerabilities as a man caused him to hurt the woman he truly loved.

The “fire and ice” scenes here were very nice. Whenever the couple fight, to say sorry, one would say “ice”, to forgive the other, one should say “fire”. Whenever the girl is upset, she also needs to rub Rae Won’s head.  Those scenes are so sweet because the narrative was keen in establishing the depth of connection the main couple had to justify why deserve each other in the future after failing the forced relationships they had to endure.

A lot of people can share the pain of the story. They were able to come up with a story without roses and romance, but treachery and pain, and yet it was appealing because of the realistic approach.

I was so furious with Yi Na… I pity Young Chae… The role portryals were very effective, but it was still Rae Won oppa’s stunning presentation that stimulated me in finishing this tale no matter how saddening it has been most of the time on its run. –jediprincess♡♡♡




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