“Strong Woman Do Bong Soon” is my first favorite drama for 2017 and I placed it already on my top picks this year.  The thing about first quarter kdramas is that you tend to forget it if another beautiful drama comes in like what happened with “Descendants of the Sun” and “Goblin”.  Both are equally amazing but we remember Goblin more.  Now I don’t think it would happen to me.  There were two points I know for sure I will still do after the finale.  That it will stay on my phone to function as my cheering up pill and that I will rewatch it again this year and the next years to come joining my resident drama rejuvenating playlist.  That’s what I did not do with the top two dramas last year.  The hype was high while it was airing but the rewatch value is not that strong.  That’s the advantage of feel-good romcoms, you see it again because it is easy to watch and just make you smile and giddyish even if you have seen the mushy moments a lot of times already.

So today “Chicago Typewriter” will kick off so I’m not sure how I am going to break my heart between Park Hyung Sik and Yoo Ah In, so I will just take them both. *wink  I will close SWDBS next week and will probably pick “Chicago Typewriter” and “My Secret Romance” for recaps and IG screencaps.  I stayed up all night to finish DBS 12 so that when I wake up later I will do the series review for “Chief Kim” and “Tomorrow With You” before I get swamped this weekend.

“Myster Queen” premiered this week with decent ratings.  I have not seen it yet nor “Radiant Office” so I’m worried that my Hyung Sik noona romance will pile up my kdrama pendings.  lol  Nah I am resolved to finish reviews later so I can catch up on the new ones.  I hate it when my drama sched is behind.

Hope everyone is safe.  jal ja! ^^


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