Hello Again Ma Hye Ri!  Albeit the conflict centering to the hero’s revenge to his lead girl’s father, this drama has been one of my favorites with how it navigated to bringing in the love couple slowly and then shattering them into pieces after the revelations.

But in the end though, love prevails and while the hero had his own strong convictions with his retaliation, he let himself be swayed and let go of his pain to be with the woman he loves.  The “confrontation-kiss-scene” brought me to the edge of ever after and had me promised myself I will vow to be a single if it’s not Park Si Hoo that I’m gonna marry with.. *wink 

Surprisingly sweet, comforting and a lead actor to drool and you can use as a calming pill.  More than safe storyline and will get you hooked when you least expected it.  Intricately woven narrative with great lines and superbly layered sequence build up plus effectively personified characters who made me swoon over their commitment to their portrayals.  Given the heavy conflict, it surprisingly started flashy and breezy where character development for our heroine was a back story.

Give it a visit if you are tired with the romcoms airing these days.  I assure you it will be a nice stay.


2 thoughts on “Flashback KDrama Review: Prosecutor Princess

  1. Hi Abby,
    Which online sites would you recommend to watch K-dramas & movies, without the distraction of viewer comments & minimal ads?
    Thank you!!
    K-drama fan always,
    Sent from my iPhone

    1. hello kay i usually download but for online streaming I go to dramacools.io or gooddrama.net… they have minimal ads I guess esp with dramacool as I don’t get interrupted when I do online streaming… hope this helps

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