Flashback TDrama Review: Autumn’s Concerto

Autumn’s Concerto is that romantic tale tailored from those romance novels I used to read in high school.  That is why I was able to relate with it.  It has all the basic ingredients of a romantic melodrama – rich boy poor girl premise, you-and-me-against-my-rich-mom conflict, amnesia, and years-later-time-jump.  It appeared cliche, but I enjoyed Guang Xi and Mu Cheng’s love fulfilment immensely.  Probably because the execution of the storytelling was able to draw me in the love couple’s sweet start, tragic relationship falling apart and their worth it second chance in love.


Liang Mu Cheng (Ady An), became orphaned at an early age, she then was raised by her late father’s second wife. Her aunt remarried another man when they weren’t left with any options but to survive.  They sold lunch boxes in Sheng De University.

Ren Guang Xi? a rich man’s son, was a well-known womanizer and lives his life at the moment.  His father also died early, and he has distant relationship with his mother.  Fate brought Mu Cheng and Guang Xi together, but they left bad impressions towards each other at first.

They met again when Guang Xi was taunted by his friends in a deal to date a pretty bento girl, who turned out to be Mu Cheng.  He initially wanted to just win the dare, but he soon fell in love with her.

When they both admitted their love to each other, tragedy happens as Guang Xi needs to have a brain tumor operation or else he will die. The risk of the operation made him forget everything about Mu Cheng.  Mu Cheng left the city as commanded by Guang Xi’s mom who was their relationship.  She went to quietly live away from Guang Xi and was helped by her friend and admirer Hua Tuo Ye start upon knowing that she was pregnant.

5 years later, the couple met again, without Guang Xi’s memory of Mu Cheng.  But when Mu Cheng’s son with Guang Xi needed an operation, she was left no choice, but to reveal the truth to Guang Xi.  Wanting to keep their son, he forced her into a marriage of hell.  But what the memory cannot remember, his heart seemed unable to forget.  Little by little his fondness resurfaced until he found his memory back.  


The lead actress was sure immersed in her role hence she has lead her lead actor to match up the intensity on their emotional scenes.  They sure did an engrossing chemistry which was evident on screen and was proven by the high ratings during its run.

The writing and narrative albeit the simplicity moved my emotions because it appealed to my senses.  There were no twist that happened, but the conflicts raised targeted my heart that I asked myself if I would have done what Mu Cheng did for love.  At some point, I don’t know if she was still worth to understand for her self-sacrificing trait when she could have just spilled everything his mother did to her, but we have a righteous heroine who does want the best for the man she loved, and that included a happy relationship with his mother.

Autumn’s Concerto was a complete package romantic story wise because we saw the honeymoon stage of a relationship start, the failed relationship and the finding of love again.  This is the only drama that belonged to my all time favorites which were dominated by kdramas.  

If you are looking for a laid back story that will give you a balanced pain and bliss, then this one is for you.



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