Min Hyuk enjoyed his hospital moments with Bong Soon as Gook Doo realized the false lead their team has been threading in catching up with the psycho.

Strong Woman Do Bong Soon Episode Recaps

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Strong Woman Do Bong Soon Ep 9 Recap – “Life Risking Love”
Bong Soon tackles Baek Tak’s men in groups and sends them flying everywhere with broken bones.  She uses the trainings Min Hyuk taught her to dodge and subdue the burly thugs even when they attack simultaneously.  
Min Hyuk arrives and sees Bong Soon wrapping up the fight.  She stands with her pink hoodie covering her face as the wind blows on her face.  Min Hyuk is transported to the memory of the girl who saved the bus he was riding before and realizes that she is the same girl he was peering at that moment.
Gook Doo also arrives to the location just in time when Bong Soon is set to pulverize the last group.  She lifts the four men together and pushes them to the opposing wall.  Gook Doo is stunned on what he saw as Bong Soon approaches Baek Tak to finish the deal.  Little did she know that Baek Tak’s sly man, Gwang Bok was hiding in the area.  He sneakily goes out from his hiding point with a knife to stab Bong Soon behind her back, but Min Hyuk runs to cover his body and takes the hit for her.
Gook Doo stares at Bong Soon’s worried face as they arrive in the hospital for Min Hyuk’s treatment.  Bong Soon prays fervently beside Min Hyuk and promises that she will be a good girl to him.  She vows to follow his commands and not to annoy him in the future.  Min Hyuk regains consciousness and whispers how he is glad that Bong Soon was not hurt.
Bong Soon’s 5 seconds of warm moment shifts as he goes back to his mischievous whiny self to bicker on how ever since he met her, he had all sorts of body pains incurred and was always in trouble. He complains on how he worked hard for his perfect body but it just got 12 stitches thanks to her. He demands how she will make up for it so she apologizes and thanks him for his deed.
He continues to blab crazy ideas about his body missing something inside just as Secretary Gong arrives in a crying face full of grief on what just happened to his boss.  Stealing glances on Bong Soon, Min Hyuk rides on Secretary Gong’s woes and mentions how he is okay even when he could die soon because of tetanus and how complications may arise so he can playfully scare Bong Soon who was already feeling guilty over what happened.  *chuckles
Min Hyuk sends Bong Soon out to eat something, but she refuses to do his bidding reasoning how she won’t be able to swallow food while feeling sorry on what happened to him.  Min Hyuk insists that she has to eat so she can take care of him so she relents and marches out to grab some food.  The moment she steps out of the room, Min Hyuk stops his i-might-be-dying-antics and cheerfully asks Secretary Gong to adjust his bed and runs through the business details with him.  He is all smiles savoring his heroic moment uttering how he is feeling what Admiral Lee Sun Shin must have felt before.   Secretary Gong winces at his eccentric bipolar boss and lets him drown on his unimaginable narcissism.  *giggles
Gook Doo sits down to recall the recent events and was able to piece out the strange high school memories involving Bong Soon.  The water faucet that was broken, the iron bar that was bent, and even those tug-of-war wins that they won as a class.
At that same moment, Min Hyuk ponders on his recent discovery of the girl who saved his life, and did not notice Gook Doo entering his room.  Gook Doo checks how he is doing and asks if he knows Bong Soon’s strength that’s why he hired her.  Min Hyuk tells him to pretend he does not know of her powers yet because she does not want him to be aware of it.  Gook Doo asks why he protected Bong Soon so Min Hyuk answers him by returning the question back at him.  *rawr  ha!
Bong Ki sees Gook Doo in deep thoughts and sits beside him.  Gook Doo voices out how he just came to understand those strange things off about Bong Soon.  Bong Ki apologizes for not telling him the truth and discloses how Bong Soon has been like that since birth.  He pleads for the thugs to be reprieved of the chaos they created since Min Hyuk did not press charges even when Gook Doo insisted that the thug with the knife should be punished.  He reasons out that it might cause an issue that will involve her sister if it goes beyond their control.
Bong Ki tells the family how Min Hyuk took the knife for Bong Soon so they rush to thank the patient.  Omma speaks about how she does not know how she can repay him for his kindness.  She tells Min Hyuk how the family is not that shameless to return what they owe so they will pay him back by giving him Bong Soon.  aigoo omma jincha chongmal
Team Leader tells the team to completely take their hands off the Dobong neighborhood case per instruction of the higher officials.  At psycho’s lair, the first victim urges the other women to cry loud for help in the hope that they will be rescued.  Psycho who monitors them pays them a visit and punished the first victim for the uprising.  Meanwhile Gook Doo is slowly getting to where their team failed to start in trying to capture the psychopath as he connected the dots he got from the investigation and Bong Soon’s testimony.
Min Hyuk’s wound is being cleaned by the nurse who was surprised on his impressive pain tolerance.  The nurse advises that the stitches will be removed in a week most likely and she is baffled on his sudden helpless mode as soon as Bong Soon arrives.  He mumbles how he has weak cellular tissues and beams on Bong Soon’s worried face as he pretends he is having a hard time with his wound.
Hee Ji visits Bong Ki and tells him about the girl Gook Doo likes.  She speaks about how she now realized why he felt distant when they were dating.  Bong Ki informs her that they need time to pass by before they can see each other since she used to date his friend.  Hee Ji reasons out how timing is important in a relationship.  She suggests they try going out in five dates, and if it will not work, they can just forget each other.  Hee Ji smiles when Bong Ki teases her of how her line is supposed to be a man’s line.
Baek Tak checks on his beaten men as Jaws reports how the boys filled up the hospital with the injuries.  He mistakenly beats another man in place of Gwang Bok who used the knife because he is mummified due to the injuries.  Omma arrives to teach them a lesson and mistakenly beats the wrong guy as well.  She is directed to who the culprit but seeing there is no more space to hurt him, she turns to Baek Tak to appease her fury, but Min Hyuk’s father came from nowhere and punches Baek Tak for hurting his son.
Min Hyuk’s father heaves a sigh and decides he will take the matter into his hands.  Min Hyuk replies not to worry about it and to just let it go since he was not the initial target.  Min Hyuk aboji is enraged and questions why he took the stab for someone.  They go to a heated argument where Min Hyuk brings out how his father abandoned him and his mother before as well as how he has been not happy in the family.  Aboji castigates him for being rude in dragging his mother’s memories and lectures him that his being successful does not warrant him to be disrespectful.  Bong Soon listens outside the room feeling sorry on her boss’ family situation.
Gook Doo drops by at the car junk yard and meets psycho who casually chats with him.  Gook Doo recognizes him as a witness from the case who gave them specific details about the perpetrator.  He replies the culprit is not yet apprehended when psycho asks if he is already caught.  Gook Doo tells him to check on his car and proceeds on checking the junk yard.  He finds the door leading to the dungeon and is interrupted by the psycho who muttered that his car is doing well.
Gook Doo rushes to the station to discuss with team leader how the culprit tampered the second crime scene to ward off their investigation to a different direction.  He brings out the suspicious witness for the second victim who turns out to be the owner of the car junkyard.
Bong Soon is careful on Min Hyuk’s despondent mood and refuses to go home when he ordered it.  She scolds him lightly on wanting to be alone when he is feeling gloomy and reminds him that he promised to him last time that he will not do it.  She moves closer to his bed and declares she will stay with him.  She asks him if he wants to eat something and he answers he wants the food from their house which omma prepared right away from the house.
Min Hyuk leers at Bong Soon’s face tenderly as she gives him a towel bath.  Their gazes meet and she asks why he took the knife for her.  He replies by telling her how she is staring at him the same way she did when they first met in the police station.  He looks in her eyes and tells her not to give that gaze to other guys.  
Min Hyuk confirms that she was the girl who stopped the bus station from before to which she agrees.  She narrates how it was the first time she used her power to save someone since she has been keeping her strength as a secret. Min Hyuk jokes how all along he thought it was her mother’s guardian angel who protected him and mumbles how he was on his way to visit his mom after skipping night school.  Bong Soon realizes he was probably in high school when that happened and corners him on why he was being informal to her when they could possibly be of the same age.  Min Hyuk escapes the situation by pretending he is in pain so Bong Soon forgets the moment and helps him lay down.  He tells her to continue taking care of him as he peers at her cheerfully.
While psycho grabs another victim, Bong Soon’s minions are busy video editing her recent bout with the thugs and are satisfied about it.  
Omma arrives with aboji for Min Hyuk’s home food request and he patiently waits as Bong Soon mixes the bibimbap inside the pot.  Bong Soon scoops a spoonful and goes to Min Hyuk for his big bite but Bong Ki arrives to stop the food going to his mouth reminding them that the patient is supposed to be on fasting.  Min Hyuk’s face turns to a scolded puppy and motions them to go ahead with the meal and to not worry about him.  He gulps at the glorious sight of the bibimbap going to Bong Soon’s family’s mouth as the food vanishes inside the pot in 5 minutes.
Bong Soon denies Min Hyuk’s request for her to go home and insisted on staying with her.  Omma offers herself if he wants Bong Soon to go home since she is good in nursing from her old experiences of hurting other people.  Min Hyuk politely refuses as he is used to being alone so Bong Soon’s family prepares to leave.
Baek Tak sees Min Hyuk to apologize and inquires where he scouted Bong Soon.  The latter shoos him away and he meets Bong Soon on her way back to tend to Min Hyuk.  He offers her a gift which she refused and he admits to their defeat and promises they will not mess up with her anymore.  He begs that the rumor of their defeat won’t be known in the public and she assures him that she does not want to be dragged on that as well.
Min Hyuk is surprised that Bong Soon came back but smiles when she is not looking at him.  She tells him that she promises to stay with him so since she is good at keeping promises she will be by his side.  She asks what they will be doing that night so he teases her by replying he will take a bath.  She moves away from him so he grins and tells her that he just wants to wash his hair.
Bong Soon wipes Min Hyuk’s hair and walks in front of him to dry the front part.  He meaningfully stares at her and grabs her arm to have her move closer to him.  The moment freezes again as they peer at each other’s faces.  Bong Soon closes her eyes, Min Hyuk debates on what he is going to do at that moment.  He breaks their close proximity by telling her to sleep so she goes to the sofa to sleep.
Min Hyuk sighs as he watches over Bong Soon’s frame with furtive thoughts running in his mind.  He whispers how he was not expecting to meet her again very fast.  He closes his eyes as she opens hers and she thinks about how he risked his life for her.  Min Hyuk opens his eyes again and sees her wide open eyes staring at him.
The next day Baek Tak and his men learn of their viral video spreading in the internet.  Omma and friends also discuss on the recent kidnapping victim in the neighborhood.  Gook Doo’s team is on standby near the junk yard not knowing that the psycho knows their every move.  Psycho scans Gook Doo’s personal info and throws the paper on Hee Ji’s picture.  omg Is she really going to be one of his brides?  Psycho marks Hee Ji for his future victim.  He plants a bug on her bag when he bumps with her in the hospital.
Secretary Gong briefs his boss about recent office updates and Bong Soon’s scheduled transfer to Strategy Department.  Bong Soon enters the room and mumbles how he is dressing up casually like he is in a hotel.  Min Hyuk blabs how he hates typical fashion sense when she lectures him of the function of a hospital gown.  Gook Doo enters the room and requests Bong Soon to come with him due to another case that happened.  Min Hyuk stops her from going but she moves to leave with Gook Doo.  Min Hyuk blurts how he does not want her to get hurt halting her on her track.  He looks in her eyes and tells her how it is okay if he will be in pain just as long as she will not be hurt.  His pleading did not stop her from leaving as she walks away and promises him she will be back.  Gook Doo takes a deep breath and shouts at Min Hyuk how Bong Soon is for him to protect and then rushes to follow her.
Bong Soon utters how she knows he is already aware of her secret.  Gook Doo disregards it and praises that at least she has one thing she is good at.  He tells her how timing has never worked on their favor and how he is unhappy that Min Hyuk took the knife for her.  awwww
 They head to the station as he lets her listen to the psycho’s recording when he came as a witness.  Bong Soon confirms that it is the same voice as the culprit she bumped with just as the news of the perpetrator being caught hits the police station.
Episode 9 Quick Thoughts
Argh I thought the romance will escalate this week but I guess we have to wait a little more.  While I can understand Min Hyuk wanting to have her heart fully without any traces of Gook Do’s one-sided love, I was disappointed when the almost kiss did not move to a real kiss.  Can we wrap up the psycho arc and just spend 4 episodes of fan service?

2 thoughts on “Strong Woman Do Bong Soon Ep 9 Recap

    1. i thought they’re gonna kiss but Min Hyuk I think wants Bong Soon to be sure about her feelings first… i wish they can wrap up the psycho conflict this week so we can just enjoy the otp moments for the last 4 eps hahaha

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