If there’s a first love drama that warmed my heart recently, it would be the story of a man’s unrequited romance to a woman who was kept being separated to him by fate.  Beloved Eun Dong narrated a love story so blissful and agonizing like it came straight from a classic love novel.

The love couple met when they were young and became each other’s puppy love, they met again in college where they formally entered a relationship, but the girl, Eun Dong who dreamt of being an actress met an accident and was separated to him again.  He soon became a top actor and in his quest to find his true love, he commisioned a ghost writer to bring to life his love story.  Eun Dong who suffered from amnesia took the job and while writing the book, flashes of her memory came back and realized the lies her current disabled husband and adopted father did to her.

 But claiming the love that was deprived of them by the villains was no easy task as they faced the controversy of Eun Dong being married legally.  To make the matter worse, Eun Dong revealed that her son is Hyun Soo’s, but his son is already attached to the father he was with while growing up.

Divided in 3 parts, Eun Dong and Hyun Soo’s story moved steady from that sweet young love to the complicated re-owning of the diverted romance in a way where I was so affected by the enduring commitment of Hyun Soo to love only one woman in his life.  I have never seen someone like him in kdramaland.  I mean most of the boys surely did love their girls the best way they can, but his painstaking story to be with the girl he loves, left my heart on a painful twinge.  Having a villain that was wheelchair bound and acted selfish because of love has had me on a dilemma as well if I will hate or understand his pain.  

The conflict having been Eun Dong already married while the lead man fervently waited for her was mind agonizing.  It was a test of justifying what you’ve been through to lose your greatest love and will you be happy if you reclaim your love that is not yours by law anymore.  The love triangle were all in a helpless state trying to break out from that suffocating bind, but in the end true love paved a way to free them all of the burden.

“Beloved Eun Dong” has a very strong narrative which will put the audience on a trance in finding a solution for everyone to be happy.  It taught a lesson that love involves two people loving each other the best way they can and not how the people around them understands it. It will perfectly soothe and evoke your heart because it will make you reminisce the casualties of failed relationships and the bliss of fighting for what you think is rightfully yours.  This drama will remind you of your greatest love and will prove to you how love is meant to be, when you work for it to happen.




2 thoughts on “A Man’s First Love: Beloved Eun Dong Series Review

  1. euendong is my favourite k drama. ive watched it so many times, i love it so much. the male lead is so handsome.. how i would love to be loved like that. thank you so much. anychance of a ‘this is my love 2?

    1. hi mandy… couldn’t agree more. It’s one of the best first love story that I really enjoyed. And no, i don’t think a sequel wi be released. If you like it, you might like It’s okay that’s love, Oh Hae Young Again and Discovery of Love. Happy New Year! ^_^

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