Let the heart-fluttering moments begin and let it pour to drown us with so much love we are all willing to take.  There were two points we got from today’s episode.  One is how “timing” matters a lot when it comes to love, and how a decisive heart will lead you to romance.  *wink  I just came back from oblivion courtesy of Min Hyuk’s heart-stopping gazes.  *chuckles As Bong Soon decided to accept Min Hyuk’s heart and break Gook Doo’s belated confession, her closest friend will be in a looming danger. 

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Strong Woman Do Bong Soon Ep 11 Recap – “Timing”
Bong Soon shoos her mom away as she wants to be alone after Min Hyuk’s sudden i-like-you outburst.  But omma keeps on extracting why the CEO came all of sudden and wants her to get his birthday details so she can have their love fortune be read.  Still on high after being confessed to, Bong Soon subconsciously confirms with omma how her heart beats so fast just when she thought her mom already go to her bedroom.  hahaha
Min Hyuk ponders on what he has just done and grins remembering how Bong Soon cutely groped for words after hearing his feelings. We go back to a few moments ago when Bong Soon tells Min Hyuk to give her some time to think and sort her emotions since it is the first time she has been confessed to, and she rushes to go inside their house to escape Min Hyuk’s love attack.  Min Hyuk beams at the sweet memory earlier and draws a heart on the glass wall as he wonders if Bong Soon is sleeping well.  look at you being cutely in love aigoo
Bong Soon takes some breathing exercises to calm her excited heart.  She thinks about Min Hyuk’s face and his invitation to be with asap once she figured out where they will be heading.  Her already confused heart suffers another sweet blow when her two boys sent her text messages to watch movie with them the next day.  yah do bong soon! you are the luckiest girl on earth these days 
Even in her dreams Bong Soon is bugged by her recent romantic development as she dreams her Juliet self again with MinHyuk-Romeo, until Gook Doo climbs on the veranda to claim that he is Romeo and uses how his family and Bong Soon’s family are sworn enemies to prove that he is the real Romeo.  The two fight over BongSoon-Juliet’s hand but Dong Byeong appears to stop Gook Doo from hurting MinHyuk-Romeo.
The next morning, Dong Byeong calls Bong Soon to his office to clarify what happened in the conference room, but Bong Soon pretends not knowing what he is talking about.  He blabs about how he hates the like of her and orders her to fetch him a sweet cup of coffee.  Bong Soon glares at him momentarily but follows his command and pours in a lot of sugar which surprisingly is really his weird taste in coffee.  He follows up on his bullying whim and asks Bong Soon to bring 10 boxes of bondpaper.  She tries to bargain how she needs to do a lot of things since he made her report deadline tomorrow but he won’t listen to her reasons.  Bong Soon ends up slumping her bag in the supply room as she carries the boxes to Dong Byeong’s office.  The latter drops the phone while talking to someone as he is surprised at how she managed to carry the heavy load.  She places the boxes in his room and gives him a wink when he checks that all the boxes are really made of paper and not feathers.  
Secretary Gong notifies Bong Soon that her boss has to attend a seminar so he will come in late.  He tells her that Min Hyuk will let her attend a presentation meeting earlier which made Bong Soon happy.  Secretary Gong proceeds to pick up Min Hyuk as Bong Soon contemplates on how she will face Min Hyuk later after their late night moment yesterday.  Her reverie is interrupted by two text messages that came from Min Hyuk and Gook Doo with the same question of why she was not responding to them.  Bong Soon whines on why the two seem to be soulmates in annoying her.
Baek Tak wakes up from a bad dream and realizes how his body is strangely fully recovered thanks to the Dong Wine he gulped yesterday.
Min Hyuk pouts on the seminar they have to attend to and gets excited when Bong Soon drops the honorifics when she replied that she cannot watch movie with him because she will be busy at work.  At that same moment Gook Doo receives the same response and wonders why she suddenly replied in formal language.  
Min Hyun is quick to jump to a conclusion on how Bong Soon is taking the steps to be closer to him.  He can’t help but smile like a schoolboy in love and I can’t help but feel like a school girl so in love with him too.  lol 
 Bong Soon scans the rejected proposals for her report and wonders why she became an intern when there’s a ludicrous proposal about beef cutlet invading pork cutlet kingdom.  She brags about her awesome Supergirl Bong Soon game idea but got surprised when Supergirl Bong Soon turns to Min Hyuk’s faces being cute and throwing finger hearts on her computer screen.
Bong Soon converses with herself on how Min Hyuk is supposed to be with her guiding her as he promised.  She sits down and mumbles how Min Hyuk has been so far getting hurt because of her.  She battles on how she is going to answer Min Hyuk’s feelings as well as what she will do with Gook Doo.
Bong Soon realizes that she interchanged the replies she sent to the two boys when she reads Min Hyuk’s casual message.  Gook Doo is off to buy (me a necklace) lol, I mean Bong Soon a necklace.  Bong Soon answers Gook Doo’s call and agrees to meet him at the company’s coffee shop since she cannot go out to see a movie with him.  He tells her not to meet Min Hyuk outside the office nor take care of him anymore since she is no longer his bodyguard.  He adds that it will be the last advice he will be giving as a friend.  can we just have both of them her lead men?  we all like gook doo as well
Gook Doo’s Chief stalks psycho who has been stalking Hee Ji.  Dong Byeong passes by the congratulatory flowers sent by Baek Tak for Bong Soon.  He asks her if he is her boyfriend, but she is also surprised when she sees the flowers.  She denies her relationship with Baek Tak and questions why Dong Byeong hates her so much.  He demands her to uncover her true identity after carrying the boxes and pushing the heavy conference table, so Bong Soon obliges and playfully tells him that she is an alien. *giggles
Bong Soon walks in the wash room where two ladies talk about Min Hyuk clearing the misconception about him being gay citing he likes women in the recent seminar he attended.  It was also told how the woman he likes is working in the company as well.  The women expresses distaste on the girl who stole their CEO’s heart.
Min Hyuk finally arrives in the office and spots Bong Soon who froze on her spot upon seeing him. We see Min Hyuk with the light background approaching her and he takes her hand to everybody’s surprise.  She tries to free her hand, but he refuses to let go.
Min Hyuk checks on Bong Soon’s game idea and agrees on working with it.  He advises her to do well and listen to the presentation meeting later.  He invites her to eat lunch so she asks why he will do it when he only eats one meal, but he replies that since she eats 3 meals he has to change his eating habits for her.  aigoo how to be you Bong Sooni
Bong Soon peers at Min Hyuk’s handsome face as he lovingly gazes back at her.  Just then Secretary Gong and Dong Byeong join their table.  Secretary Gong who misinterpreted the banmal conversation earlier with his boss start talking to Min Hyuk without honorifics so Dong Byeong chides him for being disrespectful.  He reasons out that the boss prefers being informal.  Min Hyuk gets the misunderstanding so he clears it and straighten out that he is not the one whom he wants to speak informal with him.  Dong Byeong brings out Bong Soon’s weird actions and how she is an alien, but Min Hyuk lovingly places her favorite food on her spoon and ignores him completely by just focusing on melting her with his furtive and knee-weakening gazes.  Bong Soon stops Dong Byeong after they return their plates to give him a present where she bends a metal stick around his wrist and mischievously warns him that next time she will give him a necklace.  Dong Byeong faints as she walks back to their office.
Bong Soon is on another love trance leering at shining Min Hyuk with the regular Bong Soon love trance theme as the music background.  She sneakily peeks at him doing his CEO job and ponders what she will do about him.
 Secretary Gong takes care of the traumatized Dong Byeong as he pours out his recently broken heart because of Min Hyuk.  Secretary Gong mentions that he also doubted Min Hyuk before since he never clarified the rumors but he is sure now that he likes Bong Soon.
 Bong Soon’s highschooler minions learn of her recent 30-1 fight so they rush to the hospital to beat up the thugs.  Psycho knocks on chief’s stake out car and mumbles how he should go inside since it is cold outside. He offers to eat with him and then go berserk warning not to follow him.
Bong Soon stares at Min Hyuk while he smoothly supervises the meeting.  Dong Byeong keeps throwing paper at her but she is with Min Hyuk in their own exchange of secret loving glances.  
Gook Doo arrives at Ainsoft and notifies her that he will be heading to the coffee shop.  She pauses from her game proposal and heads to the cafe but Gook Doo receives an urgent call that Hee Ji is psycho’s next target so he goes back to the field failing to advise Bong Soon.  Min Hyuk learns from Secretary Gong that Bong Soon steps out to meet a friend and is in mixed emotion upon learning that she is meeting Gook Doo.
Bong Soon patiently waits for Gook Doo whom she does not know will not be arriving anymore.  Gook Doo proceeds to Hee Ji’s practice room and sees her with Bong Ki.  He tells them that Hee Ji is being eyed by the neighborhood psycho.  It dawns on Gook Doo that his friend is the man who swayed Hee Ji’s heart, but manages to advise his ex-girlfriend to be extra careful.
Min Hyuk appears in front of Bong Soon.  He blabs why she is looking at him like he was stood up by an average guy and is amazed at the good looking man she is staring at right now at the same time.  aigoo Min Hyuki I have to credit you for being a smooth-talker straightforward narcissistic  He mentions how he can see her thoughts and mumbles how the company she works for has a problem that he cannot watch a movie with her since she is preoccupied with work.  He orders her to stay at his house to help with her presentation but she declines his offer since she wants to do it on her own.  
Min Hyuk tenderly gazes at her and asks her if she can like him back.  She leers back with an uncertain eyes as she whispers how she is different from other people and if he will be okay with it.  Min Hyuk responds how her being different does not matter at all and asks her to stay with him.  When she still hesitates to take his hand, he grabs her and embraces her in his arms.  She hugs him back and they get lost in time and space.  finally! weeeeeeee
Bong Soon wants to hide her face after their magical moment.  She begs Min Hyuk not to follow her and makes an excuse that she will get her bag when she just wants some time alone.  Min Hyuk acquiesces like a love struck school boy happy at his romance development with Bong Soon.  Bong Soon enters Min Hyuk’s office where the aftermath of her love affirmation transported her to space and stars.  aigoo these two you are making all of us envious
Min Hyuk hides while waiting for her and holds her hand from her behind as they head out of the building.  Gook Doo arrives not long after and realizes he missed Bong Soon already.  He tries calling her but she did not pick up his call since she is with Min Hyuki on her way home.
Kyung Shim sees Min Hyuk drops Bong Soon off near their house and they coyly say goodbye to each other.  Min Hyuk calls her as she walks away and reminds her that she cannot change her mind anymore, and that tomorrow will be different for them to which she agrees.
 Kyung Shim corners Bong Soon to spill the different aura she has with her boss, but she got scolded by going out alone.  Kyung Shim pesters Bong Soon on the strange energy she saw earlier when her boss dropped her off.  Just then Kyung Shim answers a call from Gook Doo who asks if she is with Bong Soon.  
 Bong Soon steps out of the house and finds Gook Doo who inquires why she was not picking up the phone.  She replies to ask if something happened earlier because she waited in the cafe.  He apologizes for not showing and explains that Hee Ji is being eyed by the psycho.  He tells her about seeing Hee Ji and Bong Ki together and she silently confirms that she knows about it.
Gook Doo inches closer to Bong Soon and reveals how he has realized his true feelings and how he does not want to be friends with her anymore.  Bong Soon interrupts where he is trying to lead and voices out how she is happy being his friend and how she wants them to stay that way as she is precious to her.  Gook Doo hides the necklace gift he bought as he got a no for an answer even without asking it yet.  
Gook Doo stares at the gift he bought and contemplates his memories of Bong Soon.  He regrets realizing it too late when it has been there all this time.  come here gook doo ya we will all give you a hug
 Bong Soon broods on her earlier chat with Gook Doo.  Kyung Shim mutters that she will go back to Busan tomorrow and asks what she talked about with Gook Doo.  Bong Soon answers how she thinks there is an expiration date on having a crush to someone as she finally lets go of her first love.
Hee Ji visits the police station and is briefed on how they learned about the psycho stalking her.  She asks why they are not apprehending the suspect when they know who he is and he explained that they do not have the investigation rights.  He assures her that they will protect her and hands his picture so she will know the face of the culprit.  Psycho wickedly smiles in his lair while listening to Gook Doo and Hee Ji’s conversation.
Min Hyuk guides Bong Soon with her upcoming presentation preparations suggesting ideas to incorporate with her design.  His interest is piqued on the person Bong Soon will rescue so explains that the main character will rescue a very lonely prince.  After working on her game, they eat lunch sweetly making Dong Byeong fumes while Secretary Gong is on the look out in case he crazily wages war with Bong Soon.
Baek Tak prepares to leave and gives some money and letters he wrote all night for his boys.  Just as he walks out of their room Bong Soon’s minions arrive to avenge their boss.  They got the jar of dong wine and minion leader discusses how they have to submit it for analysis in case there’s a hidden drug on it.
Bong Soon and Min Hyuk hit books in the library, but Min Hyuk cannot focus because he is distracted by Bong Soon’s pretty face.  He plays with the book on his end and decides to move beside her so he can hold hands to her protest.  He follows her when she walks away to go home, but he insists on having dinner first.  She obliges but only if he will not hold her hand in the office so he agrees but puts his arm around her and leads her out of the library.
Gook Doo and his team prepares a trap for the psycho by using Hee Ji as the bait.  They trail her and spots a man in black clothing following her.  Psycho is on the move and blocks a woman to knock her out leaving her luggage and music player behind.  Bong Soon and Min Hyuk wonders if something happened when the police cars zoom in the neighborhood as Hee Ji falls down after bumping on someone.
Episode 11 Thoughts
I’m on a whirlwind of emotion after this episode because my noona crush with Hyung Sik is turning to a noona romance.  His stolen gazes as well as the lingering gazes… man I just end up melting like an ice cream.  One thing though that I really want to be over by now will be scenes that will involve the thug because I feel like there’s no humor, even the slapstick kind to exhaust from them anymore.  Dear show, why reveal to Gook Doo about his cheating girlfriend and friend and break his heart all at the same day?  
We are heading to the romance now, right?  I for one, can’t wait.  –jediprincess

4 thoughts on “Strong Woman Do Bong Soon Ep 11 Recap

  1. My favorite part of this episode was when the crazy sumbae was screaming about how she was an alien and she got stronger on Friday and Saturday nights. Lol. I might have to watch that whole episode again. Okay… mostly cuz hyung shik.

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