Another cross-dressing heroine drama in our list but this time with a twist. Wanting to be a nun, our lead girl had to pretend as a man to help her twin brother who will be launched as a member of a hot boy band but fell on a coma prior to his debut. 

Having spent most of her time in the convent Mi Nam worked hard to adapt in a new world of cohabiting with her fellow band members.

“You’re Beautiful” was brimming with witty humor and sweet scenes which propelled its run to a strong fanbase.  I think this is also was the start of me stalking Hong sisters.

Perky and fast-paced storyline, well written script and fresh sweet moments at it’s best.  You have to prepare yourself for a second-lead syndrome, not that Jang Geun Seok was not good, but because Jung Yong Hwa was equally spectacular and he made an impressive showing to shake the official love pairing.

Looking back this is still my favorite Park Shin Hye drama because she displayed a memorable heroine that was naive but refreshing, vulnerable and persevering.  With 3 men battling for the lead girl’s attention and parading their skills regardless if it’s awkward or not, it was a cheerful stay watching the heroes bleed love hearts to get noticed.  “You’re Beautiful” is that one drama that would make you realize how beautiful it is to fall in love without any reasons, and to just follow the pure unadulterated adoration you feel for that someone.




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