The KDrama Newbies

You are either a new recruit or bumped on your own to kdramaland and was lead by kdrama spirits to oppa promise land.

You are considered a newbie if…

  • You don’t know who wore the sparkling jumpsuit
  • You don’t know who likes chilsung cider very much
  • You have only seen less than 50 Korean dramas (typically last 5 year’s dramas)
  • You liked all Reply Series dramas
  • You know Gong Yoo because of Goblin and not because of Coffee Prince
  • Your favorite actor is either Park Bo Gum, Nam Joo Hyuk or Song Joong Ki
  • You searched kdrama recommendations on facebook (which is a no no!)

The On-Off KDrama Addicts

You have tendencies to go without korean dramas in your system, but like a prodigal son you often find yourself coming back to cram on what you missed.

You are an on-off kdrama addict if…

  • You can differentiate Jumong, Gwanggaeto, Gyebaek and Yi San.
  • You know why Lady Mishil’s theme music is often used in variety show’s parody and skits
  • You know how to sing the 3 Bears Song
  • You liked all Reply Series and I Need Romance Series dramas
  • You have seen at least 100 korean dramas
  • You know Jang Geum is not just good in cooking
  • You search drama recommendations on blogs
  • You still think Gong Yoo is the cute guy in Coffee Prince
  • Your favorite oppa is either Lee Min Ho, Ji Chang Wook or Kim Soo Hyun

The KDrama Regulars

You are still deciding whether to pursue or not the religious devotion to kdramas or just stay actively watching kdramas on your spare time

You are a kdrama regular if…

  • You have been actively watching dramas in the past 10 years
  • You know that you do not need to watch all korean dramas, but you end up watching all subconsciously
  • You contemplate which dramas to watch based on the director/writer
  • You are either a Kim Eun Sook or Hong sisters fan
  • You don’t search drama recommendations because you watch almost everything
  • You like the Reply Series, I Need Romance Series, Flowerboys Series Dramas
  • If someone tells you the actor, you can give all the dramas that actor has worked on
  • You have a weekly schedule of your kdrama watchlist
  • You have established a kdrama chingu/unni circle
  • You think time-traveling requires a talisman or nine incense sticks

The KDrama Veteran

Seasoned kdrama followers who have a separate kdrama compartment in their brain where they store their drama knowledge like how Harry Potter wizards do with their pensieve.

Enter a caption

You are a kdrama veteran if…

  • You know everything that kdrama regular knows
  • You have reach that nirvanic state when you can sense whether the drama will be good or bad in just 6 episodes
  • You can easily predict what will happen in the drama
  • You have reached the stage where you enjoy 50+ episodes period dramas and you are starting to have strange attachment towards weekend family dramas
  • You are disheartened on facebook pages of pretentious kdrama followers who randomly write reviews when obviously they did not see the drama at all
  • You are most likely a kdrama blogger or active on kdramaland forums and community
  • You still hope that Rain oppa will have a redeeming project in the future
  • You like the Reply Series, I Need Romance Series, Flowerboy Series, School Series and Seasons Series Dramas.

So there goes our introductory guide to assess yourself which level you are right now as a kdrama fan.  Seize the day and haul a lot more kdramas to watch! ^_^


12 thoughts on “The 4 Stages of Being a KDrama Fan

      1. but you might have started late that’s why so you can still catch up on it… every now and then there’s a phase when dramaland wi be boring that’s when you take the time to watch the worthy ones ^_^

      2. I also don’t know who likes chilsung cider very much….and my favorite actor is Park Bo Gum. But otherwise, I am more in the kdrama regular category. lol Now I just have to get some more dramas under my belt. Mission- accepted!

      3. yup it’s actually a kind of drama with a very promising opening and mid part but the ending was missing a nudge, but it’s still adorable just the same. It’s not my Hong sisters favorite drama, but Shin Min Ah really suited well to her character

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