And we end another month for 2017.  There will be new dramas coming in this May so I’m excited to pick new dramas to watch since I’m fixated to just 4 dramas this period.  

My Secret Romance (Mon-Tue) Ep 3-4

Jin Wook successfully played along Yoo Mi’s pretentious amnesia of their one night stand.  She nonchalantly gave him an “it was nothing special” answer when she fled after their encounter when she was just really unsure how to face that morning after.  The second leads break in to the story so we are expecting love and jealousy entanglement soon enough I think.

The Liar and His Lover (Mon-Tue) Ep 11-12

I have liked it so far when it was breezy and cuddly but the recent meddling of the villains who cannot convince me of their evil outbreaks is making me weary.  This is a youth drama can we remain cute and sassy please?  Chan Young let’s cut down the angst please? 

Chicago Typewriter (Fri-Sat) Ep 7-8

We are on a chill week but I’m glad that Jeon Seol is helping out our distant writer to become more of a human lol  I like how our villain is turning multifaceted in his evil approach.  I like that the transition of their past life and reincarnated present is smoothly fitting in the story.  I like this show.

Man To Man (Fri-Sat) Ep 1-4

Wow!  Just wow!  I was not expecting anything from this drama so that’s maybe the reason why I have liked it’s thrilling and upbeat premise.  I love the dapper spy and the cumbersome action star.  I love that the humor is making it an engrossing watch.  I already like spy films as it is, but the comic execution is really making me happy about it.  Oh and Park Hae Jin oppa.  I forgive you for what happened in Cheese in the Trap. *chuckles

I tried watching “Whisper” but the gloomy opening did not engross me yet, I will try it once more next week, but if it won’t really hit my kdrama addict nerve, I might just park it along with “Defendant”.  I don’t know if it’s me or just the story or I’m just apathetic on sternly vibed dramas these days.

I was not able to watch “Queen of Mystery” this week so I will write about it next week.  I will also be picking up “Tunnel” as well. 

Also I started a writing at hellokpop so please do like the page and be updated on latest Korean Entertainment news.  I’m writing more about kdramas there of course.

Hope we will all rock this new month! ^_^


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