As Bong Soon acknowledged her gift fully, she devoted her time and effort in improving her power through Min Hyuk’s training.  Slowly but surely her love connection is branching to an unfamiliar face away from her one sided love.  

Strong Woman Do Bong Soon Episode Recaps

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Strong Woman Do Bong Soon Ep 8 Recap – “One Step Closer”
Police Patrol Officers came in response to Bong Soon’s bracelet alarm.  Gook Do informs them that he will take care of the attacker.  He feels sorry for not dropping Bong Soon off while the latter worries if he is hurt because of the push.  He assures her that he is fine and advises her to go home.  Bong Soon picks up the villain’s staff and mocks him like a child.
Min Hyuk calls her attention and begs her to stop going to troubles as he is making him worried.  Bong Soon reasons how it is not her fault and sighs on how the weak and women live in a dangerous world.  Min Hyuk reminds her to go to work tomorrow as she walks away, but she goes back taunting him that she will report him to the Ministry of Labor for not complying to his promise.  
He rebuts that he will fulfil his promise, it’s just that his issue is resolved but the psycho after her is not yet captured so she still has to stay by his side for him to help her out.  He asks why she fervently wants to work in the Strategy Department when she can make games with him right there and then, and she responds how it is her dream to make games, wear an ID as a regular employee and receives approval for doing her job done.
Gook Doo interrogates thug ajussi on why he was trying to hurt an innocent victim again so he explained how he wanted to avenge the beating he had from her hands.  He narrates how he suffered a lot from his broken teeth and ribs so he just wanted to appease his heavy heart.  He insists how Bong Soon is not an ordinary woman and how he just wanted to claim back his male ego which infuriates Gook Doo even more.  
He locks the assailant and sits uncomfortably feeling pained on his behind.  He remembers the fall from Bong Soon’s push and ponders on it lightly while straightening his lower back.  He sends a text message to Bong Soon if she got home safely.
Bong Soon is surrounded by her family and omma is especially caring this time.  Bong Soon sighs on why everything seems not to be working on her favor even when she was young like getting good grades and making the boy she likes to like her back so omma steps in to lighten her up by showing her favorite comfort food which shifts her mood right away from sullen to happy.
Bong Soon wakes up the next day and sends a text message to her best friend.  She thinks about her Ainsoft dreams and how she really want to catch the psycho.  She heads to the company unaware that the psycho is observing her from afar.
 Secretary Gong sees her and chats a little about the postponement of her job at Strategy Department but Bong Soon just shrugs her shoulder.  He applauds Bong Soon for catching the culprit and gossips how all along he thought it is one of Min Hyuk’s brother.  
Bong Soon enters Min Hyuk’s room and finds a laptop on her table.  She opens it and her boss’ wacky wallpaper zooms in to her surprise.  Min Hyuk shows up gleeful and checks if she slept well because he had a great sleep.  
She asks what the laptop is for and he replies that she can do her designs there while waiting for her job to be ready since he had it installed with programs she will need to practice.  She asks if she can do whatever she wants on it to which he responds that it is all hers so she can do whatever she wants.  He goes to his seat while leering to see her reaction as she opens the laptop and finds his wacky face again.  
Gook Doo gives a pep talk to the thug not to mess up with Bong Soon again or he will make even drinking water, walking or crawling hard for him.  He releases him and he walks away limping with his staff.  The Dobong neighborhood serial murder case escalated and is on government and public scrutiny as another victim emerged.  The police decide to open the investigation as psycho enjoys the attention he is getting from his evil doings.
Min Hyuk and Bong Soon watch a news clip of how a serial murder case in UK was resolved by sacrificing women.  Bong Soon ruminates on how the strong one takes advantage of the weak one, and it should have never been like that as power should not be abused.  Bong Soon plays with her design and steps out of the room for a bit.  
Min Hyuk takes advantage of it and checks on the laptop.  He stares on Jo In Sung’s handsome face on the wallpaper so he fixes it back to his face.  Secretary Gong informs him that his father wants to see him so he heads to the company and briefs his father that preparations for the meeting is  going smooth.  His father orders him to announce his engagement and to bring Bong Soon so he can get to know her better.
Bong Soon comes back in the office and finds Min Hyuk missing and her wallpaper changed again to his face.  She switches it back to Jo In Sung and checks online news of the recent Dobong-dong serial killer victim.  The police holds an emergency meeting about the case and a special task force team is formed to replace Gook Doo’s team.  Omma and neighborhood ajummas convene to talk about case as well mirroring what the police report investigation has gotten so far.  They finally stumble on the play “Blue Beard and his Seven Wives” which is a possible framework taken by the psycho in his evil ploy.  Gook Doo’s team learn of their replacement, but decides to still work on it on their own.
Bong Soon gawks outside the Strategy Department’s room when Min Hyuk calls her attention.  He asks her what she is doing and she denies nothing.  Determined to catch the psycho, she initiates her training and they work on how to properly play offense and defense in a combat.  Of course Bong Soon overpowers him and she nicely hands him water to calm his sore body.
They go for a quick jog, do ducking drills, skip a rope as Bong Soon finally learns to control her strength on a punching bag.  She contemplates on how her power is given to her because of a reason and she will make sure that it will help her catch the psycho to stop him from taking advantage of the weak people.  
Bong Soon’s high school minions encounter the thug volunteers again and reprimands them for throwing their trash when they just have just cleaned.  They exchange a banter and the high schoolers make a futile attempt to scare them, but they end up on their knees with bruises.  Thug volunteers ask them to bring their boss in, so Bong Soon is summoned to face the bad guys.  
She arrives and exchanges a spat with the crude thug volunteers who recognized her.  One of the thugs spit on her shoe and when he did not wipe it as she asked, she beats them up and warns them not to touch her highschoolers who are cheering for her victoriously.
Baek Tak heaves a sigh on their recent work problems and is enraged when the news of Bong Soon beating his guys again reaches him.  Bong Soon walks with Kyung Shim in the hospital.  She confirms moving back to their house and will just help protect the neighborhood.  Kyung Shim notices not feeling Bong Soon’s power anymore and she beams to report that she has learned to control her powers that’s why.  Bong Soon blurts how Hee Ji keeps on seeing her brother when she already had Gook Doo.  Kyung Shim murmurs how her twin is also handsome, and how she will date him and Gook Doo in the future.  Bong Soon is displeased on why they are not giving their all to the love promise they made so Kyung Shim lectures her how love changes like a seesaw, it can go up or down.  She teases how she does not know anything about love and how she might wake up one day in love with her boss to her disbelief.
Gook Doo waits for Hee Ji after her practice and invites her to talk.  He apologizes for lacking commitment to work on their relationship and mentions how he might have given her doubts along the way.  He reveals how it was also late for him to notice how he has kept a woman in his heart all those years and so he cannot give the best of what he can to her.  He clears that he is not having an affair but he has a woman whom he always nag on because she acts clumsy and yet he hates the thought of her being hurt.  Hee Ji sighs and Gook Doo assures her not to feel bad breaking up with him.
Kyung Shim is back home and is reminded by Bong Soon to not leave the house until she is fully recovered.  She hands her a gift and her friend is happy about it.  Min Hyuk sends Bong Soon a text message and offers her an over time job.  She initially refuses but he baits her with doubling her pay for the day so she is swayed.  He tells her to dress well and he will be on its way to pick her up.  Omma enters the room and tells Bong Soon to prepare because they will go to the temple to pray.  When she learns that her son-in-law is coming over she leaves immediately to prepare for his visit.
Min Hyuk arrives in the house and plays with the dog first.  Omma escorts him to the house as Bong Soon is still preparing.  He apologizes for taking her daughter to work on her rest day but omma says it is no biggie and he can call her anytime he wants.  aigoo  Min Hyuk tries to escape his intrusion but omma invites him already for breakfast which he cannot decline due to omma’s convincing scary power.  A King’s feast is spread on the table to the regular family members’ surprise.  Omma especially takes care of Min Hyuk as he is pleased to how warm the family communicates while eating.
Then they proceed to Min Hyuk’s house where Bong Soon complains on why he did not tell her that she will eat breakfast in their house as well.  He tells her to do a great job of pretending to be his fiancee, and she agrees if he will pay her thrice this time.  Min Hyuk’s dad asks her why she likes his son.  She tells the family how he is handsome and has a good personality to which the family responds in an expressionless manner.  She decides to be true to herself and blabs how Min Hyuk is crazy and that’s what she likes most about him which made the weird family moves to proceed with the breakfast accepting her answer.  Bong Soon adds how she often thinks if he is in his right mind which Min Hyuk aboji agrees joyfully.
Min Hyuk aboji chats with Bong Soon and narrates how he is relieved to see her because he is worried about why his son who used to be a womanizer when he was studying abroad suddenly stopped being one.  Bong Soon stares at Min Hyuk’s face and is bothered by the early chat she had with his father.
She goes back and forth with her thoughts if he is gay or not and eventually forgets bracing the seatbelt on her.  She gropes for it as Min Hyuk pulls over when he noticed it and helps her lock the belt on place.  The moment freezes as invisible sparks surround their competing gazes.  Min Hyuk recovers and nags on how she should always secure her belt on.  
Bong Soon whines on their next destination which Min Hyuk quips to be where they will meeting his first love.  Min Hyuk places the flowers on his mom’s tree resting place as Bong Soon realizes who they just visited.  Min Hyuk talks with her mom in his thoughts and introduces the woman he wants her to meet.  
They go to a nearby lake and Min Hyuk tells her a line on his mom’s favorite movie on how no man wants to be friends with a charming woman.  Bong Soon replies how she is not charming enough that’s why he is friends with her.  Min Hyuk tells her that Gook Doo likes her and that he might have not expressed it because it will make a difference in their friendship or he is afraid of losing her.  
Bong Soon denies his supposition so he quips how the transition from being friends to lovers needs only one step to happen.  Min Hyuk faces Bong Soon, gazes at her face and takes one step closer to her leaving her on a suspended moment.  He tells her that the step he just took changes a moment and walks away from her.  
He turns his back as Bong Soon peers at him and ponders how there was never that “one step” for her and Gook Doo over the years… and how that one step Min Hyuk just did made him closer to him that day.
Gook Doo’s team decides to pursue the psycho even when the special investigation team was established.  They secured the blackbox evidence and decipher on some clues left by the psycho.  Gook Doo remembers Bong Soon’s mentioning the smell of asphalt from the perpetrator and goes back to the car junkyard to question the employee who informs him that his boss is on a business trip.  
What the police does not know though is how the psycho knows their movements because he has planted bugs in the station when he pretends as a witness from the first case.  So he has been toying on them the whole time. 
Aboji attempts to lighten the mood of Gook Doo’s mother who regrets on why she did not send her son to become a prosecutor.  Omma sees her husband and nemesis so chummy and blabs how laughing is not welcome to the state of their neighborhood which her son cannot protect, so she attacks why Bong Ki has not been helping on the cure for cancer.  Omma remarks Bong Ki is in orthopeadics so cancer does not have anything to do with him.  Sensing the conversation won’t go anywhere, Gook Doo omma leaves.  Aboji castigates his wife for being too hard on Gook Doo omma but omma is even more upset that he was smiling brightly with the woman.  Aboji tries to escape a looming danger on their pointless banter, but he ends up black and blue with omma’s punches.
To settle the Bong Soon related gang problem,  Baek Tak summons Charles Go, the strategist of their company to devise a way on how they can conquer Bong Soon Well.  Charles Go walks to the stage to proceed with his presentation.  He summarizes the damages and the recent events incurred by the company but Baek Tak grows impatient to what his resolution will be.  He proposes avenging their loss to regain their honor by fighting one against one with her and suggests voice phishing to lure her to the designated fighting place.
Bong Soon visits Bong Ki in the hospital to give him some allowance after getting her first paycheck.  He beams at her gift and hesitantly admits how he likes Hee Ji.  He confirms how he  cannot date her for real which Bong Soon agrees.  She pats his hair noticing how he has grown up with love problems now and marches to leave.  Bong Ki tells her to date as well and to consider her boss since he does not think he is really gay but Bong Soon denounces it.
The thugs convene on a warehouse place and is scolded by Baek Tak for preparing some weapons in trying to defeat her.  He orders squadron leader not to join the brawl and heads out for last minute preparations.
Aboji is on a perky spirit with omma’s absence since she went traveling.  Min Hyuk calls Bong Soon to remind her of her training and finally gets the chance to read her grandmother’s letter which loving words and advises warm up her heart.  With her grandmother’s inspiring words to celebrate her being different, Bong Soon gets a box and takes a pink sweater to wear it.
Jaws commands the scammers they got to proceed with the voice phishing act.  Bong Soon answers her phone and panics when she heard her mother’s voice.  She heads out to the designated place forgetting Min Hyuk who was already waiting outside their house.  Kyung Shim reaches omma and confirms that she was not abducted.  
Aboji calls Gook Doo to seek help on what happened as Min Hyuk learns from Bong Soon how her mom was abducted.  The two men race to her location as Bong Soon arrives to face Baek Tak and his gang.  She asks for her mom and receives a call from Kyung Shim that her mom is safe.  She realizes she fell on their trap as Baek Tak invites her for a fight.  Bong Soon plays with the walnuts on her hand an crushes it quick making the thugs cringe.  Bong Soon peers at them sharply and urges them to come closer to start the fight.
Episode 8 Quick Thoughts
I hope this will be the last straw for the thugs’ arc in this story because they are starting to annoy me already.  Let’s just focus on securing the seven wives for the psycho and coming up with how to pin him down with Bong Soon’s help.  And then let’s proceed to let go of the one sided love and move on to buckets of romance.  Can we do that please?

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