Being a self-confessed fan of the Hong sisters, I really enjoyed the supernatural-mythical-romantic elements in this narrative.  One of the most remembered couple I guess in Kdramaland. I was already a Shin Min Ah fan even before, and her light and natural take on her character made me love her even more.  Beautiful, never a dull moment and will always be on your top favorites.

This supernatural spectacle fused with local urban legend brought a heroine like no other and a lead man who took whatever it takes just to be with the woman he loved.

Fusing Korean folklore to a modern lovestory was notched perfectly by chilsung cider addicted Mi Ho and her action star wanna-be lead guy.  When a nine-tailed fox was released from a painting she was imprisoned to, she sealed a deal with a free spirited rich guy who does not have any dream but to become an action star.  The two worked on their dreams of becoming an actor star as well as blending to the human world, and soon enough they fell in love with each other.

The fantasy and reality mixture of the story was what kept it engrossing and Shin Min Ah’s gumiho character perked up the drama all throughout.  You can never go wrong giving a chance to this drama because it will give you varied emotions leaning to the positive side.  The love fulfilment though hindered with the supernatural bead that would sacrifice one or the other from the main love couple gave me a dilemma when it was airing.

The arresting face and portrayal of Shin Min Ah made Mi Ho one of my all-time favorite kdrama characters.  Hong sisters blended the supernatural and folklore premise in this drama in an innovative approach to complement the modern setting.

This is where I first saw the reversal of roles for the lead couple.  The always curious heroine took charge in taking care of her lead man in the most part of the story.  

The quirky interaction of the lead couple until reaching the eventual love zone was something you would root for while you are watching the narrative.  Serve yourself chips and soda on a rainy day and be enthralled at this buoyant and bewitching romance story.


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