Min Hyuk fulfilled his promised job post to Bong Soon but she has to undergo internship first.  We have a complete love triangle picture in full swing and our fast acting CEO finally took a leap of love by confessing what he felt to the strong woman who rolled in his life unexpectedly.  

Strong Woman Do Bong Soon Episode Recaps

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Strong Woman Do Bong Soon Ep 10 Recap – “Finding the Hidden Heart”
The special investigation team for the Dobong-dong serial killing case brought in the suspect and made it known to the public news.  Bong Soon insists that the culprit is the man whose voice she just heard earlier, but Gook Doo’s team is left on a dead end as Team Leader reminds Gook Doo not to chase the psycho anymore or they will be in trouble.  At his lair, psycho is enraged that someone took the credit for his evil doings.  
Bong Soon confirms psycho’s name and asks his whereabouts which infuriates Gook Doo.  He motions to leave so he can drop her off their house, but she halts him saying she has to go somewhere.  Gook Doo asks if she is tending on Min Hyuk because of her job or because he took the knife for her.  He stares at her face and he could not bring to ask if she likes him so instead he asks her if she really has to go to which she replies yes.  He tells her that she should not feel compelled to be by his side, but she replies that she has to be with him.  *ouch
Min Hyuk sighs as he waits for Bong Soon who on cue enters his room.  He states how she is not going to meet Gook Doo anymore since the culprit has been apprehended, but she tells him that they got the wrong guy.  She asks if the wound hurts and he replies that he would rather be hurt than have her be in pain. Min Hyuki I’m in pain too lol
Min Hyuk inquires if she still likes Gook Doo and blabs how can she like him when he is more handsome than his friend.  He realized fast his almost slip and covers it by telling her to disregard if she has thoughts of how an amazing man like Min Hyuk might possibly like her.  Bong Soon snides at her boss’ impossible narcissism and retorts how he can say those things when he prefers men over women.  
Min Hyuk grins and sits in front of her to clear once and for all that he had no time to date when he was building his empire nor he has time to clarify those rumors so he just let it spread for noise marketing.  Bong Soon points out how he seems to be not hurting anymore so he fakes a painful groan and goes back to their argument.  He peers at her and tells her that he likes women and that women makes him crazy, but she is not convinced since his vibrantly colored striped bathrobe looks disturbingly gay. haha
Bong Soon contemplates on Kim Jang Hyun so Min Hyuk has to point out how she should take care of him with all her heart and not just because of guilt.  Bong Soon asks if he can help look someone for her and he is quick to deduce her intention to catch the psycho so he warned her not to take any step out of that room.
Gook Doo stubbornly begs his team leader to get a warrant for Kim Jang Hyun but the latter is on a bind so he cannot relent.  Upset how everything is not making sense Gook Doo marches out of the station and vowed to stay on the case even if it means risking his police badge.  
Gook Doo pays psycho a visit and picks the gadgets he is working on.  Gook Doo mutters if he is happy that the culprit was caught, and psycho replies how they are both thinking the same thing – that they caught the wrong guy.  Gook Doo grabs his color and asks where he hid the girls, but psycho remains calm and responds why he is accusing him when he has cooperated well in the police investigation.  Gook Doo can’t hold his fury anymore and throws punches at him.  Gook Doo spots a pair of shoes which the psycho previously hidden on his first visit and the latter asks his man to call the police for the harassment he got from Gook Doo.  Psycho goes to his dungeon and pins Bong Soon’s picture while staring at it with a murderous eye.  A news update clarifies that the suspect taken denied his involvement with the other victims upsetting Gook Doo while he is driving.
Min Hyuk summons Secretary Gong and advises him to notify HR of Bong Soon’s transfer to Strategy Department tomorrow.  Secretary Gong is surprised as he initially decided for her transfer when he is back in the office so he responds that he is coming back as well tomorrow as he is worried that she would do something stupid if he is not by her side.  Secretary Gong gets his phone to call Bong Soon for the good news, but stops when he realizes there is no available team they can assign Bong Soon too.
Still caught up with psycho’s identity, Bong Soon skims online news about the case and gets annoyed by the viral video loaded by her minions.  Kyung Shim enters the room and asks if she will go to her boss.  She mutters how she is on the same side with her mom on wanting Min Hyuk for her.  Bong Soon heaves a sigh and mumbles how she is already confused which surprised Kyung Shim.
 Bong Soon evades the topic by giving her the usual pep talk of not going out She answers Secretary Gong’s call and is elated on her new work tomorrow.  She jumps with Kyung Shim shaking the house in the process, as Min Hyuk begins a countdown on his expected call from Bong Soon.  
His phone rings and as expected it is from Bong Soon who informs him that she is on her way to the hospital even when she kept thinking how it will be a hassle for her to go there and travel back tomorrow on her first day of work. But because she worries about her she will have to be by his side.  Min Hyuk agrees to her request and mutters it is no big deal if his wound might open so she can rest well at home to prepare for work tomorrow.  
Police Chief chides Gook Doo’s team and dismisses their report of the witness possibly toying with them.  Gook Doo arrives and leaves his ID and handcuff before he walks away from his team.  Gook Doo rushes to the junkyard and is halted by ajussi worker.  He frees himself from his grip and tells him how his boss has been kidnapping women and he could be in prison for being an accessory to his crime.  
He walks to the door he found before but psycho calls his attention and taunts him to hit him again.  His team members come in time to stop him from assaulting him again.  They tried to calm him down and make him see reasons that they need an arrest warrant and authority to investigate.  They told him to stop being hard-headed and go back to his job tomorrow so they can sort out the investigation.
Bong Soon cheerfully irons her clothes for tomorrow and notifies omma that she will be a full time employee tomorrow.  She worries a bit when reminded that her boss is alone, but mom assures her to just focus on her preparations for tomorrow.  Omma heads to the hospital and feeds Min Hyuk with the spicy chicken dish which is Bong Soon’s favorite.  Although he hates spicy food, he smiles at omma as he feeds her dotingly.  He begs Bong Ki to escort his mom back home when she stepped out to get some water but Bong Ki responds how omma does not listen to people.  
Omma bumps with Baek Tak and his beaten face.  She tells him that Bong Soon will be starting her full time job tomorrow that’s why she is taking care of the CEO.  He apologizes again for almost harming Bong Soon and reasons how they were just intending to restore their reputation.
Bong Soon dreams of her being Juliet again, struggling to call MinHyuk-Romeo in English.  MinHyuk-Romeo climbs on the wall as he confirms that he is Korean and he likes women.  He inches closer for a kiss to BongSoon-Juliet’s, and as she prepares her lips for the kiss, she was awakened by Kyung Shim’s light slap on her lips murmuring how she must have been sexually pent up these days.
Bong Soon dressed up prettily for work and is welcomed by Secretary Gong at the lobby complete with flowers, confetti and bubbles effects.  Bong Soon finds Min Hyuk in his room and asks why he is there when he should be in the hospital.  He gives him a welcome gift of a cute bag with her company ID on it.  He hangs the ID and she beams while staring at it.
 She rises from her seat and promises to do a great job.  She asks which team she will be assigned to so he shows her “Welcome Strategy Department” intern.  Bong Soon pouts at the explanation of her too good to be true dream. Min Hyuk reasons how the department she wants composes of the most brilliant minds in the company so he cannot allow her to go there without proper training or she will get bullied.  Bong Soon sulks at the thought of working alone and eating alone in the office but Min Hyuk assures her that she will be working under the best senior manager in the company.  She smiles at the good news but it fades right away when her crazy boss presents himself as her manager for her internship.  He motions for them to start a meeting but she complains that two people can only do a conversation so he summons Secretary Gong to make them three.  Bong Soon slumps her frustrated self on the sofa annoyed by the trick her boss just played at her.  
Their meeting is interrupted when a team leader from the Strategy department knocks the door to present a proposal to Min Hyuk.  Bong Soon is surprised to see him look exactly like the thug boss who stabbed Min Hyuk last time.  He furtively scowls at her curious face and leaves after a quick briefing with Min Hyuk.  Secretary Gong replies that he does not have a twin as far as he knows when Bong Soon asks if he has.
 When Min Hyuk asks her what kind of game she wants to do, she answers how she wants a non-violent game that will not spend a lot of money for the gamers and will educate them as well.  Min Hyuk responds how she will not earn money from her insights, but she argues that children and elderly will enjoy her game to which he rebuts that the group she is targeting do not have money.  He ends the meeting to her surprise since they have not accomplished anything at all.  She bargains to prolong it some more but he forces her to go to the washroom to calm her internship passion.  
She bumps with Dong Byeong and he tells her to follow him in the pantry.  In the pantry, Dong Byeong questions why she is sticking with the CEO when she is not that pretty.  He fumes when she retorts that she is with him because of the internship before she moves to the Strategy Department.  He warns her to be good at him so she can enter the team she wants to be with.  Satisfied with his initial bullying, he steps out of the room leaving Bong Soon baffled and scared.
Bong Soon gets a breather at Secretary Gong’s space, but she stands up quick when her weird boss starts calling her like Pavarotti.  Bong Soon snides at his inquiry on how her work is so far by telling him how she has not done anything yet at all.  He offers her a welcome party but she declines politely since it will just be the two of the.  When Secretary Gong resumes helis arbitrary post, she tells him to tell their boss how what she is having right now was not what was promised to her.  She marches back to her seat and grumps on her bad day.
Oh Dong Byeong throws in proposed ideas on the table and assigns Bong Soon to find out why the ideas were not approved.  He borrows her for a while for a quick getting-to-know chat and leads her to the conference room.  Secretary Gong cautions Min Hyuk how Dong Byeong has a terrible reputation on new hires, but Min Hyuk wants to check who will win between them.  
Dong Byeong fixes his nail polish and orders Bong Soon to get him a cup of coffee.  She follows his instruction on how he wants his coffee done, however he seethes on the bitter taste saying he meant a tablespoon of sugar.  She offers to change it, but he disregards it and goes to his initial evil plan and scolds her for flirting with Min Hyuk.
He plays with her face and mumbles if she did a nose job and complains why her face is too small.  Bong Soon mutters how they should keep the chat professional, but Dong Byeong flares when she mispronounced his name.  He hits her on her forehead and when he asks her to pick up the pen he threw on the other side of the table, she takes the opportunity and pushes the heavy table to trap him on his position.  She walks away like nothing happened.
Min Hyuk wonders what’s taking Bong Soon and Dong Byeong long just in time for her head popping from the door.  He goes to the coffee shop with her and he asks what she did to the team leader.  She denies hitting or knocking him down and cutely admits that he is just sitting down and stuck somewhere.  Min Hyuk takes a deep breath and begs her to free Dong Byeong but she refuses.  He meets Secretary Gong and they go to where the punished man is.  Min Hyuk asks his secretary to bring some more men to move the table for him to be rescued.
Back at his office, Min Hyuk grins on how Bong Soon handled the bullying.  Secretary Gong curiously asks why he took the knife intended to Bong Soon when he is particularly protective of his body.  Bong Soon who is almost going inside pauses to wait for his response, but the door suddenly opens and she finds Min Hyuk staring at her face.
Min Hyuk ruminates about the unanswered question from his secretary earlier.  He stands up to return a book and finds Bong Soon leering at him from the other side of the book shelf.  She tells Min Hyuk to postpone her welcome event until his stitches are removed since he cannot drink alcohol yet to which he agrees.  
Secretary Gong and Dong Byeong exchanges their Bong Soon traumatic sob stories as grandma who came to visit advises omma to make sure that feces wine will be given fast to the person who needs it since it’s freshly made.  Omma visits Baek Tak who raves about the clean taste of the medicinal drink, but falls on deep rage upon knowing where it came from.  Bong Ki attends to the thug patients and was told on how their boss is behaving strangely and keeps muttering how he ate something he should have not.  He notices the dong wine to answer the million dollar question on why their boss is upset.
Bong Soon drops of Min Hyuk at his place and as she motions to leave, he grabs her arm and lets her sit on the sofa so he could lay down on her lap.  He asks permission for her to stay still for a quick moment and fall asleep eventually.  Bong Soon stops by at the door painting of Min Hyuk’s dungeon and finally uncovers the truth that she was inspired by her. 
Bong Soon goes home and receives a text message from Gook Doo to meet him tomorrow.  Team leader and Gook Doo is on a drinking session and Team leader lectures him of keeping his head cool since all of them wants to catch the psycho, but they have an organization to follow.  Gook Doo remains stubborn so Team Leader promises him that they will search the place without a warrant and gives back his badge and ID for him to resume work the next day.  Meanwhile, psycho lurks nearby Hee Ji’s practice place to stalk at her.
Min Hyuk wakes up and calls Bong Soon right away.  He finds her sticky note message reminding him to take his meds on time and to disinfect his wound.  Bong Soon is on a quick meeting with omma and grandma who presented the ancestral journals to her since she is at the right age to write down her experiences in fulfilment of her mission to leave a legacy for the future female generation of the family.
Min Hyuk tosses and turns trying to sleep as Bong Soon confirms with Kyung Shim how her heart races fast whenever she sees Min Hyuk.  Just then omma rushes to their room and announces that Min Hyuk is outside the house looking for her.  Bong Soon finds Min Hyuk waiting outside and he tells her how he needs to tell her something.  She responds that it could have wait till tomorrow but he insists on saying it right now.  
He mutters that he is in pain so she responds that he should have taken his medicines.  She chides him on how he does not listen to police and now even to doctors. He then takes her hand and places it on his chest and whispers that the pain is coming from his heart.  He gazes at her and tells her to stop having a crush with someone because he thinks that he likes her already.
Episode 10 Quick Thoughts
Weeeeeeee  Finally!  Just as my heart is racing for this adorable couple, I am also cushioning some of it that will break for Gook Doo.  I love how our hero is perceptive and understood that Bong Soon still has to sort her emotions hence he cannot bring to cross those almost kisses moments that I thought would really lead to real kisses.  So from here on, we should be expecting fan service, although I’m not sure how it will be incorporated while we are catching the psycho.  It has been a sweet ride with Do Bong Soon since Day 1.  We are still down to 6 episodes but I am getting scared of the moment we will send it off soon.

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    1. me too I’m already having a separation anxiety… lol On the brighter side, my drama watching will resume to normal since it won’t be preoccupied with the recaps and Hyung Sik stalking ^^

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